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Thistledown...the new Puki sized tiny from Tinybear!!

Apr 1, 2010

    1. I'm so excited about this I've decided to be naughty and make a new discussion thread for her as Carrie is busy with various doll and miniature shows.
      Thistledown has still to be approved by the mods so please be aware the thread may be locked if deemed unsuitable.

      Little baby Thistledown is the newest member of Carrie/Tinybear/Sleeping Elf's Witley Woods Elves collection. She is pukipuki sized, baby/toddler like in appearance, will be available in all Bobobie resin shades, and will for a limited edition be available with a human head as well as an elf eared one.

      Height: around 10.5-11cm
      Eye size: unknown but probably 8-10mm
      Head circumf.:unknown but probably 4inches
      Foot size: 1.9cm (apparently)

      She was born of Carrie's ideas, my sketches, and Bobobie's sculpting and casting skills and they've made a wonderful job of translating all those things into reality!!

      This is the initial sketch I sent to Carrie in March 2009

      and the updated face sketches I sent her a few months ago when Thistle went into preproduction


      .......and the actual first photos courtesy of Dennis at Bobobie of the actual doll herself!!

      Her little chubby feet

      Inside of head which will have headcap magnets

      Back view

      Side view..I'm so glad they kept the slightly arched back to give her that toddler stance!!


      Full front view

      These first pictures of the cast doll can also be seen here on Carrie's flickr.
    2. aww thanks sweetie ..Ive just sent the picture to Sher to get the Mods approval ..I Wasn'T too sure of the new rules ..but thought I would double check ..she is the same format as the other elves ...but smaller ..so I think we should be OK

      and although she is my smallest Elf ..I have a feeling this little one is going to be the most demanding and oh such a hand full
    3. np hun, and always better to check!!

      It's so exciting to actually see her cast and I bet you are chomping at the bit to get your hands on one to work your magic on!!
    4. Oh my goodness.... that is just the cutest thing ever! If this one becomes availible in dark tan my future Dark Tan Coco is gonna start demanding babies! *scared*
    5. SilverLining the chances are that, like Carrie's other dolls, Thistledown will be available in all the Bobobie resin shades so be afraid, be very afraid ;)
    6. *runs and hides*
      This with the gorgeous Dark Tan full set just posted is making me wonder if i'm being headhunted to become the next tinybear addict :P
      Any plans on alternative heads for that same cutesy body?
    7. Hehe

      As far as I'm aware there will be a limited edition head with human ears. As for other heads we'll need to wait and see as I have a few ideas which I need to get onto paper. At the end of the day it's Carrie's decision as these are her creations!!
    8. What a little cutie! How long do you think it will take before she/he is on the market?
      Would really love to get one of these adorable dollies.....or maybe 2....hahahaha

      Almost forgot....will pukis clothing and shoes fit this little one?
    9. Hopefully puki sized clothing should but I think the feet will be too big for Puki/Kelly/Shelly shoes.
    10. Oh, human ears...might actually prefer those in this case since these ears are so big and I wasn't planning on having more than one elf. Will have to keep my eyes open!

      She's adorable though, great to see photos of the real doll!
    11. The moderators are currently discussing whether this doll will be on topic. I'm locking this for now but will update here once the decision's made.