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Tiny blue fairy?

Jan 22, 2005

    1. I was wondering iff there are any Bleu fairy owners..^^cause i got my hands on one..

      I was wondering if people prefer the normal body or the blossom body?
      I wanna have a blossom body too but then i would have to sell the other body that's always such a drag..

      But can you guys tell me what color the blossom body has cause on the bleu fairy website the skin looks more yellow..

    2. I havent got any t f's but im assuming that the blososm body is the same as the other bodies - They wouldnt sell a body that doesnt match the head! Im planning to get jerome and denis as soon as they restock - which seems to be taking forever - although they did restock the PF's last night - Fingers crossed i suppose - and congrats for getting hands on one - *Wants one*
    3. I should receive my TF girl in early February. Unfortunately, there are chances it happens just after I leave for holydays... Argh.

      I've ordered a blassom body. I wanted this one because according to my Big Secret Plans (tm), my doll has to look like a grown-up woman. Blossom body or not, it all depends from what you want your doll to look like. Concerning the skintone, it should be the same. There is no reason.
    4. I got to see a TF Xiao on a Blossom Body at a recent meet-up and the resin match was perfect, so don't worry. I think the Blue Fairy pictures are just a bit wonky.
    5. I jus got Sarang and she so pretty the previous owner gave her eyelashes ..gosh..=_+ that's good cause i'm affraid to costumize BJD dolls!!
      This is my first BJD..i'm very happy..but the body...i think still needs to be sanded on some places..

      I was hoping she would be made out of the same material as the pocket fairy..much smoother..but i geuss you can't have everything..

      Does the material differ a lot from other similair dolls??

      greetzies, thanks,

      ps:she is but naked..when i get my outfit i'll show soem pics..i also bought a too big wig.=_+ so stupid!! didn't know..=_+
    6. Blue Fairy resin is a little different from the other ones I've seen up close. Once I held an MSD Ken and was surprised just how much heavier a Volks' MSD is compared to Tiny Fairy. Someone said it once- Blue Fairy resin is a little more "plastic" than other resins, and I have to agree. I'll never forget the impression I got from Luts Delf resin...looks more translucent and more...hrm...something like porcelain but not quite...very pretty!

      And one little gripe I have- air bubbles. Does anyone else have them? Along a seam or two Florizel has many airbubbles, like little pinpricks. They were only on the surface though, so sanding helped.
    7. Hahah,

      Yeah that's me! I won that doll..i cosidered myself lucky that i won her ^_^..

      She's really pretty you know..i didn't expected to like her so much..but like i said i expected the material to be much more porcelain and less plastic..^^..but on the other hand i'm gonna dress her^^ so i won't see much body..hihihi..

      I didn't know BJD was gonna love BJD so much..i'm already..gazing at the DOD dolls..
      there's a pretty boy that has my name written all over him :D ...

      Besides..those Bleu fairy dolls are always so friggin fast out of stock..!!!
      So i couldn't not buy her..you know =_=..

      But i'm letting some1 from DOA make me a Kimono gothic outfit..^^...I'm gonna make some nice pics ^^...after i find a good camera..^^..

      Do you have BJD?? what kind of BJD?