Tinies - variations in age? Anyone collect just tinies?

Sep 24, 2017

    1. I know there are some mature tinies - like the Sugarble Juniper I used to own - but generally tinies seem to all be "children" when it comes to characters.

      Lately I have seen a few tinies that are scaled down versions of their SD selves, but I never see non-children tinies who aren't versions of a bigger doll. Does anyone have some?

      And to people who collect only tinies - do you find yourself limited at all in posing? My (small) experience of YOSDs has been with single joints, and not many points of motion. What makes you happy to just have the tinies?
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    2. I have Fairyland Littlefee, Pukifee, Pukipuki. The Littlefee are fantastic little posers. The Pukifee also poses pretty decently, although her big head tends to make her want to tip over (but she's still so adorable otherwise). The Pukipuki also has double joints but her tiny size requires more patience to pose her. They all also have magnets in hands and feet to allow for easy changing, and Little and Pukifee have extra magnets for attaching magnetic accessories such as ears, tails, and wings. The Pukipuki has magnets for ears, but none for a tail or wings.

      I also have a Souldoll Little Jandi, who is a mature tiny with double joints. She poses pretty well, although the peanut joints look a bit awkward in her legs, but with clothes covering her it's not bad. Unfortunately, I think the Little line has been discontinued by Souldoll.

      I own dolls of all sizes, so can't help you with that part. I actually prefer the larger dolls over the smaller, although I do love the ones I have. :)
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    3. This might not count because all of my human tinies are children, but my Doll Factory Devil Bobo mouse is an anthro that I don't think of as a baby or child. She has the head, hands, feet and tail of a mouse, but body is more human and I think of her to be an adult.

      As for posing in small dolls, IslandDoll, AsleepEidolon and Impldoll 1/6 dolls have excellent posing! I also have a 1/12 Asleep Eiolon, and while her posing is a little more limited just by size, I feel like it's still pretty decent for something so small. Still, though, the faces, bodies and hands/feet have very child like proportions.
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    4. The vast majority of my crew are tinies - mostly Pukifees. Some are elementals and some are chibis of adult characters, but none of them are children. I love them for their size and portability and for the ease of finding photo props for them. Plus, they're cute. <3 I like bigger dolls and have a few, but the ones I find myself interacting with the most are the tiny ones.
    5. Most of my YO sized dolls are adults. Between my best friend and I we have a lot of the Justice League and some of their villains as "Chibis" in YO size. I also have several of my characters in Chibi form, and other comic characters that aren't DC. I have one who is supposed to be a child...but that's it. I don't really care for children IRL so I don't really want them as dolls either lol

      As for posing, most of mine are either LTFs or hybridized on LTF bodies, and I think they are best posers there are...so I don't feel like they're limited by size. The few I have who aren't LTFs are also really good posers, even my very single-jointed Little Monica Audrey.
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    6. This is an intresting thread and I look foward to reading the responses. I don't have a tiny I ended up getting a bigger BJD doll but I would also like to know if there are variations to them.
    7. I personally only like animal tinies, like Dollpamm's anthros, and SOOM's Pet lines.

      I don't think I would ever own a YoSD, they just are not my cup of tea. Childish proportions in adult clothing is really really uncomfortable to me. Some people... yeah no thanks.
    8. I currently have two tinies. One is super good at posing and finding clothes for since she fits generic yosd-sized clothing. The other is an oddball who has the head the size of a MSD and can wear Blythe and Barbie tops but has super wide hips. I consider then great starter dolls and love that I started small. I do also have an 1/3 head that needs a body, but at the same time I don't know how I'll feel about the size once I have one.

      I personally like the convenience of tinies. They can easily be hidden away if necessary and can be put into smaller spaces. Also easy to find props because Barbie and other like-sized dolls have plenty of props that are the perfect size. Also, one of my tinies is a child (around 11) while the other is a teenager (16).
    9. I don't just indend on getting tinies, but yeah. I'll probably mostly have tinies! Specifically tiny animals like Cocoriang, Soom DearMine and Pipos.

      Most YoSD and under have really infantile asthetics, so it can be hard to imagine them as anything older without using your imagination. Leakewolrd and Dollpamm offer some curvy YoSD bodies so I think it may be easier to project an adult character onto those.

      If I got a YoSD sized doll, I'd probably imagine it as a child because itd be a funny contrast between my 1/12 scale adult animals.
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    10. I have Fairyland realfees. The sculpts I chose are elvish, and to me they are elves, ageless but not children. I love them for the magic they bring into my life.
    11. I have a few tinies, but I don't exclusively collect small dolls. One of mine is a 30cm mature 1/6 guy and he's definitely an adult sculpt. My others are in the 25-28cm range and are baby/young child sculpts.
    12. 85% of my BJD collection are tiny though I have a few larger dolls as well. I love the posing for Fairyland tinies as well and own many of those. I also liked the posing for the Souldoll Yo-SD sized dolls and the one I have has double joints as well. She can do a squatting stand pose while holding her weapons. Some dolls don't pose as well but they still have a personality I enjoy and they fit in my universe.

      A lot of my tinies are in fact not human so they are timeless adults. I have fairies, elves, dwarves, demigods, shape shifters, and vampires in my little universe.
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    13. I have mostly tiny and yosd dolls. It depends.. my dz Iris is a good poser so is my Irrealdoll. Cocoriang has little girls who are sturdy posers to. From my yosd's my Ssieren Gajy is the best poser. I like the smaller sizes because I can take them easily anywhere. The biggest I have are msd. Sd is to large to handle for me
    14. Ancient Tales! Very mature, absolutely gorgeous, amazing posing...
    15. All my dolls are tinies, and more than half of them are mature tinies. The double jointed ones from DIM and Xaga doll have a greater range of motion than the single jointed ones. The Soom Mini Gem (mature tiny) dolls I have pose pretty well even though they're single jointed. The DZ "special" body my Wendy is on is double jointed and poses well. The "children" I have are puki puki and a DikaDoll which are double jointed and great posers just a bit fiddly.
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    16. @Stormlight don't the Pukis all have pointy ears? I think that's what's stopped me so far. I think if I went with any it would likely be a Pukifee - wouldn't trust myself not to lose a Pukipuki!

      @CloakedSchemer it is actually good to hear that impldoll tinies pose decently, they're some of what I have looked at in the past!

      @LadyMadrigal yeah, portable is definitely a good point! Does it bother you at all them all sharing a body type?

      @VampireAngel13 thanks, as a fellow DC lover, I will totally check yours out!

      @wanderingstar @LilacsDoe thanks for your input guys, I'm glad the topic had some interest.

      @Cap'n oh real age variance then! That's really interesting :)

      @Anglerfishee thanks! Are your animals characters?

      @MayBea that's sweet :)

      @SapphireStargazer does your tiny mature fit in with your other dolls, or is he separate?

      @Birju_Lachi thanks! It seems like you've put a lot of thought into your stories. Do you buy them to be specific characters?

      @Guinan I have tried I think 4 different SD dolls now, and every time I realise I just can't handle the weight of them... I am thinking of moving to all tinies like @Leo Pheonix but I quite like one of my MSDs as she is - and worry she wouldn't be the same grouchy teen as a yosd.

      @deirdrecat never heard of them! I will take a look :)
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    17. @astromayhem Hmm, my animals aren't pre-established characters I'm shelling, but I'm developing characters for them as a go. I do know that I want make one into a "professor" type though
    18. Yeah, the Pukipuki and the Pukifee all have cute little pointed ears. :)
    19. My two Pukifees are children while my anthros are spirit companions to my elves (I have 6 elves, so each one has a Zuzu Delf companion). :D
    20. @astromayhem I'm not sure what you mean by "fit in"? He's only around 30cm so it's hard for him to be on par in terms of size with my much larger 65-72cm dolls, so I guess in that way he doesn't "fit in" with them. He is very realistic (as opposed to stylized or anime-looking) in his features so in that way he is a lot like my larger dolls and does "fit in" with them in terms of aesthetics. As far as the character he represents, he belongs in a separate storyline; but then again, I have four distinct storylines and the characters my dolls represent belong in different ones, so it's not necessary for Liam (Lumedoll Blaze) to fit in with all the others in a character/story context.

      As for my other small dolls that look like babies/children, they do represent the children of some of my larger dolls. I have a IMPL Gela (26cm) and an Iplehouse KID Paige (34cm) who are the children of my IMPL Azalea (64cm) and Iplehouse nYID Oscar (63cm). My MYou Gaius (27cm) represents a non-human character who is supposed to be small and childlike in appearance, and is the perfect size, in my opinion, in comparison to my 72cm IMPL Tony, 62cm 5Star Kevin and 64cm IMPL Alma who are his "family"