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Think Pink’s 2nd BJDAY - ABJD Mini Con (The Netherlands)

Nov 28, 2008

    1. ~ For fans of Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls ~ BJD Lovers, BJD collectors, BJD owners, BJD manufacturers etc ~

      BJD Café BJDay

      Asian Ball-Jointed Doll Mini Convention
      The Netherlands (De Bilt - Utrecht)
      Sunday November, 30-2008
      from 10.00-17.00 pm
      Fully Booked - No Entrance Cards at the door -

      On the BJDay there is lots to do and to see! You can participate in workshops, get creative by yourself or explain to other people how to do something. There is also a BJD Market for everything BJD related. We'll play games and have a wonderful day where nothing is mandatory and (almost) everything is allowed!

      Participants and special guests:

      * Fénicia - The Mermaid
      Hand made clothing, ( workshop ) furwigs en doll size accessories
      * Brigitte
      Hand made clothing, workshop jewel making
      * Psychopatti
      Hand made clothing (sales)
      * Clockworkangel
      Face-up commissies (fully booked)
      * Think Pink!
      Everything related BJD: Fairyland, Souldoll, Dollzone, Boy & Girl, Angel Fantasy,
      Buddydoll, Peakswoods, Monique, Mimiwoo, Jo Sonja's buttons and Tiny Zippers and lots more!
      * Dolls Department 25
      AOD, DIM, Another Space, Gracefaerie Designs, Tiny Zippers
      * Raouken
      Hand made clothing (sales)
      * Susan
      Hand made clothing (sales)
      * Arwen
      Hand made clothing (sales)

      Special Guests:

      * Charles Stephan (Charles' Creature Cabinet)
      Alice Cherry Blossom, The Woodlings, Yoshi & Kayu, Deer Faith
      * Lin Murasaki Design
      Hand made clothing

    2. The next BJDay will be in April 2009 ;)