Thoughts on shoulder joints?

Feb 27, 2020

    1. I don't mean the typical arm joint. I mean joints that allow a doll to shrug, droop, and tilt their shoulders like a person,
      I've been scheming on how to sculpt such shoulder joints, though I now realize there are a few companies that do make mobile shoulder joints for their dolls, such as Pasha Pasha. I'm noticing that some shoulder joints are rather bulky. Still, I want to hear others' opinions on this rare joint.
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    2. I loooove them. I only have one doll with a shoulder joint, theyre a pain in the butt to pose, especially with clothes on, but oh my god its stunning and adds some really incredible range of motion- i definitely want more dolls with them.
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    3. I’m a big fan of them, you can get much more character and attitude to the poses. I have a Pasha mini and she’s always engaging those shoulders for poses.
    4. I don't like the way they look, but the possibilities really impress me. I love how innovative they are. BJD artists are very creative and they constantly push the envelope on articulation. I really love seeing new things like this in the hobby and it makes me excited for the future.
    5. I like them if they actually work as human shoulder muscles would. I own a few 1:6 action figures, most have shoulder joints (at least the male bodies do), which actually help in making them pose with rifles or other over the shoulder weapons, a lot more realistically -- or other extreme battle poses. I personally don't see shoulder joints as something I need in my BJD. Mostly because I don't own many characters that would use weapons, or need to be in fight stands/extreme-poses, and I mostly take nudes of my BJD (because I am a lazy bum and sewing is a pain in the gut for me). However, I think they are a good option if they work well, and kind of are in the way if they don't work and you want to take nude photos. I prefer aesthetics over posing abilities, so I rather not have them on any of my BJD and prefer them on other type of toys that are less about aesthetics and more about posing (like 1:6 figures are to me). (:
    6. @fairithilien
      That's really interesting! Do you happen to know if they are strung like normal arms?

      I understand. I've been searching for various military and survival items in a rough 1:3 scale. I sometimes sew, so I like to play dress up when I can. Personally, I'm posing over aesthetics. Hopefully a perfect way can be discovered to meld the two together.
    7. On the one hand, I like well-posing figures. On the other hand, I have seen at the beginning of me in the hobby a BJD which had as many joints as a human. The surface was absolutely shattered when these joints were engaged, and it simply looked not good. A lot like these schematics of human muscles at my doctor when the human skin is stripped off.

      I have not many 1/6 scale action figures. But as I undressed one, he gave me a similar vibe. Maybe if the butterfly joint (for now, I call it that, as the joint at that spot is called like that on action figures) is designed well - i.e. balancing between aesthetics, stability and posability - I might get it, even at an additional cost.

      Impldoll has also issued such a joint in a female body (I do not really understand why). It makes it very broad-shouldered. Maybe if I saw it in person, I could live with it. Or I would have no problem at all in a male, muscular body. But it needs to be smooth with the body (like with many leg mobility joints).

      So I feel a lot so-so about more joints.
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    8. I think the best in-between is not taking complete nudes of dolls, like I do. I'm just lazy like nobody's business, so I like avoiding sewing clothes at any cost. Lol! DX

      In a more serious note; do agree with you. It would be pretty cool to have a great posing doll body, with all the mobility possible in resin form, but also having the body looking aesthetically pleasing. I don't think that is possible with resin, unless you are in-love with super visible, in-your-face-joints -- which I don't mind to a certain degree. I think that's the reason why the 1:6 world is slowly but surely moving towards soft plastics for their bodies; they can have all sorts of joints everywhere, but still have a super slick looking body, with no visible joints whatsoever. I'm not a fan of that either, simply because I am a weirdo and don't like the look and feel of silicone. I much prefer hard-plastics (PVC, ABS, etc.) plastics for my 1:6 figures, unfortunately I don't think those are going to stay for much longer.

      True-to-scale 1:3 weapons are probably going to be hard to find, or super expensive. I recall Dragon had a few sets of carded guns a some years back, which were pretty inexpensive, but I haven't seen any under $100 in recent years. Luckily, there are 3D printers nowadays, so having some custom made ones is probably the easier (not less expensive) way to go. I do own one floating head whose character uses weapons, but I don't have plans to get him a body -- he looks ridiculous on the borrowed one I use him on sometimes, so I don't need to get him any weapons (great thing there's always 1:6, for me to go back to rely on!). (:
    9. They are strung normally. The difficulty is just in moving the multiple pieces as a whole. Its a bit fiddly and its hard to do with clothes. BUT! It trulu is the perfect balance of posing and aesthetics! It has a very natural range of motion, but looks very good when the doll is shirtless- no gapping or any sort of weirdness. Look up solar wind doll's Konstantin- vitzly.putzly on Instagram is the maker, the sculpting and range of motion on this doll is incredible, very graceful, but unlike any doll ive handled before!
    10. Definitely not for me. I like interesting poses, but not if it breaks up the beauty of the body and not if clothing is likely to get caught in it. I like my girls to wear bras, halter tops and strappy shirts and dresses, and I think the joint would look bad and probably catch the clothing often.

      For a doll who needs lots of posing capabilities and will be fully clothed at all times, it could be nice, but I personally wouldn’t buy it.
    11. Yes, please! It's hard to get the balance between aethetics and posability though (but isn't that always the case with joints?). I like dolls that can pose naturally, and I don't care so much about nude photos. I'm usually fascinated by the construction of dolls, so jointing become part of the "art" of the sculpt.
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    12. I always wish my doll had shoulder joints! Static shoulders look really awkward when posed with the arms above the head.
      I don't mind the appearance of extra joints.
    13. This is very interesting, I didn't know bjds with such joints existed.
      I find the idea cool of a doll being able to shrug. But thinking about it, I haven't missed that feature yet. It's probably also more difficult to pose and since I'm not used to posing yet, I guess it would be too much for a beginner like me.
      I don't think that I'd buy such a body because of the aesthetics and the more difficult posing, but it's not a no-go for me either. If I wanted a doll which is only available with a shoulder joint - so be it.
    14. I think the possibility is super impressive but I have never been a fan of the way they look. I can't tell if its because they look so delicate or if its because of the extra lines
    15. I prefer to have them but only if they have a full range of movement (unlike the Impldoll MGB body). They really do add extra expression to poses.