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This going too far? [ Dollfie robot? ]

Dec 7, 2009

    1. [Warning, link to Youtube]

      I got this video send by a friend of mine, as a joke.
      And it scared the freak out of me, why?

      BJD's or Dollfie's aren't supposed to do this?
      Do you agree, or not?
      Is it still a BJD or Dollfie?

      I have noidea who made this, and the idea behind it though.
    2. I don't think it's going too far. I like the idea! It would be cool if my doll had an outfit or wiring that allowed it to move. Everyone not in the doll hobby thinks they move already after all. :) I think it would be pretty cool if they did, I bought my dolls to play with them, not to have them just sit on a shelf.
    3. I don't see why it's an issue, honestly, and it doesn't bother me. I'm not sure if that's a doll they customized to move, or something else made to move that's just stylistically similar to bjds. However, if that's what floats someone's boat all the more power to them. It doesn't interest me personally, but I don't find it freaky or wrong in any way.

      I used to work next to a guy who had an electronic dancing ninja hamster that sat on top of his computer, so strange is certainly relative ;)
    4. I guess that shows just how many endless things there are to do in this hobby. Personally, I think the aspect of robotizing a doll is kind of cool. I mean, if it's done to other toys, dinosaurs, stuffed animals, and even those stupid singing fish, why not dollfies?
    5. personally i love it. XD and don't see why it's to far or can't still be a dollfie
    6. I think that's awesome!

      What I do find disturbing is the masks everyone's wearing in the background >.<
    7. Very imaginative............

      Kind of like it but not my style to collect.
      Still can admire her.
    8. hah that's great! I would defenitly still see it as a bjd why not ...
    9. Personally, I think it's pretty cool. Who would've thought to RC their doll! Adding mechanics inside their dollfie to have her dance and play a guitar. Awesome.

      Other than the fact she kept getting all twitchy and jammed up randomly, I didn't find it odd. It probably really destroys her movement as a normal doll, though.
    10. It's innovative, I'll give them that. However if my dollfies started to move...I'd probably never be able to look at them again. lol! But it's still cool, nonetheless. :D
    11. I thought that was really cool and I'd love to know how he did it. (He was controlling her with what looked like a controller)

      Ekonsine: I found that disturbing too, but I only saw one woman with a mask...the person with her didn't have one.
    12. Generally, people wear masks if they go out with a cold in Japan, unlike in the US and Europe. Since it's flu season, that didn't surprise me one bit.

      He was using a controller. Gah, so nifty! I want to do that!
    13. That's amazing! :XD: I can't wait for the future when the dolls can move on their own. I always thought it would be awesome if you could control them or have them walk around since they are so life-like. I'm so glad to see that it can be done.
    14. I agree with you.
      I wont buy it, or like it allthough it is inovative.

      Why make you doll move-able if you can pose him/her yourself?
    15. That is waay cool!! I would buy one!
    16. I'm not so positive about it, similar to Amber-kyou.
      I don't want my bjds to move, they'd feel like robots to me, then. I like to pose them, yes but constant moving of them would scare me. They're scary as it is. :lol:
      But I think she's a little cutie, nontheless. But owning one: :shudder
    17. It looks like it's actually a dollfie dream modified to have motors in it, that doesn't really stop it from being a dollfie.

      I think it's cool.
    18. That's pretty cool. As a previous Zoids collector, I think customizable objects that move are pretty cool. >w< *dork*

      If I could make a program to make a doll move and wire it up to do so, I think that would be pretty awesome. :)
    19. Heh, I'm more interested in it as a fledgling homebrew robot than as a doll. XD Really, the way I see it, it's a robot that uses a doll body as a casing. The movements' okay, but the fact that the legs are square annoys me, especially seeing as the arms seem to be okay even though they're narrower. XD Hopefully whoever made her will make a version 2.0 with more aesthetic legs and/or more natural movement. Still, I suppose it's a good start.
    20. I think it's awesome, I've seen people modify BJD's into robots before and why not? If I could I'd do it in a heartbeat. I don't see how this is a debate though.