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tiny Cherish dolls

Mar 12, 2008

    1. omg he looks like he's cringing at something he just ate.... SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!
      what a cranky little darling!!! *nervously fidgets with wallet* god help me when its for sale!!!!
    2. The expressions are great, especially the boy! XD
    3. i love the angry face, it just makes me laugh. Im kinda tempted to get one.... but like tinybear says, id like to see the body first
    4. I love the angery little girl! She's so mean! It makes me laugh :)
    5. I LOVE that little boy. XD' He may have to go on my list, his expression is just too cute.
    6. OOoh! What GRUMPY little kids! CUTE!@ But you are right....I want to see the bodies too...
    7. tinybear thank you they are just gorgeous, I may have to get one - finaces pending, lol.

      I'm quite new at this so I was having a look around the http://www.cherishdoll.us website and noticed that when you go the the FAQ page if you click on the:
      ★About Our Dolls★ Cherish (2009-07-23 )

      topic you will get: materials, colours, sizes, naked body pics (yes the torso is jointed) and comparitive pics with other dolls.

      Hope this helps.