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Tinies' Resin - Yellowing?

Mar 10, 2009

    1. Hi, I am looking to purchase fairly soon a Lati Yellow, Lati Green and Littlefee Ante. I already own a white large TB Moona. I really do love white resin and it fits the whole period thing/semi Goth look I was planning for my yet to be purchased dolls. But being new to BJD's I'm quite panicked about yellowing! Considering the expenditure, I don't want my white resin dolls looking anaemic after only a year or so. I know it happens eventually as the resin ages, I just want to know how well they age/yellow? I don't mind if it looks creamier but I'm concerned it will look really bad, like my doll needs a blood transfusion or something. *lolol*

      I particularly wanted to ask those who own any Lati dolls in white and NS and also anyone who owns any Fairyland dolls in white and NS.

      1. How soon did you first notice yellowing on your doll?

      2. What does the yellowing look like? Creamy/added warmth to the tone..? Or a real yellow tinge?

      3. How do you store and use your doll? Occassional or often outdoors? Never stored away or always stored away?

      4. Is the yellowing a lot more noticeable on the white resin as compared to say the NS?

      Thankyou so much for any replies. I've put a lot of thought into planning my doll family and I don't mind storing my dolls away when I'm not playing with them. I already wrap my Moona up in a new towel and keep her away from light. I live in Australia in a temperate, fairly cool area except for summer which can get hot for those 3 months.

      luv MOP...
    2. I have 5 Pukis, w&n/s also have other w/s and n/s dolls.
      I do take good care of my dolls but I don't hide my dolls, I bought my dolls to enjoy! I don't let my dolls in direct sunlight but everything else they are exposed too. Although I'm only into my dollie hobby for one year I haven't noticed any differents in their resin yet, the yellow factor I have seen on other dolls looks more like a creamy color and not like ulgy yellow.
    3. I have a white Lati White Pury. She is 2 years old and if she's yellowed then it has happened unnoticably. She looks the same to me, but if I compare her to a new addition, Bisou shushu, then she is slightly creamy all over. So I don't know to tell you the truth.
      I play with all my dolls. I don't shut them away. The sit on shelves in my doll room where the sun comes in, but not directly on the dolls. I take them outsie for photos, but they don't stay out for long.

      I've never noticed yellow patches. They all seem to be ageing nicely. The only way to tell would be to buy a new Lati White white doll and compare. Sorry, I don't suppose that was much help in the end.
    4. I don't own either of the makes in question but I do have a white doll and like Valli's she is played with, she's been out in the garden for short periods of time, and the rest of the time she sits on a shelf along with the rest of my crew. Any yellowing that has occurred is so slight I don't notice.

      The room is kept fairly dark as I have my PC there and as I tend to play online games I can't see dimly lit areas very well if I let any sunlight bounce off the screen.

      At the end of the day I know they will all discolour eventually, such is the nature of resin, and yes by how much is down to resin type and environmetal factors, but I bought my dolls to enjoy.

      MOP it is unlikely your dolls will develope the jaundiced shade you dread unless they are really badly mistreated as it's predominately french resin that discolours that much.

      I have only seen a what I would say is a colour change on one doll and that is my blue TB CoCo. Only by compairing the exposed parts of her to areas such as the inside of her headcap do you actually see that she has had a slight shift in tone. It will be more noticable on her because she is blue anyway. I've had her about a year and she has been exposed to sunlight for photo purposes only.
    5. I have one of the first Lati in white resin ...I cant say its yellowed much because the older resin was a more yellow tone to begin with

      ....hand on heart ..and I make my dolls work ...they get dirty more than yellow ..Im such a bad owner !
      I have never had a doll yellow because of the sun
      ..I have a Banji that was so dirty it went grey ...dont ask
      but it cleaned up to perfection

      the only doll I have who yellowed is Fleur ..and she is very Yellow ..well more cream ...but I LOVE her to death , but she is the old French resin , she just changed colour ..this I dont think happend as much now ..but I bought her because she was yellowed

      I have white Puki , they appear pretty stable ..and they have been on a shelf in the light for over a year ..if they have yellowed its been all over and I havent noticed
      the Lati I have are both older ones ..as I said I think the resin is creamer anyway

      I have to admit I do like the older cream/pink cream/white resin ..like the old PocketFairy and Lati
      but Im sad LOL
    6. oH mOP ..forgot ..March 20th ...new Ltd Lati
    7. Thankyou so much guys for answering. Cream I don't mind at all, yellow though isn't the most realistic or attractive of skin colours. I was interested to know a rough time frame from when the process begins.

      Looks like I have til March 20th to decide what to buy. White skin or NS? Argh!

      Will they release the pics of the new limiteds before they open for taking orders or do they show the pics the same time they open for business?

      luv MOP...
    8. I have a NS lati (about 3 years old) and she still seems quite the same. I live in Hawaii (LOTS OF SUNSHINE!) so I keep my dolls in a cool dark closet when I'm not playing with them and they have been quite stable. My only doll that dramatically yellowed was a French resin Narsha.
    9. One thing I'll mention about white dolls, they can be difficult to photograph. I've chosen mainly NS now. Even the new baby by Felixdoll is difficult and she's a really delicate pink normal skin called Bisque. I'm not saying it's impossible, though.

      Have fun choosing.