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Thoughts on a guy doll having breasts?

Dec 12, 2010

    1. Excuse the title, I couldnt think of a better one! :doh

      Anyways, this thing has been bothering me for a while now.
      So here, I've seen a few dolls which are BOYS but they have the girl body.
      The owners said that it's because they want the doll to be shorter/girlier/something so they got the girl body.

      I can't fathom this, they are boys BUT they have the girl bodies!!
      I know it's not my business why the owners did that, but isnt it weird that they're boys with breasts and a vajaja?

      SO --
      Will it bother you if a doll which is supposed to be male have a girl body?
    2. Many doll girl bodies have very small breasts and narrow hips because they are intended to depict a prepubescent girl, and they can pass as asexual or boy bodies with no trouble, because prepubescent girls and boys look very much the same and it's not as if they're going to show the doll's genitalia that much.

      If the vague indentation that usually stands for a doll's vulva bothers the owners that much, it can be sanded away for an asexual body or be modded into male genitalia with some epoxy.
    3. No, people can do whatever they want with their dolls -- their vision for their dolls/characteres is their own. I just don't get bothered by what other people do with their dolls *shrug* Also, if your doll isn't running around naked, you can't always tell if the body actually is male or female.
    4. I have a girl doll who shares my SD boys' body. She's supposed to be much of a tomboy, and dresses like a guy most of the time. I really make no fuss about what's under the shirt because I never photograph her naked, so I don't see the deal in that.

      I'm pretty content with her being on the boy body. one day I would get her a female body that's tall enough and 'fat' enough to be boyish, but I'm content enough to not bother about a female body for the next year or two. or three. or whenever.

      TLDR : If you're not taking nude pics or putting it in tight clothes which will clearly show it is boobied, I say why care? You don't make constant reference to the vagina anyway, unless you can't overlook something that is not even visible except in porn shots.
    5. It doesn't bother me. Why can't a boy have a girl body or vice versa? People are free to do what they want with their dolls. It could be a part of their doll's character/story or something :3 Gender =/= sex.
    6. I wouldn't do it but if someone else wants their boy to have a girl body then its on them. xD I may go as far as to ask why they chose to do that because its bad enough people confuse male dolls that have male bodies with female dolls, but in this case they're giving people every right to think so.

      Still if its their preference then I respect it. Plus it may not only be preference, it could be that the doll really is male but became female or something of that nature story-wise; you never know.
    7. Sex doesn't equal gender. If the owner wishes to have their male identified doll on a female body, then so be it.

      I don't see what the issue is. Depending on how well the modding is done, I like the look of FTM bodies with the breasts removed. It is sometimes the only way to get a shorter, less muscular body for male dolls who aren't 65cm and ripped.
    8. I honestly don't care what people do with their dolls, but I don't always understand it. I'd like to know the reasoning behind getting a boy doll and then dressing it as a girl. I know a lot of people do this- always women in my experience. I'm not criticizing it, I just would like to know the reasoning- like, if you end up with a doll that has girly hair, wears dresses, and completely looks like a girl, why not just get a girl doll? Is it some kind of fascination with tranny culture?

      As far as breasts on a boy doll....again, I don't care what you do with your dolls, or which dolls you own, etc., but I wonder what the reasoning is behind this. There are trannies who get breast implants, so it's not completely unheard of. I don't know- can anyone just explain for me the thinking behind this? Unless you simply happen to be using a girl body that you have, but want the character to be a boy.
    9. cirquemom - I know for me, as I own two dolls who are both male and wear masculine and feminine clothing interchangeably depending on my mood, it's because I personally find men in women's clothing attractive. A boy in a dress is not the same as a girl in a dress to me, even if for all intents and purposes they can look identical on the outside. It's also why I love traps in anime, manga, and games so much. I suppose it's a bit like asking someone to explain why they find redheads more attractive or hate ketchup or prefer women with small breasts. I also have a doll who is on a body that is essentially Volks's own FTM version of the SD13 girl body as it has the breasts and genitalia removed, however she is female. I really wanted to emphasize how undersized her breasts are as it is a key part of her character. So, because it's something that interests me and I find attractive, boys in women's clothing has made its way into the characters I create and the dolls based on them.

      I haven't seen too many male identified dolls on the board who have visible breasts, but I imagine for those it is a character thing or perhaps a fetish for the owner. I know if I ever had the spare money I would love to put together a Unoa futanari doll. I have to imagine they already exist somewhere knowing otaku.
    10. I don't really care about that...because I'm sure if a owner of that kind of dolls doesn't tell me, I couldn't notice. Maybe because the most of boy dolls in the market are very androgynous and their heads are ok for a girl body. About the breasts and still being boys...Dunno, I think I don't get it neither...Maybe it's interesting to some people see or making the change in the molds or simply they like the dolls in that way. However, is not my problem and that kind of things don't bother me at all, is the good thing about BJD universe, you can custom you dolls as you want. ^^
    11. Why in the world would it bother me what someone else did with their doll? I really couldn't give less of a rats behind what people do with their own property.

      From a personal perspective, no, I don't consider it "weird", because it's the owners choice and I'm sure they have their reasons. I certainly have on the occasions I've done it and since I modded the bodies to no longer have the breasts, I doubt anyone would have noticed anyway.
    12. I've seen many dolls that have made me go WTF, but in this case I would most likely assume gender change/transvestite/transsexual character things going on here. If not, OK then. Maybe the poor thing just has moobs.I have a transsexual M to F over here, but he went the whole way. I mean doll, not that there would be anything wrong if it was a human, but it just is not. My Georgina started life as a boy, went to being a sort of flat chested girl, and then had some implants (actually a new body, I'm talking story here) and is now a full on brick house shaped woman.
      IRL, I have friends who are transvestites, and I have one friend who is a transsexual, but still has her male bits although she has breasts. She uses the girls room bathroom at work, BTW. And she dresses very androgynous at work, but still wears makeup and often a kerchief on her head. It's interesting because we all call her by her girl name, but her check (paycheck) has her legal name, which is the male name she was born with. So there I have a real life example of someone with a foot in both worlds.
      So no, I don't find that really weird.
      If someone does not ask my opinion, not only do I not offer it, but I don't really form one, unless the doll is so gorgeous I adore it, or so interesting that I am totally intrigued by it, or so hideous that I am appalled. In the last case, I don't comment.

      OK Kim, once again, what is this futanari that you refer to?
    13. Er. Is there a reason you're using a really deeply insulting slur for transsexual people, cirquemom? o_O I'm going to hope "not realizing it is a mind-bogglingly gross slur due to unfamiliarity with the topic". ^^;

      Anyway. In reality, there are plenty of people in the world whose physical features do not match up with their gender, for all sorts of reasons. People give their dolls all sorts of traits real humans have. So yeah.

      Just for the record, there are trans* people on DoA! "Minority" does not equal "nonexistent" (nor "not a doll collector/customizer/photographer/hobbyist" for that matter. =D) It's a huge forum with a diverse group of people. Because of that, there are naturally plenty of differences and disagreements among members, but it's still a community with an expectation and foundation of respect, which is a great thing! So I certainly trust that just as with any other identity shared by some of your fellow doll fans, we can refer to groups of people like they are indeed people deserving of the same consideration, respect, and decency as anyone else. ^_^
    14. I totally have to agree with Kim on this one. ^^;
      Sex doesn't equal gender.
    15. It's a Japanese thing. Futanari are anime/manga females that are 100% female, but with a (usually ridiculously massive) penis. Most futas don't have testicles, and still have a vagina.
    16. The way I see it, those people are just not comfortable with modding the body themselves, or can't afford to have it commissioned. If they say it's a boy, then it's a boy. It's simply about wanting a more appropriate body type for their character, whether they want a slim, shapely male, or a chunky masculine girl character.
      I personally bought a male doll for a female character, specifically because the face suited my character better. I had every intention of chopping the penis off, but some people are just not comfortable doing that.
    17. No. Even if the breasts are obvious, and the doll is a gender-bender. I wouldn't do it myself, but I'm also not going to waste my time worrying about what other people do when it's not harming anyone.
    18. Trannie is in general a "deeply insulting slur"? That's news. Someone I know (going M-F) dismissed it as being more like the old "Trekker/Trekkie" fuss: "Some might get offended, most don't. Got enough things to worry about."

      IMO, our choice in doll setup doesn't exist in a vacuum. Unless you know what other interests a person has, or what subculture they're either in or devoted to, you can't know their reasoning behind any "extreme" choices.
    19. Now you can change that statement because here is your first guy doing exactly that.
      I do it for the same reason Kim does it.

      I am the same. I love traps! I have a one in my resin crew. I like obscuring the lines between male and female. I like that my character can be equally masculine and feminine or switching between them.

      To the OP's question "Will it bother you if a doll which is supposed to be male have a girl body?"

      Absolutely not! Sometimes it is the only way to get a smaller body with softer features. And sometimes there are no boy bodies like with Zaoll.
      Zaoll are really hard to find boy bodies for that fit them, so the easiest way to make a Zaoll boy is to mod it's girl body.
      It could also be a part of the characters story. Transsexual, intersexual or simply androgynous looking.
      Being a smaller guy with softer features I got mistaken for a girl frequently growing up. I appreciate that there are some people embracing characters who look a little bit like me. It makes me feel like I am not that much of a freak.

      Nowadays it doesn't happen that often though. I get recognized as the shameless otaku I am. *grin*
    20. I think the dollie needs to cut out the BPA products along with soy. (lol, jk). On a more serious note, I wouldn't be bothered at all by it, it's their doll.. it's weird, but hey! It is in no way harming me. I myself would not have a girl doll and call it a boy because that's the gender I wanted it to be. I would get a boy body (or at least chop the bewbs off of a female one) if I wanted a male. Personal preference I guess.