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tinies and furniture!

Jan 27, 2007

    1. so soon i am expecting the arrival of my orientdoll So, Ji......and my question id this; what furniture do you buy for your tinies (ie. beds, tables, chairs etc) and where do you get them from?
      thanks for everyone who helps.....oh, and pics would be cool, but not essential!
    2. I buy 1/12th scale dollhouse furniture...there's a ton of it in the UK, from what I understand.
    3. i was thinking of buying dollshouse furniture too, but having just realised i only have £2.78 (about $5) left in my account, i think i may put the furniture on hold :P dolls eat up your money!
    4. sweetie , Im in the UK
      and have been on the Miniature circuit for years ...which now makes me feel very very old LOL

      dolls house stuff is great for Orientdolls
      Ebay is a great place for it ...I exhibit at the shows too you can pick up things at all prices for pennys to 100£

      got to tell you Miniatures ...highly addictive :)
    5. I agree, I just bought a 1/12 bedroom suite for the tinys and it's adorable (v.v. cheap, too) I'll take some pics later today for you. My library set is from an action figure collection in 1/12 scale as well (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and it has loads of fun accessories. The figures come with cabinets and lots of tiny books, etc.
    6. I know there probably isn't one in the UK, but at Claire's the other day, I found a chair thing (round like those folding ones) for your cell phone that looks perfect for tinies. When I get at least one of the tinies I"m wanting and if they still have one, I'll try it out.

      I also have a Kelly doll bed from when they still manufactured Kelly that looks perfect for Lati Whites and maybe even Lati Yellows. It comes with that chicken pox kelly. (Not sure on name. XD)
    7. Does anyone know if Rement items are a good size for tinies? Some of their dishes and household items are so cute!
    8. ***All these are clickable thumbnails***Here's some dollhouse furniture with OD Ji, Yam & Lucy:
      Yam in the library with Re-ment sized tiny things:[​IMG]
      [​IMG] Some of the library furniture shown is from a dollhouse.
    9. ah they all look so cute! *squee!*
      thanks sistercuervo for your pics!
    10. In case there are London-based owner around here... does anybody know a nice shop where to buy miniatures? There isn't much at Hamley's and my search on Google was useless... I know theres always ebay but I like to see them "in real life".
    11. Don't know a UK shop but there are a number of UK dollhouse furniture sellers on Ebay US and some of them have nice stuff reasonably priced. You could check Ebay UK - their's auctions are probably listed both places.

      And here is a list I found on the web of UK dollhouse shops - some sound like higher priced artisan stuff but some of the shops sound reasonable:


    12. It really depends on the item, unfortunately, and the sizes can be mixed within a series. Some of it works well with most tinys, other items are too big, and yet others are very very small (the tiny room furniture sets, for example). I have a blortload of it and I try to use as much as I can...the bigger stuff works okay with the Yo/Bambicrony size (or Ru, or Uyoo), the medium stuff works great with most 5-8" tinys (Orientdoll, PF up to Lucy and that size), and the teeny stuff sometimes works for LatiWhite.
    13. Ah, brilliant! Thank you Carolyn :)
    14. [​IMG]

      Here is my Orientdoll So In sitting in her white rocking chair. She has a little gingerbread baby next to her and you can see part of her hard paper doll house behind her. I don't know where to get these items as they were all gifts to me. You could always bring your little SO with you (in a hard sunglasses case for protection) to the stores and compare her size to the items you find. :aheartbea
    15. I have been looking at those same chairs :lol:

      When Mischief arrives we are going shopping~!
    16. There used to be a fantastic dollshouse shop in covent garden, downstairs in the front undercover market bit ... I have not lived in UK for three years so I am not sure it is still there but you can look in yellow pages. It was called The London Dollshouse shop and was just amazing, full of everything a tiny heart could desire! There are plenty of dolls and miniature fairs that have weekends at diferent venues and there are also at least two bi-monthly miniature magazines (that you can buy from bigger newsagents) telling you about the upcoming fairs and listing suppliers you can buy from. I am sure Tinybear can tell you their names I just cant remember them. There is a massive company in Derbyshire that does great mail order called The Dollshouse Emporiom this is their website address ...www.dollshouse.com.Or they will send you a catalogue if you ring them up

      I thought I left my doll obsession behind when I moved to Oz but they hooked me back in on a much bigger scale lol ..
    17. I've had an idea to make a baby playpen for my tinies, but its a little difficult with all the tiny dowels. Anyone ever seen one? Like an old fashioned wooden one?

      I found this adorable set with a OD Tiny and I'm hoping they'll get even more selection! It comes with EVERYTHING in the photo including the tiny fruit and stuffed toy! For $26.95! Although I think the rug needs a mow! :lol:


      You can get it here: http://www.bjdfantasy.com/page/page/4208227.htm

      And how much am I loving the OD's angel wings!
    18. I am using the American Girl room boxes with my Elfdoll tinies, and it works perfectly for them. The boxes can be electrified for tiny lamps, etc. too. You can still get them on eBay, sometimes reasonably if you're not bothered by a few dings and chips.
    19. Tinoose has a bunch of pictures in the gallery of her AG rooms! I really want one! We don't have American Girl in Canada, do they still sell them in stores, or are they discontinued? My Bong and Min want to know!
    20. waaaaaa I want that buffy library!
      too bad that the shipping for italy seems more high than the item itself...