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Tiny Blue Fairy Mini older discussion

Jun 18, 2005

    1. I'm interested in potentially getting a Blue Fairy Blossom body for my DOD Tender Bee-A, but I've searched through the DoA threads without finding a price.

      I know there was some discussion of a group order from the Japanese site a while back -- did that ever go through? Have new prices for the Blossom body been listed? And would the neck be compatible with a DOD head?

      Thanks much,

      -- Andi (also looking for a somewhat more 'mature' MSD)

      ,,,,,Mod Note...

      This is a merge of Blue Fairy old discussions
    2. I believe they used to cost $180 unassembled, $200 assembled.
      However, BlueFairy resin does not match Dream of Doll resin. BlueFairy is much more yellow, and Dream of Doll is much more pale, so they just don't work together.
    3. http://www.bluefairy.co.kr/index.php

      so who's seen it yet?
      what do people think.. of course it's mostly in korean now so i have no idea on what it says..
      but of the new photos..

      i might be just me or the angle but do the doll's faces seem more..older? just comparing the photos between the old photo of tommy and the new photo and he just.. looks slightly different.. am i wrong?



      [​IMG] [​IMG]
    4. I can't tell T_T most likely not.. i imagined they'd just reopen their others stores if that were the case.
    5. Omg *dies* the school theme is SO cute! <3 And argh Niky looks really good with red hair >< Dammit... I think eventually all the TF are gonna be on my want list x_X
    6. I prefer the new looks! And the sweater is soooo cute.
    7. this is a bummer... they aren't offering the option makeups anymore...

      Jeremiah Blue is a jerome optional head makeup GIRL on a girl body, you used to be able to order boy/girl makeup like that... the heads seem to be without faceups now.

      CUDDLES JB I really feel so lucky I have her, if I was trying to GET her today... I couldn't!!
    8. *dies*
      I love Tommy so much, but I've already got a smiley blonde doll! *hugs Ichiiro*
      edit: eek, the outfit the speical dolls are shown in is just the cutest thing! *wants*
    9. from what i can tell i don't think they've actually opened up yet which is why everything says sold out so far..
      at least that's what i'm assuming
    10. hm... i'm not sure i like the makeup colors. they are very... beige. on everybody.

      huggles Jeremiah Blue again...
    11. I have always wanted a Tommy but refrained from getting all my available cash to buy one because I just recently bought Shu...

      But now that I saw this... ugh.. Tommy looks so cute in that outfit... *_*

      D*mmit! Hold on!!!! Must... get... control...
    12. Has anyone ever ordered from BLue Fairy?
    13. I'm sure lots of people have!
      They're not a new company, they're just coming back from a hiatus of sorts.
      Uhm, BlueFairies that come to mind are Hitasura's Vikas (Jerome), Loren's Oska & Thomas (Jerome and Tommy) and Lyrajean's Nathaniel (Jerome, again). I know there are more, but these guys are some of my favorites.
    14. They're a good company, so I'm sure you don't have to worry.
    15. I love the new Tommy picture. He looks a lot better in the new pic, I think. :lol: Darn. I can't look at the Blue Fairy site without wanting all of the dolls desperately. The thought of actually trying to get one through a Korean shopping service terrifies me, though. I've never bought anything through a 3rd party, before. I would feel intimidated to try. :(
    16. ;___; I hope we can still order! Internationally
    17. Oh wow, I really hope they'll be available soon. I've wanted an Emilie, and now I want her even more!
    18. >.< Now i want a Niky, Tommy AND Jerome XD i hope they continue international orders...

      i think they really do look older or change the sculpt a little... tommy's eyes looks like they are smaller and has more distance frm the nose than the older one >.< he doesnt look like the head's angel is tilted down a lot... mayb its just me
    19. Oh dear me. Don't they look amazing now? I always found BFs a bit -young- but now I'm absouletly drooling over Niky!

      I can see its going to be a tough fight between Niky and Harang when it comes to my little street prince.