Tiniest Tiny?

Jan 28, 2007

    1. Okay, I'm a bit obsessed and overplanning here... But my future Tiny needs a Tinytiny BJD... The tiny I get will be 20-30 CM... So I'd like to find a some-what in scale doll... I may end up just getting a regular little doll... But I think it would be cool for my BJD to havea BJD
    2. There are so many! Tiny tiny dolls - Lati doll white - 10 cm. Lati yellow around 16 cm. A Hana Angel is about 20 cm. That would be adorable, love to see a photo when your little one arrives.
    3. It will be a while (Savings in my sig :P) But The doll will probably be 20-30 Cm (possibly a latidoll green haha) So maybe a 10 cm, but depending on size, that may be a little too big.
    4. That would be so cute :whee:

      The smallest one I know would be Lati white, though. Maybe there are more that are a bit smaller, but that's about the smallest one out there. If you wanted to go even smaller, you could always try hand-making one out of clay, and then cast it in another material if you would like. It sounds out there, but it doesn't hurt to try ;)
    5. Here is a latiwhite with a yosd(25cm). I think it would make a good sized doll for one.
    6. :o Ity bity elf!! Must have "take with me everywhere ity bity elf!!!!" ::runs off to find one::
    7. Tonboko, that photo is adorable!

    8. Beautiful.

      Thanks for sharing the link.

    9. Well if you go with a 'doll doll' you might get a Konji :) They are sculpted by Rainman and have resin heads. They look like ball joint dolls and are about 3 inches tall. We have three and they are the pets of the bigger kids but even the tinies like to play with them. You can change thier eyes and hair too. They would look as 'real' to a bjd as bjd dolls do to us too - like a BJDs bjd :B

    10. I have to agree with QZanny :)
      The tinest tiny is Lati White ..the only reason its as tall as Pons and some of the others some of is the head ....big head

      but the body is ...at the momment the smallest made :)
    11. I have a Konji doll. I knew they were sculpted by Rainman, but didn't realize the head was resin. Learn something new every day. :)

    12. depends which Konji dolls
      the first ones wernt , they were plastic and quite flimsy ..
      my head kept dropping off mine LOL it was so irritateing ...so I sold her

      then they updated them :)
    13. Hmm, not sure which generation my konji doll is. She's not really flimsy, but I don't know if that head is resin either.
    14. No head problems with our three. Two came together and one was alone.
      They look very BJD-y hence the favored pet status by the BJD here :B

      Doesn't she look like a BJD's doll?


    15. has she got screws in her head :) ......than she is a later version
      but I dont know if they are resin either LOL
    16. Do I see a Hitty and a Kishlet in that crew?

    17. I put some others in for size comparison- some people are justb getting into bjd- imagine! ;)
      They are Konji with blonde curtly hair- Mini Pullip in black kitty- Bong Wah in yellow sweater- so Ye in yellow shirt- So Ji in white dress and Kishlet in blue.
      The Konji and Kishlet are the same size and the Orientdolls are the same size as the pullip- but the Pullips hands and feet are so small the clothes wont fit the Orient dolls.
      We do have a Hitty though :B
      QZ :)