Through the Magic Door/Kerrie Anne Sawyer dolls

May 4, 2018

    1. Does anyone else have dolls by Kerrie Anne Sawyer? She is an australian artist and she makes tiny bjds that are always fairy themed. I believe she started off working with Jpop dolls, but now she does her own preorders via etsy. I have two of her dolls, Mooki, a little mouse fae she made a few years ago. Most of her dolls seem to be limited to one preorder and after that she doesn't sell them again. I never see anyone with her dolls, so I'd love to see if anyone else here has any!

      Here are my two Mookies, I bought them from Kerrie in December 2015 I think? I really adore them.

      You can see more of her dolls at her facebook!
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    2. I Personally Have never heard of these types of dolls before but I'm obsessed with this one! Shes so cute and adorable!![​IMG]
    3. It is adorable, but unfortunately, that's not one of her bjds, so it's not on topic here :c One of these days I'll find another collector with one of her bjds, lol.
    4. Rapps- i have quite a number of Kerrie's bjds. Absolutely some of my favorite dolls also. I have two Mookies, three or four Kyns, Bubblepops, LuluRoses and more. They have invaded my home and delight all who meet them.
    5. I'm so glad to finally see someone else with her dolls! I'd love to see photos of yours if you have any to share! They are really charming little dolls.
    6. I will be happy to post. Hopefully tomorrow. Yours are beautiful.