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Tinies as a first doll?

Oct 28, 2008

    1. I'm wondering if any of you guys had your tiny doll as your first? And if you did, what was your response/how did you like it? Especially if you've seen other doll sizes, like SD, MSD, etc.

      Any comments or opinions would be nice!
    2. My first doll was a Bobobie Nissa/Elfkin. It was purely accidental because I just really liked how cute he was and I just couldn't resist. When I got him I LOVED the size. He can sit in my palm, and I can carry him everywhere I want to. He wasn't too expensive so I didn't feel like I had emptied out my wallet once I bought him. Another bonus: because I bought him and got so attached, I knew I wanted to be in the doll hobby and buy myself more dolls.

      I think tinies make great first dolls. I definitely got a feel for what I was getting into and whether I would or wouldn't be interested in the hobby. Another thing I like about my tiny is that I don't feel the need to spend a ton of money on him with clothes and accessories like I'm planning for my SD. For some people, they might not make great firsts, but as my first, he was my most convenient and I love the little guy to death.

      Hope that helped.
    3. Yep, I bought an AOD NiNi for my first doll because I didn't want a huge doll, and I liked how her features were so fine. I loved her even more as soon as I went to pick her up from the doll store that had ordered her for me because she was so small, like a mini angel or something. She's much easier to pose than the Petite Ai I more recently bought, (though I adore him, too) and stands up like a dream, which my friend's full-size dolls are reluctant to do, so I would say that she's easier to handle than larger dolls. However, making clothes for her is more difficult because of the small size.

      Really, the most important part is that you love the sculpt.
    4. my first doll was an SD ...but when I bought him there were no tinys...

      THEN ...It happened roughly the same time PocketFairy Yoko , Elf Doll Sylph ..and Secretdoll
      and I was totally smitten

      the first tiny I got in my hands was the Elf doll .....and I fell instantly in love with the size
      I can handle them easier ..make for them easier ...and have lots more and hide them from my other half LOL
    5. My first doll was a bambicrony, and I love her! The only reason why a tiny might not be the best first doll is because it's harder to find clothes. but Yo clothes are fairly easy to find so it's ok.
    6. My first BJD was a tiny and the only BJDs I own are tinies. I also went to a meet and got to see dolls of all sizes which pretty much convinced me that tinies are for me. I think the other sizes are lovely, but I like the tiny ones best. :)
    7. my first bjd was a tiny~ pipos pink baha. still have her, still love her. i have 3 SD, 1 MSD, and a ton of tinies. the "larger" tinies are my favorite size.
    8. my first was an elfdoll tiny lyn. i still have her and love her. she has the most clothes and shoes. :) shortly after i got a msd. and for a short bit contempated selling her. but i couldn't do it.

      tinies are nice cause you can buy clothes from them at flea markets and ebay easily. (kelly clothes)

      i now have 2pukis, 2msd, 1dz70cm, 1bobobie tiny, 1 elfdoll tiny, and 2msd heads, and 1 70cm head. with 2 full puki's on there way and 2 puki faceplates. with plans for 2 more bobobie tinies.
    9. My first doll was a tiny OrientDoll (8 inch size) - I think that was a great starter size for me. I've since gotten other sizes (including SD) but I still have more tinies than anything - it's so much fun collecting furniture and props for them, and much easier to store!
    10. My first doll was a tiny of about that size, DIM Ballerina Choseol. I love her size - it contributes to her general air of delicacy, and I certainly never wish she was bigger. If your friend really in her heart wants a big impressive doll, then a tiny might be unsatisfying and disappointing - but I don't think tinies are less good as starters, necessarily, because the manageable size adds to the lovableness. If she loves the sculpt, then go for it!
    11. The first doll I ordered was a MSD but the first one I got was a Tinybear Moona. (16cm) She was in stock so . . .

      I don't think it would have mattered to me wich one I started with. I have 5 MSDs now and 3 tinies. One is Barbie size (Mini Gem Uyoo Elf) and one is 27cm but sculpted like a little child. She's a CH Ange Ai Uri. I love all of them and like I said it wouldn't have mattered to me wich one I had gotten first.

      However I don't plan og getting any more of the really small tinies (Under 25cm) because my motor skills are not good enough for me to make clothes for them.

      If your firend is in love with a tiny I'd say go for it.

    12. My first (and right now only) doll was a Puki Pukisha. When I got her, I was REALLY surprised at how small she was, and instantly became afraid of losing her, hurting her, etc. But since I've been able to know my limit with her and successfully carry her out in public without any lost appendages or items.

      I think I'm going to be more surprised when I get my next dolls, which are 43cm and 63cm, respectively.
    13. My first doll was a Jaimedoll Ara, who is about the size of a Lati Yellow.

      A YoSD is a very expensive gift to give someone... the thing about buying someone else such expensive gifts is that you have to know the person really well, to make sure receiving such an expensive doll as a gift wouldn't make her feel uncomfortable. I know I personally wouldn't feel comfortable if a friend spent hundreds of dollars on a doll for me.
    14. My first and so far only BJD is a tiny Ange Ai Gaby who just arrived home a couple of weeks ago and I am completely in love with her. It is easy to make and buy things for her and she is like a tiny taste of something sweet--I want more!!!! Particularly more tinies, but I've also been looking at MSD sized dolls.
    15. My first was Elfdoll Min, who is still my absolute favourite. I loved her at first site, I just go for tiny things, tinier the better for me, and she is so fine and delicate. I have since ammassed a small collection of tinies including; 2 more elfdolls (Bong and Kai) 2 Lati whites (Belle and Lily) 1 tinybear (Human Mina) and recently a Custom House Bisou (Lilly). Also to come are PF Noma and Puki Pipi and a Tiny bear MereMina. An embarassment of riches :).
    16. A tiny wasn't my first BJD. My first was an SD and then 2 MSDs. My first tiny was my Hana Angel. I can't really say I like one size over another. I like them all for various reasons. I just recently got my first tiny tiny, my Moona and I do have to say I am enthralled with this size, although it might be because I am used to SD and MSD sizes with all my other dolls. I have never had a doll so tiny before.

      While I don't have a Yo-SD BJD, I have lots of Ann Estelle dolls that size and I think it is a great size to start off with, especially if you know your friend's taste. There is a lot of clothing that is already available out there for that size and tons of patterns if your friend likes to sew. It is also a little easier to sew for that size as compared to the really small tinies.

      I think one of the reasons why someone might not suggest a tiny as a first doll is because of the posing. I can understand because my tinies can't pose as well as say my Soulkid, but they still do pose pretty well and you can always show her how to add the pipecleaner to the joints if necessary. Also, the new Minifees might be an option. Do you have dolls in mind now?
    17. my first doll was a present from a lovely friend, and was a tiny :D it was a Bambicrony Cookie. I was thinking about getting an MSD as my first doll and I had never really looked into tinies, then I got this surprise... and I can tell you I had no problem with it, on the contrary!

      I would recommend it as a first doll. they are nice, handy, you can take them everywhere, stand like little rocks and are sturdy. I am more than pleased that my first doll was a tiny. thanks to her, I knew that I wanted to go on with other sizes
    18. honestly the hobby is expensive. I don't know what you mean by the clothes are less expensive for tinies than other dolls. MSDs can wear Friends 2B Made clothing which is cheaper than anything else i've tried for my Yo's. You haven't said what size tiny, so I'm assuming Puki size since they can wear Kelly clothes, which are certainly cheap. I don't know why you would invest in getting your friend an extravagant gift that she herself isn't willing to invest in.

      Tinies are frustrating to shop for when you're looking for finely tailored clothing with details and styling. if they're a very small tiny, like Puki's, wigs are hard to find and the selection is small. Eyes are hard to manipulate. Also stringing is a challenge without a stringing tool. Other than those reasons I wouldn't deter someone from getting a tiny for a first doll.
    19. Thanks for all the input, guys! It helped to hear all of that. Espiecally since alot of you have other sized dolls!

      gracie - the one I had in mind specifically was a Delf Honey Muffin (except I'd ask luts to give it more gentle eyebrows like Pudding); we were looking at the luts site, and I noticed it really caught her eye for the 10" sizes. We both love the Kid Delf Bory too, but like I said, and like others have reinforced, yoSD size is much cheaper to buy clothes for and such compared to SD or MSD, so for a first doll, I think Muffin would be better for her. And since its smaller, she can take it to her dorms in the schooltime and everything.

      sspearls - She's very concious about her money and has a hard time buying anything for herself, but would gladly dish out money for others. I know she really wants one, but since its for HER, she wont really get it.. if it were for ME, shed probably get me one. And yeah, the hobby itself no matter the size is expensive, but I see alot of yoSD clothes for about $20-40 that are worth it and still lovely, compared to $40 for one shirt for a SD or MSD.. it just really depends on where you buy things and what they are, I guess. We aren't too picky about elaborate clothing or things though.
    20. I think a Yo size is perfect as a first doll. If she then wants to upgrade, many people use the Yo sized doll as 'children' or it may set her on a lifelong love of tinies (the best imo!!!)

      Lucky girl :D