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Update Think Pink! Now carries Resinsoul

May 7, 2009

    1. [​IMG]

      We are proud to announce that the wonderful Resinsoul dolls will be available thru our store as of today.
      For now, we have added the dolls we are expecting to our catalog, later on, all dolls can be pre-ordered thru us.

      For customers who wish to view Resinsoul and other BJD brands we represent up close, we invite you to visit our shop in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
      We also offer services such as restringing and hot glue sueding for free to our visitors.

      Follow the links below to take a look at our current Resinsoul offerings:

      Beside this great news, we have also updated:
      Fairyland - Dark Elf Soo AL IN STOCK, Littlefee Shiwoo IN STOCK, Littlefee Lishe, Chiwoo, El
      Buddydoll - Iris Semi Elf EXPECTED DELIVERY IN JUNE, Raphael EXPECTED DELIVERY IN JUNE, Bodies
      Dollzone - Luke IN STOCK, Ani IN STOCK, Jing IN STOCK
      Angel Fantasy - Lily IN STOCK
      Pink Hazard - wigs in tiny sizes 3-7
      Monique - wigs in tiny sizes 3-7
      Glib - wigs in tiny sizes 3-7, glass eyes
      Shoes - especially for tinies, but restocks in all sizes