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Throw the dolls old clothes away?

Apr 21, 2010

    1. My dolls have a lot of clothes, and some of them are old. I preserve the old clothes in boxes, but they wont been worn for a long time.
      Throw them away? I think its a waste.:(

      How about your dolls old clothes?
    2. Well, first I'd try to sell them, on the Marketplace here, or on Ebay. If I didn't think I could sell them, I'd take them to a meet and give them away. I wouldn't just throw them out; that seems silly to me. Unless they're really crappy quality, someone will want them. If there's no meet near you, you could always put them on the Marketplace for hardly anything, like $1 plus shipping.

      I just save everything, but my less-nice stuff, I'd give away to friends if I didn't want it anymore.
    3. You could give them to me! LOL

      I either sell or give away the clothes my dolls no longer wear. I have a small bag of items I'll be taking to the next doll meet I go to that will be available for people to take or swap for other items.
    4. I sell my dolls old clothes on the marketplace... if that dosent work I put them in a box and then put them in storage on top of my closet. Eventually I'll find them and use them again, or get a new doll who will wear them.
    5. I just collect a lot of it and throw it up on eBay as a lot. Start the bidding at $3 plus shipping and see what it goes for. So far it has never managed to not sell.
    6. If you want shot of them badly enough to throw them away, why don't you just donate them to something like Seams for Free, or give them away in the MP here?! Unless the quality is dreadful, there's no reason to throw them out, that seems daft to me.
    7. I second trying to sell them, or give them away at a doll meet.
    8. Swap with someone else who has clothes they don't want. Another board I'm on is having a 'spring cleaning' swap trading with others who have dolls the same size.
    9. I'd probably take them to a meetup and either sell them or give them away to local doll people.
    10. Noooo! don't throw them away....Give them to me! lol!

      Actually I think there would always be someone willing to buy them off you. I'd probably do a swap or give them away.
    11. I do not have that many old clothing as my creepers do not have that many clothes anyway XD

      But the things I know they will never wear I'll try to sell them and if that does not work I'll try to give them and then I will use them as filler for pillows or stuff like that xD

      If I ever get as far as recycling them... its because it wasnt wearable any more ;3
    12. There are several people who've volunteered, just offer to send them for free to someone, they pay shipping.

      I think that's a better solution than throwing them in the bin.
    13. I never throw them away, but if I find that I'd never use them again I usually make them freebies in my sales. For example, I had a ton of glass eyes, acrylic eyes, and wigs I knew I'd never use again, so I threw them in as extras for heads and dolls I was selling. I figure that maybe if someone is just starting out or going to further expand their collection, they will get better use of such things than me. :)
    14. Most of the time I just put them up for sale at the market place.
      And if they really fall apart, or I made them myself I throw them away.
    15. I agree with the other comments, sell them in the marketplace, give or trade them away and if all else fails, recycle them.
    16. I agree with selling or giving them away. At least giving away is better than throwing them out. Unless they are disintegrating, someone would probably be able to still use them. (And, even then, some people are very good at repairing things!) There's no reason to add more to a landfill if it can be used by someone else~
    17. If you don't know who to give them to, you can donate them to whoever is running your next local meet, and they can be given out as door/game prizes or as extras in goodie-bags!
    18. hehe sell them on marketplace +1 ebay charges fees i won't sell them there XD
    19. Some people offer them to people who have new dolls and no money for clothes.

      Selling them is the best idea.

      Some people participate in gift exchanges or White Elephant swaps or something like that.

      Or you can offer them to friends who have dolls.