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"Those Anime Dolls"- Does the connection bother you?

Dec 21, 2008

  1. Yes. VERY. MUCH. SO.

  2. Yes, quite a bit.

  3. Only a little.

  4. Not at all.

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    1. I've heard of so many people categorizing BJD with Japanese things, particularly anime. Have you had the same experiences, and if so, did it bother you? Why did/does the connections and assumptions they made bug you or not?

      Also, in your opinion, why are BJD often clumped together with Japanese things, like cosplay, anime ect.?

      Not all people who own a BJD are into anime, and I also assume none of them appreciate being called 'otaku', especially just because of their love for the dolls. There are often doll cons integrated into the regular anime cons, is this a reason for the connection, or simply a cause of it? What makes the dolls seem strictly 'anime' or 'Japanese', particularly to people who aren't acquainted with the hobby?

      My guesses are that a lot of the doll owners are also anime fans (in some cases, no offense, straight on fangirls), and often they make their two loves one and the same through doll cosplay ect. Nothing wrong with that IMO, I'm a huge anime fan, found BJD through anime, really...

      Also, I speculate that it comes from the common appearances of the dolls. They are rather 'perfect' in a sense that it looks like somebody created them in the way people create that perfect anime character. Also, some people also have spectacular outfits they dress their dolls in, which can be compared by a person not into the hobby sometimes only to anime and video game characters'. Not to mention that a lot of the dolls have large open eyes, which is the first thing a person usually comments about on anime style.

      Sorry if this has been posted before, feel free to delete it if so. If that's the case can somebody point me in the direction of a similar thread, I'm genuinely curious.
    2. I found BJD through anime as well, and so far it hasn't bugged me much. I just correct them and move on. If someone persists in calling them 'those anime dolls', particularly a person who has an obvious disdain for anime, then I do get annoyed with it, though.
    3. Doesn't bug me, but I'm not to worried about what people think of my dolls.

      people tend to clump things they really don't know about, heck there are people out there who can't tell Japanese from Chinese language.

      A lot of the dolls do have anime type faces, like Shinisiya, Misia, DD, and some others, so I do see the connection. Also Volks has made limiteds of anime and manga characters, Like Rozen Maiden, or Chobits so its hard to deny the connection these dolls have to Anime. (but it doesn't mean every collector is into Anime or Manga)
    4. because of watching anime Rozen Maiden in 2006 i came to know the existence of BJD...
    5. i have this said to me very often (before i started making character dolls) and it doesn't bother me in the least. i love anime, and i love cosplay. and often express that through my dolls or with my dolls.

      if it wasn't for them being to me even anime dolls i wouldn't have got one. i met the person who gave me the info to get my first at an anime convention. heck volks started with anime action figures. why should it surprises anyone that it's a stigma?

      plus have you seen the doll meet up turn outs at anime conventions? :)
    6. I don't let the connection bug me, I found BJDs through anime as well. My boys all have the "big eyes, small mouth" that is associated with anime/manga, and because they actually are anime characters, I honestly don't care that people make the connection.

      However, I am also quick to point out that my two BJDs are both Korean. ;)


    7. Well heck, I'd be a bit of a hypocrite if I said yes, wouldn't I. (3 Kenshins, Vampire Hunter D, Petshop of Horrors Count D, Zelgadis...) :lol:

      I can see where it might bother someone who has no real interest in anime, or who came into the hobby from a completely different direction. But I figure that if the random person on the street at least recognized that the dolls were in some sense connection to an Asian esthetic... well heck, that's one hurdle already!
    8. I, someone who loves anime and cosplays at cons often, cannot get mad when people question my "anime dolls". In fact, considering the school I go to, this is a preferable question. Most people are sinserely curious and would honestly not know any better. I think it's a rather common connection to make between dolls and anime.

      Also, those people that ask me "what anime is that from" are usually also very shocked to learn that none of my dolls even come from japan and usually like to learn a little bit about them. Overall, (for me) these type of people are the easiest to deal with when I'm getting questions about my dolls.
    9. I don't like anime :|
      I don't hate it, I just have no interest in it, or most things japanese for that matter. I simply find no pleasure in doing anything related to them.
      I do like dolls though, ABJDs included.

      As I understand it, BJDs have a big connection to anime (older dolls were easily recognizable as anime-like) and come from Asia,
      so I really can't have a problem with them being associated with them.
      However, I certainly do not feel comfortable when people assume that I myself am an Otaku or something similar.
      I won't throw a hissy-fit about it (again, because of the obvious anime-BJD connection) but I will correct them.
      I also like to disassociate my dolls from the anime-aesthetic.
      Again, I have nothing against big spiky hair or the bishounen-thing, and I'm not going to deny my dolls' true heritage/origin, but..
      it's just not my thing.
      Not offensive, not (too) annoying, just not my thing ;)
    10. It doesn't bother me. Actually, what drew my attention to bjds originally is that they resembled the manga art I loved so much. Actually, there is a large overlap between anime/manga and bjd within the community. Sure, not everyone likes anime just as not everyone is interested in Lolita fashion, or vampire dolls, etc but it's definitely a presence and for anyone to argue otherwise would be ignoring the truth.

      There are logical reasons why they get lumped together: owners that are interested in one aspect of Japanese pop culture may well be interested in others like abjd; abjds do have some aesthetic similarities to anime style art work. The reason they get integrated into anime cons is because there is that overlap in interests.

      I see no reason for someone to get huffy about any connections to anime real or perceived. Folks outside the hobby aren't going to quite understand it or know the inner workings of the bjd community so there will be people who perhaps assume a stronger connection than their really is, but that hardly matters. People can assume things about my hobbies if they like, I really don't give a rat's behind, and this is really quite innocuous. I can't think of any truly negative affects this would have on owners, and when you're part of a rather obscure hobby, you have to expect people to not get things quite right. The truth is, most people don't know what abjds are period.
    11. Hehe, thanks for all the insight and opinions! : 3

      I think it bothers me only because the only people that I've come into contact that act like that are the people who are completely ignorant. They assume, and when I tell them no, they have an attitude that says "I'm right, you're wrong", it makes me quite irritated inside... But if I corrected someone and they had an attitude like "Oh, really?" and they were interested, or didn't stick their nose up so they can continue to live with their 'all-asian-cultures-and-trends-are-the-same' mentality then I'd have no problem with it.

      Sadly, the only people I've met have made the connection and refuse to believe that the dolls can exist in a totally different fandom than anime if the owner wishes.
    12. I first fell in love with these dolls because I thought they (Luts in particular, as Moon was my first doll) looked like three-dimensional versions of anime characters. Their facial features alone - big eyes, small mouths and noses - make them look animeish. Now add in the brightly-colored wigs and eyes, and Asian-inspired clothes and cosplay, names like Kenji or Yuki, and people can hardly be blamed for associating them with anime. Even the more realistic sculpts still have that "anime bishonen/bishoujo" look to them. Doesn't bother me at all if people assicoate my dolls with anime. After all, I associate them with anime, myself.

      I daresay that many of the creators of these dolls have some sort of anime look in mind when they sculpt them to begin with. And what's wrong with that?
    13. I'm going to quibble a little with your wording, and hopefully clear up some misunderstanding about the word, "otaku".

      The word "otaku" does not imply any relationship to people who have a strong love of anime, cosplay, etc. It refers to someone who has a strong love for anything to the point of excess or near excess. This term is often used to describe diehard fans of anime or cosplay, but it isn't limited to these areas (theoretically, you could be a gardening otaku, for example). So, if someone calls you an otaku, this word does not really have any direct relationship with anime, which seems to be the connection about which you're unhappy.

      However, in Japan, the word carries a very negative connotation with it, as anything brought to excess is thought to be a bad thing in general. So, if someone calls you an otaku, take issue with the fact that they're saying that you're too excessive with your hobby. :)
    14. I dont like the connection

      Basically alot of people I have met while wearing an anime related article of clothing have given me a disgusted look, they seem to view the anime fandom as something only children and losers should like. Many of the people who have seen the dolls around here have either thought they were really cool and not associated them with anime or associated them with anime and expressed dislike through body language, and then once i tell them that they are from korea or china (I have no japanese dolls yet) they relax and dont show so much disgust.
    15. Yes, I do know about the term 'otaku', I know that it doesn't mean strictly anime fandom. However, that is the most common usage outside of Japan.
      The fact that the people using the word hardly know what it means when it is directed at a lover of BJD makes it all the more irritating, since some people don't want to be associated with the fandom, or just don't like having their two fandoms blended together and looked down upon like that. That's what I meant, when somebody uses it to show distaste to anime fans, as well as putting down a person and any dolls they have.

      However, the post about it is appreciated, I'm sure some people suffer from slight confusion/ misunderstanding with it.

      It makes me mad when I see people who use it to describe themselves... It's one thing to try to embrace a derogatory term for oneself, but to purposefully use one to label you? I guess it only really bothers me when some fans use it just because "OMG it's a Japanese word for 'fan', it sounds so KAWAIIIII"


      /unrelated rant.
    16. Sure I fell in love with them because of my Love for anime and Japanese things.. but "those anime dolls" is exactly the words my family uses when explaining them. Its always.. "Like her $600 anime doll?" its gets kinda annoying.. especially cause they always mention the price too... I always end up saying "it has nothing to do with anime..." even If I didnt like anime.. but found out about them anyway.. I'd still love them.

      I think they're associated with japanese and anime.. because they are mostly from Japan or Korea.. and of course "every anime fan likes things from japan.." Thats probably why there are Panels about them at Anime cons

    17. The thing is, people who are going to immediately look down on others because of their hobbies whether it's bjds or anime or because they think bjds are connected to anime then they have issues of their own. It shouldn't matter if someone equates bjds with anime or not, because they should be mature enough to not be rude. People like that are going to exist regardless, and even if the anime/bjd connection didn't exist, their negative attitudes would undoubtedly manifest in some other way. In other words, if they can't play nice, then they aren't really worth dealing with. After all, there are people who may not have issues with anime, but have all kinds of negative nutty ideas about dolls and doll owners : P
    18. I found out about BJD's through Anime, and Anime People ^_^
      andits my Favvy Areas to be at Anime conventions
    19. I couldn't care less either way. I read some anime, but I'm not in love with it or anything. I don't hate it either, and I don't care if people associate dolls with anime.

      Many of my dolls are sculpted realistically (e.g. the Minimees) and thus look very little like anime. However, there are dolls on the market that are definitely sculpted in an anime-type style such as the older Volks dolls, so I can see where people might associate the two. Also, even when the dolls are not sculpted anime to my eye, other people can make the association if the doll is dressed up in what looks like, to them, to be Japanese fantasy garb.

      A lot of bookstores have in the last few years begun to feature huge racks of anime so people see it and just associate all things that look like it. Like I said, I don't care. To me this is just like the thread suggesting that dolls and doll owners get stereotyped as "goth". Some look like anime (or goth), some enjoy anime (or goth), some don't, and who cares what people think? Not I.
    20. It does bother me. Ive never been into anime. Ok maybe a little cowboy bebop when i was a kid, and pokemon. But not much else. so when I went to my friends house and her brother automatically asked me after seeing I had a doll what my fav anime was i got kinda annoyed. Because after that anyone I showed them to asked the same questions!