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Tinies that fit Barbie clothes?

Jan 16, 2008

    1. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this!

      I understand that the SOOM Minigems can fit into Barbie clothing, but are there any other companies who make tinies that can manage that? I'd love to get one, since I have so much old Barbie stuff lying around that could be put to good use, but I'm just not in love with any of their Minigem moulds (although I formerly liked Aren).

      So... does anyone know if there ARE any other companies who make Barbie-sized tinies and if so, could you point me their way? Thank you!
    2. Bambicrony can sometimes squese into Barbie clothes.
      But only if they are made out of some stretchy stuff and such.
      The arms also have to be stretchy since bambi's hands are WAY bigger then barbies :XD:
    3. Souldoll littles are barbie sized, right? Gosh Jandi is cute.

      Also, there are lots of dolls who fit into varying items of Barbie. Especially things like knit tops, which are stretchy. My customhouse Bisou Shushu, Henry, fits into some barbie stuff - pants are way too long, they need to be cut off or hemmed, but I need to dig some more into my barbie stuff after sticking her into a barbie outfit last week.
    4. My LaTi yellow sp wears barbie clohtes.
    5. my DIM Leisha fits most barbie clothes.
    6. Thank you very much! ^_^ I'll have to go around and check out all those moulds! *Scoots off*

      I know this is a long shot, but are there any mature tinies around who fit Barbie as well? I'm under the impression that the majority of tinies are not mature, but I thought I'd cast a line and see what bit anyway. ^^;

      Edit: Are Souldoll mature? Metel obviously is, but Jandi looks a little younger (maybe it's the pouty lips ^__^ ).
      Edit 2: Clearly, they all have the same body. ^^;; Just scrolled to the bottom and caught the body shots of Jandi. Ignore previous inquiry, please. ^^; Wow, she really does have Barbie proportions, though.
    7. those souldoll ones I mentioned and posted a link to are mature tinies. they have really big hooters.

      also the unoa lights fit barbie stuff too - and they are mature.
    8. Have a look at PpoPpo, I think she'd fit in some barbie stuff too and she can look mature :)
    9. There's also the Limhwa ToYou which has been discontinued but th1 is selling one in the marketplace. Pretty little thing, mature body and has great balance.
    10. Here is a recent thread about the 25-30cm dolls (mostly teens) - note Minoruworld Junior Leila and Customhouse Little Junior are larger in the body):

      I am pretty sure Barbie clothes fit Minigem, maybe the Soul Little girls, maybe Roxy Pandora/Miriam (shapelier than Becy who is shown in above thread). They were too big on Limhwa ToYou who is discontinued - she was more Jenny/Momoko sized.

      In this old thread I have measurements for many popular teen fashion dolls. You could compare the Modern Barbie measurements to measurements in the Tiny Size Chart (see first post of sticky of same name).


    11. Carolyn.S-- Thank you very much! Maybe I'll drag a Barbie down from the attic and take some measurements for comparison. ^^

      Blodeuwedd-- Thank you! She sent me a message about it, actually. ^^

      sher-- :) I saw. You're right, they are REALLY big. XD Still... I never thought I would go back to liking Souldolls, but Metel is making me change my mind, I must say. ^^
    12. PpoPpo fits more into Blythe sized things...
    13. I heard Puki's fit Kelly clothes

      Not sure if that is the same size.
    14. Hello,

      The Mini Gem can wear Barbie, and so do the Souldolls. Here is my Mini Gem Uyoo wearing Barbie fashion fever and Souldoll Jandi wearing Silkstone Barbies ski outfit. Her face is looking young and pouty, but her body isn't.... And she has the most beautiful hands, very delicate. The third doll is a Notdoll Miriam, she is a little smaller, I didn't try Barbie clothing on her yet. The Mini Gems are tall, so maybe Barbie pants will be too short on them.


      Best regards, Biggy
    15. Both my Bobobie Isabella and my Fantasy Doll Amber fit into some Barbie clothes.
    16. Soul Littles have Huge knocker sna dvery big butts. xD I can be a witness to that. alot of the old barbie clothes may or may not fit the soul little body. Also, I think that the newer lines fit to the new barbies will fit soul little dolls nicely. Up until my metel gets her new body, I will have to wait and see.

      ALSO - DIM Sweet Dolls fit barbies shirts and ken pants.
    17. My Limhwa ToYou wearing a Barbie doll outfit by Mattel. The skirt was a bit wide, so I had to take it in. (The shoes & stockings did not come with this outfit.)

    18. For something fun as well as beautiful, you can look at Tinybear's fat fairies, as they wear short minis as long dresses and tops as short dresses. I have my BonBon showing off some full lengthe cocktail dresses (short on Babs) at the top of this page:

      She is the most fantastic doll ever! I love all my dolls for different reasons I guess, but the quality of this doll is amazing. She is definately my favorite doll to hold! So nice a weighty and ADOREABLE! So, anyway, LOL, maybe you'll like something not so Barbie like, but can wear a few of her things :)
    19. My Custom House Ange Ai can wear stretchy Barbie shirts and Ken's baggier pants for chillin' around the house in. I'm thinking she's pretty much standard yo-sd size.
    20. sorry for OT but Chelrosemoo i love your avatar picture :lol:

      and to make it on topic again, here is a picture of my ToYou wearing a fashionfever (barbie) dress and barbie jacket:


      not everything barbie fits her but it's hit and miss.