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thoughts on Dollmore Model Dolls?

May 1, 2006

    1. Hey ya'll, does anyone have one of the Model Dolls from Dollmore? like Ipsae or Auden?? What do you think of them? I'm curious on behalf of a friend of mine who is thinking of getting one, but I don't know much about them so I can't give her any advice, can you h elp?
    2. I have Ipsae on order so I'll let you know what I think of her when she arrives. There don't seem to be too many model dolls around just yet. I've seen a few Bellas but nobody is replying to my plea for owner pix of Ipsae!
    3. From what I know, Ipsae is fairly new, I believe no more than a month old, so if anyone has ordered one, I don't think that they'ed have her yet. I want one myself so if anyone has any more info, please post it.
    4. I have bella Auden. First, I love the face sculpts, but the bodies are amazing. She poses so nicely and in ways no other doll of mine can. The body is worth getting alone because of it proportions and movement. Clothing for them on dollmore is dull to say the least. Now though, dutchgirl, gayle, PamSd all have one and can make clothes!

    5. Thanks so much. Now if someone coul show me pics...
    6. I have Bella and she is one of the most fantastic dolls ever. She poses better than anyone I have ever had, she is elegant, womanly, has a beautiful face, and wears clothes like nobody's business.

      I would HIGHLY reccomend the model dolls for anyone who likes a more mature look and a doll which is beautifully engineerd.
    7. gayle - that is a pretty high recommendation! :) :)
    8. The doll deserves it aimee! She's truly quite wonderful :)
    9. i heard somebody say that model dolls can wear dollshe girls outfit. how good of a fit are they?

    10. I don't know if they can, but by looking at the differences in their bodies I would guess not. Afghan is very narrow hipped, whereas the Models are full hipped with tiny waists. Tops might fit or skirts that weren't too fitted, but I highly doubt that the Dollshe pants would fit the Models. Also, the Models are a wee bit taller than the Dollshe girls as well.
    11. She is wonderful……I gonna order she as well.
      Her face and body are so magical……I can't wait to make outfits for her.
    12. very cool! She's beautiful!
    13. are there any pics of her anywhere without clothes?
    14. I will have Ipsae as well! I can't wait to start working on her, and to essay some repaints, she looks so sweet... She will be somehow my 'closing doll', (unless CP releases tanned DES and I go berserk)
    15. you can try this link


      there are some great owner pics on page 6 of the thread, featuring posability, wigs and even her body compared to other BJD gals.

      AND anyone interested in more about the Models is welcome to join our Yahoo group for Models.


      there is a lot of info ...measurements, shoe sources, clothing makers and of course links to dollmore for ultimate enabling and ordering!

      We even hear from a source that the MALE model might be released as soon as this fall!

    16. Thanks for the link Pam. I was wondering about her boobs and theyre really nice...nicer than the other Dollmore girls.

    17. Hmm... somehow I think her head just looks too small for her body. The arms and legs are soooo long that they look stretched out to me, sorry to sound so critical. :sweat The poseability looks excellent, and it sounds like a lot of people are happy with them so I'm probably just too picky!
    18. She's based on a Illustrated Fashion Model...when I was in art school we learned the human body was 7 heads high but for the fashion illustration class we drew them 9 heads high...she's like that...looks great in clothes! I believe the Supermodel Iman is proportioned much like Bella.

      and yes her posabilty is amazing.
    19. I could never own one, but they're SO beautiful! *3* They dont even look like dolls a person could play with; they just look like they'd sit there and look gorgeous all day hahaha