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Tinatsu and Kuuta in stock at Volks

Mar 20, 2008

    1. Apparently Tinatsu and Kuuta are available at the international Volks site.


      Never seen a YoSD available after the after event, so I thought I'd post this note for those who wants one (or two).
    2. Now they are not ;)
    3. Chinatsu is still available :clover
    4. A few hours ago,Kuuta was out of stock but now available again and Tinatsu was showed a few left but not that statement is gone.What's going on actually?
    5. mmmh then, they are regular models? or it's temporal sale?
    6. They are limited models, just extra stock that they had leftover from Dolpa 18. People are probably adding it to their carts but not checking out which might be the reason why it's stock count is changing.
    7. For the changing stock, I'm thinking it's like most stock on volks, in that it won't have the entire stock listed, but just a few at a time.
    8. They've sold out quite awhile ago. Your best luck would to try in the marketplace.