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Through the Looking Glass - Feb 12-14 2010

Feb 24, 2009

    1. Through the Looking Glass - A Dolly Weekend in Wonderland

      Your fellow doll collectors in Austin Texas would like to invite you to the First Annual Through the Looking Glass play-date weekend! This is not a convention! But instead of a convention, we have a lot of fun activities and plenty of time for playing dollies all weekend. On top of that you'll get a really awesome gift-bag and get to catch up with all your dollie friends. AND there will be prizes! This gathering is not for profit, and all funds are being directed towards hotel costs and prizes.

      It will be held February 12-14, 2010 at the Austin Marriott North.

      We have a fun-filled weekend planned, with a Friday night Unbirthday Tea Party. We plan to give out gift-bags that night and also plan to hold a "Secret Santa" type gift exchange. We have an extravagant tea party in the works, with so many sweets and munchies it makes our heads spin!

      Saturday is for FUN! In addition to giving our attendants enough space to play, we also are having a Garage Sale! Bring anything you might have laying around unused and a blanket/card table and feel free to set up shop, venders are more than welcome but you will have to supply your own table. Of the three-day weekend, Saturday is the most open and free-form. There is a LOT of shopping within walking distance from the hotel, and so there will be plenty of activities to keep you entertained.

      Sunday - Valentines Day - we have a lovely brunch in the works, where we can all sit back and enjoy our meal while in the company of all our buddies. The lovely Rochelle of Kerbey Lane Doll Shoppe has agreed to come and speak some about the history of BJD's after we eat.

      Price: $100 plus PayPal fees. Sorry, no refunds.

      Payment Info: If you are interested in paying in chunks, we do accept payments. All payments will be invoiced through Paypal. If you are more than 14 days late with a payment without prior arraignments, all payments will be void and non-refundable. All payments must be received by 10/31/2009 if you are planning to pay it out.

      If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Blanche (blanche@analogaddicted.com) or Eno (eno@analogaddicted.com) for more information. That or PM either of us. ;)

      See you in 2010!
    2. This sounds like a lot of fun! Will there be any sort of group discount rate available at the hotel, or just standard room price?
    3. Even though this isn't a convention, are there any panels or panel type things planned?
      The food for the tea party and brunch are included in the price?
      When is the cut of date for payment/RSVP? Is it 10/31 for single payments of the price too?

      Just trying to get a better feel for this whole thing.
    4. Just curious - what's the $100 fee cover? Does that cover attendees' lodgings at the hotel or does that mostly pay for the meeting room(s) used for the meet-up, teaparty and prizes?
    5. We are still in negotiations with the hotel, and so can not post the discount room prices yet. But yes - there should be a group discount once we have a better grasp on how many rooms we will need.

      The $100 door price covers your tea party, brunch, and hotel meeting group fees and your share of the charges and taxes. Yes - there will be panels and workshops. We are looking at doing a face-up workshop, as well as a restringing and sueding workshop. If you decide to come and participate in the Garage Sale there are no additional fees associated with it.

      There is no cut off for single payments, but we only have a limited amount of slots, and so if you want to secure your spot you are welcome to make a down payment and then pay the rest however you would like.

      The $100 fee is for all the play-date related costs - hotel, tea party, brunch etc. The $100 does not cover your room at the hotel. Every penny of the $100 is going to the costs to cover the event and prizes. We are a non for profit event. :D