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Tinies and Pets...

Oct 18, 2008

    1. Okay...I've been thinking about buying a small dollhouse for my tinies, BUT, I have one issue. Well, actually it is two...

      My two cats. I love them, but they think my dolls are their toys too.

      I need to find a way to have a dollhouse and not have them destroy everything. I intend to keep the dollhouse in the bedroom on top of my dresser. My oldest cat usually enjoys sleeping up there though. Is there any way that I can have a dollhouse and prevent them from attacking it? Otherwise, I will continue to store them in plastic bins.

      Any suggestions or experience in this?
    2. Other than keeping the dollhouse in a room with a closed door, no suggestions. I have three cats-one who loves the mohair skin wigs of my dolls, one who loves to sleep in the dollbeds, and one who is terrified of the dolls.
      I just keep the door to my dollroom closed.
      Here is the bad Bilbo with one of my Puki kids.
    3. Hmm, that appears to be my only option!
    4. I should add, one thing my son has done to protect his collection of LOTR figures is to add a piece of plexiglas to the front of the library unit he keeps them in. He got it cut to fit the front of the unit, and attached it with strips of adhesive backed velcro.
    5. Another option is getting a clear plastic sheet to cover the openings to the doll house so that the furry darlings can't get inside. Something like a poster frame without the frame part. It would keep the furries out, still allow you to see in, and be easily removable when you want to play.

    6. yeah, i third the suggestion of plexiglass or hard plastic covering the from of the dollhouse to keep the kitties out. It'll also keep the dust out, which is nice i think. :)
    7. Plastic covering...genius! Thanks a bunch!
    8. Why not try this: find some room spray that is orange scented (I use Pure Citrus) and spray it around the dollhouse. Cats HATE the smell of citrus, and will tend to stay away when the area reeks of it. I use it to keep my kitten out from behind my computer so she doesn't chew on the wires.
    9. My cats are weird...the citrus stuff won't work on them. :P
    10. I used to have a cat who liked to munch on my plants, I used long pieces of tape with the sticky side out to make that area uncomfortable for him & it worked. Eventually I removed the tape & he just knew not to go there.
    11. I have a bunch of ag mini doll rooms that have plexiglas covers. It's basically like a picture frame a tiny bit bigger than the room opening with plexiglas in it. It's held on with magnets, but for a regular doll house, you could maybe just tape it on with blue painter's tape so it won't ruin the paint on the outside of the dollhouse. I think I'll do something like that myself with my dollhouses that don't have doors. I don't have a kitty, but I do have an old drafty house wih lots of dust.
    12. Thanks for all of the ideas everyone! It's inspiring me...also making me think that having a dollhouse isn't impossible!
    13. Have you thought of cutting a piece of lightweight plexiglass to fit the front of the dollhouse? You could either glue magnets to the house & the plexiglass, or put one side of it on a hinge. If you trace the outside of the house on a large piece of paper, you might even persuade someone at your local store to cut it for you.
    14. Here is another option, although I guess it would depend on how much you wanted to spend and how elaborate you wanted your house to be.

      We bought doll house plans from a company in England, Dijon, and some of their doll houses actually have doors that close across the back to close the dollhouse up when not in use. With the "door" closed, your cats couldn't get to them. I've also seen other doll house plans that have the closure doors as well so you could just look around and see what worked best for you.
    15. I've been drooling over dollhouses that have decent prices...and then I see the shipping is about a hundred dollars and I go !!! I'm thinking I'll keep my eyes open for a small shelf that I can make into my own house. :)
    16. hmm...
      there are some surprisingly nice dollhouses at craft stores, such as Hobby Lobby or Michaels (in the States!) the prices vary from cheap to quite pricy.
      my sister's dollhouse is from there and it is beautiful.:D
      just find someone to put it together for a good price and shipping is no problem!
      haha... sorry that didn't help your cat problem... but i didn't want you to give up hope of owning a doll house!
    17. I have a dollhouse coming...it was pretty expensive, but I think it will be worth it. :)
    18. The acrylic is probably your safest bet.
      If you have a TAP plastics store or similar you can take measurements of the open side of the dollhouse in and have them cut a piece of acrylic to size.
      (also make sure the door on the other side closes too, when my bengal Mochi (RIP) was a kitten she went in one end of the dollhouse and came out the front door)