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Think Pink! Europe - SUMMER SALE! & Win a NONO

Jun 17, 2011

    1. [​IMG]

      For customers who wish to view all BJD brands we represent up close, we invite you to visit our shop in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
      We also offer services such as restringing and hot glue sueding for free to our visitors.


      Enjoy high discounts on selected in stock Ball Jointed Dolls and Barbie products until August 1st, 2011.

      On sale are:

      Angel of Dream Jay
      Peak's Woods Morimoth
      Souldoll Jandi
      Fairyland Feeple70 Cali
      Dollzone 60cm Mo tan and Beetta
      Angelheim Zena and Zion
      Angelsdoll Jin and Ruby
      Resinsoul Feng

      Click here for all the sale products:

      We have also become the agent for Tata's Paradise now and have received many new clothes, wigs and outfits in stock by this brand and Dolls of Paradise as well as My Doll Wardrobe.

      We've also received many new dolls in stock:

      Resinsoul; Ya - double jointed, small bust, Ya - double jointed, large bust, Ya - standard body, Mei - standard body, Li - double jointed, small bust, Bei and Ni
      5 Star Doll; Ji, TongTong and Mia
      Kizdoll; Saiy and Deey
      Angel of Dream; Chi vampire girl, Rao and Shaija
      Dollzone; Nani fullset
      Dragondoll; XiaoQiao

      If you're curious about all the dolls from different companies we have in stock, please see:

      We've also created a Facebook account for quick updates, because so much happens!

      Hit the 'Like' button and enter our free giveaway for a Dollzone Nono!
      See an example of Nono here: http://shop.fashiondoll.nl/product_info.php?products_id=8401
      You can enter until June 30th, 2011. The drawing will take place in the first week of July, we will select a random fan as the winner (people who were already a fan are automatically entered).
      You won't even have to pay for shipping ^_^

      The best thing is, once you like us, you will be updated about all the great things going on at Think Pink! daily, you'll be the fiirst to know about the fun new products we carry and you'll see snapshots taken in our shop.
      You can also enter in polls and post pictures of your purchases.

      Good luck to all who enter!

      P.s.: Nono will be in white skin, without a face-up, outfit and wig but including eyes.

      Please visit our website for all BJD brands we offer:

      Alice in Labyrinth
      Angel Fantasy
      Angel of Dream
      Bluefairy / Minoruworld
      Boy & Girl
      Doll Factory
      Doll Family
      Doll Leaves
      Doll Love
      IMPL Doll
      Kiz Doll
      Peapod Doll
      5 Star Doll

      Pink Hazard
      and more...