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Tiny BJDs official names translated for you~ (Korean->English)

Sep 14, 2006

    1. After translating quite few tiny names I realised they often have very adorable meanings ^-^

      Edit2: finally got those Joong's names worked out!!! it's because the names were chinese written in korean characters, so alot more sense is made now I've worked that out! ^-^

      Edit: forgot to mention, Korean is not my first language so I have some limitiations in translating. I will say when I'm not sure about a translation though. Where there are lots of meanings, I will show the most likely one first ^-^

      Here's a small list. If there's any other names you want translated, just link me to the Korean page for that doll <3

      - please view this thread with Korean encoding if possible, otherwise the Korean will not show up and you will just see something like '3/4ocesquiggle' -

      I'll put up pronounciations after the translations too~

      Elf Ellys:
      Banji / &#48152;&#51648; - ring/rice paper. (Ban-ji)
      Eomji / &#50628;&#51648; - Thumb (Orm-ji)
      Lime / &#46972;&#51076; - English word Lime (Lra-eem)
      Kiwi / &#53412;&#50948; - English word Kiwi (Ki-wi)
      Peach / &#54588;&#52824; - English word Peach (Pi-chi)
      Cara / &#52852;&#46972; - Maybe english name Cara? (Ka-Lra)
      Dio / &#46356;&#50724; - No translation found... (Dti-o)

      Bong Sun Hwa / &#48393;&#49440;&#54868; - Balsam (Boang-Sorn-Hwa)
      Jin Del Re / &#51652;&#45804;&#47000; - Azalea (Jeen-del-reh)
      Min Del Re / &#48124;&#46308;&#47112; - Dandelion (Meen-del-reh)

      Hana / &#54616;&#45208; - only one (Ha-na)

      Ji / &#51648; - wisdom (Ji)
      Ui / &#51032; - loyalty (Wi)
      Ye / &#50696; - decorum (Yeh)
      Dong / &#46041; - Reason/ east/ stalk (Doang)

      Cheon / &#52380; - sky (Chorn)
      Wol / &#50900; - Spring (Worl)
      Ha / &#54616; - Summer (Ha)
      Choo / &#52628; - Autumn (Choo)

      that's all for now...took so long...

      Hope someone can find this at least interesting ^-^
    2. Hmmm, now I want to know what Ha means! I was just working with a whole crew of Korean filmakers, guess I missed my opportunity!
    3. It means....pant with wet breath o.0
    4. double post... botherance
    5. Thanks so much, this is so helpful!
    6. Glad I could help! If you have any other dolls whose names you want translated or you want the pronounciation for, I would be very happy to help you!
    7. I have fixed the Joong's names, I realised what was wrong!
    8. Doesnt Orientdoll Tae mean to smash with the leg??
    9. XD haven't heard that one...

      Tae is a common name is Korea (though most Korean names are two syllables)

      just a few meanings of Tae: Bamboo, pluck/spirit, the important
    10. Ahh, I think that sounds alot better! I think I just took it from the 'Tae Bo' translation rather than Korean :)
    11. Hi, I think it's great that you did this considering that Korean is not your first language. I'd like to point out that there are many same pronunciation/syllable meanings in Korean so it's very easy to be confused. Most of these syllables are not words themselves, as they are derived from Chinese characters which rely on meanings.

      Ji, Ui and Ye translate as wisdom, loyalty and decorum (politeness). Along with Een (&#51064;) benevolence, they make up the four core elements of Confucianism, which is the base philosophy of Korean society.
      The usual order is Een, Ui, Ye, and Ji.

      And Cheon means 'sky'. Dong Cheon = East sky.
      Wol means 'moon'.

      I'm very impressed with your efforts but wanted to clear this up.

      P.S. Tae Bo's 'tae' comes from 'taekwondo' which is literally, the martial art (do) for stepping (tae) with empy fists (kwon). Not actually smashing but a lighter version. ^_^
    12. I know that Uyoo means 'milk'. Kinda fitting since she's so pale. ^__^;
    13. angmasuzy-

      thanks so much for the help!

      I will edit with your corrections as soon as possible...

      and I'm glad some of my translations is right! I'm providing this more for people's interest than definate translations, jsut as a fun thing. however, I want to be as accurate as possible so your help is really appreciated ^-^
    14. Meaning of Hanah, is Hannah, from the Hebrew (in the Bible) meaning: Favor, Grace. Just did quick research from a Bible Encycloepedia that I have in my home library. :) Also, for a database of name meanings, there's a great web-site, behindthename.com. As a side point, I've researched for years, but have never found the meaning of my name, Tambra!
      Love, Tambra from Oregon, USA
    15. This is very interesting to me. I appreciate you helping us with our doll names.
      I had been told that Bong Sun Hwa means "Forget me not" (the flower) but maybe in Korea the flower is also called Balsam. I have started calling my Bong "Yong" after a sweet lady I used to know from Korea. She was tiny, cute, and always made me laugh at her funny jokes. Would love to know what Yong means. Maybe spelled "Yeong"?
    16. I just got the OrientDoll Joong Wol doll. She's so cute! Now I know her name means either Spring or Moon. I like both! grin
    17. aww thankyou so much for translating these names!

      i am getting MinDelRe and i find the meaning of her name lovely, Dandelion :D
    18. Thanks for the translations!

      I don't know how many of Bambicrony's names are Korean -
      (and I think Sisley, Cookie, and Charity are definitely English)

      And if you get a chance, could you translate this cartoon by Rainmain featuring early Elfdoll tinies? I picked this one because it features lots of different Elfdolls.


      It is from here:

    19. A couple of the bambicrony names could be korean, I'll see if I can find out for sure.

      I'll definately have a crack at translating the cartoon, we'll see if my Korean is good enough. I might hit a wall if he uses slang or phrases that jsut don't correlate to english ^^;

      Edit: yep I'm fairly certain that the Bambicrony names are just made up to sound cute, since I really don't think the names mean:
      kumi &#44396;&#48120; the western world/appetite/old rice
      roko &#47196;&#44256; logo (say roko out loud!)
      gun &#44400; mr
      pepe &#48316;&#48316; - rice
      Run them through babelfish and you get even sillier translations! Babelfish is generally pretty wonky though.
    20. Oh wow, this is so cool. Thanks for posting this. :)