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This Is Me clothes from Target.... not a good fit. r/o/p

Dec 31, 2007

    1. I bought some This Is Me clothes from Target on sale this past weekend, hoping that they would fit my non-Asian bjd or my Dollzone 43 cm bjd-- no such luck. I bought a pair of camoflauge pants, a turtleneck shirt and a sleeveless tank. NONE of them fit. I was prepared for the pants to be too short, but they did not fit at all. Also, they are the type that velcro up two sides in the back-- sort of like the Friends 2B Made pants. Only, they were way too small-- they wouldn't wrap around either of my MSD dolls. They might fit a Pullip or a Blythe doll-- but, This Is Me clothes are nowhere near large enough for MSD dolls. And the clothes I bought were stretchy-- no good. Don't waste your money like I did.

      I'd enjoy hearing about clothes for other dolls that did or did not fit your BJD and why.
    2. Where I've really had trouble is buying stockings and socks off websites specializing in non-abjd dolls. To them, 16-18" doll = chubby toddler legs. I ended up with socks that could make stocking caps for bjds. You have to order several sizes smaller than you think you need.
    3. I tried American Girl sized tights and they were way too big.
    4. Webkinz clothes are okay if pinned, but the proportions are rather wide. I bought the blue and pink striped polo shirt for my boy and it's meant to be pulled over an animal head, so the collar looked much too large and the shirt had to be pinned in the back. I looked at other Webkinz stuff but the shirts just looked too short and too wide and the pants are quite wide and have tail holes. So some stuff will work with modification but most will not fit.
    5. This is good to know :} i was actaully thinking about buying some of their stuff.
    6. Good to know about the Webkinz stuff. I was staring at a whole rack of it, wondering (while on line for my winning lotttery numbers...).
    7. Also the Friends 2B Made pants-- they all have a funny way of closing that is double velcro up the back-- none of them fit. All of them are too short and most of them are too big in the waist. Skirts sit on the hips.