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Tinies Eye Size Question o.o

Jan 9, 2009

    1. Hello hello:) I'm looking to buy a pair of eyes for my Jaimedoll Vito, he's the Adonis 15cm size. I don't know what size the eyes he came with are and I'm not sure how I'd figure it out o.o It says on the Jaimedoll site that each basic doll comes with 12mm eyes. Now, if I go and buy eyes that are 12mm will they be suitable for him or do I have to look specifically for 12mm eyes for tinies? Thanks so much in advance for all your advice, I'm so new to this whole aspect of bjd having^^; I took my Vito's head off though and I felt so proud! I feel like I leveled up or somethingXD
    2. I bet you could try looking for 12 mm eyes for YOSD, those are usually made to be smaller for their heads than MSD.
    3. Ok so there is a difference then... There's 12mm for each size of doll. I get it. Well, I guess I better make sure I get all the information before I buy. Thank you, CatClawTub:)
    4. there isnt any difference, a 12mm eye is a 12mm eye it refers to the diameter of the eye ball (or the longest distance on odd shaped eyes. the only thing that MAY vary is iris and pupil size, but that depends more on maker than on size of doll. my Yosd Kuuta, and my MD MD Miho can share eyes, and one is a tiny the other an SD.

      Yosd Kuuta in 14mm Glass

      MD miho in 14mm Glass

      (they are the same pair of eyes, just different lighting)
    5. O.o Ohhh ok.. I finally get it:D Awesome! Thank you, Rezei-Chan, I appreciate your help and clarifying that for me:) I'm gonna go git me some 12mm eyes for my boy:D
    6. I was wondering though, if anyone could tell me whether a smaller size eye would be good or not? Smaller than 12mm? I'm afraid I don't know how much different the sizes would look in this particular head. In fact I don't know what size eyes he came with. I assume the eyes he came with are 12mm since that is what it says is the default eye size sent with the basic 15cm dolls on Jaimedoll's site.
    7. Generally speaking, going a size down will make the doll look more mature, and a size up more immature, within the limits of the sculpt itself. A smaller eye size will have more sclera (white) showing around the iris, but may also fit too loosely and leave your eye putty visible. Conversely, a larger eye size will have less visible sclera, with the iris filling more of the opening, but may not properly fit into the bevel or the head.
    8. If you want to know what size eyes to use, you can take a measuring tape and measure between the corner of the eyes.