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tiny Chihuahua [from Ars Gratia Artis]

Feb 4, 2008

    1. I seriously thought they were bats *_* And, I don't know, they scare me :sweat But... it's kind of cute, though.
    2. I kinda liked them more when I thought they were a bat ...LOL
      and I LOVE the size
      looks like they are limmited and I know I just cant afford one this month ..
    3. They're so cute! Are they out now or next month?
    4. they are out now I think
      available from their web site ...but the web site is down ...so cant tell you more
    5. I thought it said they were released in March?

      I reallyyyyy love Chihuahuas. But I can't afford 300 for 10cm of resin. x_x
    6. awe, I want one or two:)
    7. Finally a resin doll from them, but i think that price is hiiigh still. I dont really like them... that red skin is horrible. But the legs look like good posers!
    8. dont tell me March !

      I might have to get one then LOL..but he would have to be a Bat ...and have little leather wings ..and hang upside down ...stop it Im talking myself into it !

      MY BAD ...you can order them now on the web site ...and they are available March

      so do you have to pay now ...or March ...and as I just bought the Supia sour apple ....over $300 ...I cant do another this month

      I dont have any problem spending $300 ...can do that easy , without a guilt pang ...I can just sell one of my larger dolls :)...poor things the lager kids get it every time ...so my ever increasing army of tiny take over the house
      .I just have to get over the Pullip hurdle
      could I spending that much on a Pullip ...
      I have 3 Pullips too :)
      and I do love them ...Now
      I automatically think ...plastic ..and everyone I have had ...the finish has been terrible
      I like them after I have done something too them ...usually swapping their eyes ...body ...repalceing the wig ...repainting the face LOL :) and redressed them

      perhaps I will change my mind when I see the web site ...and find out more

      so are they Pullip or Ars Gratia Artis ...the sculptors ...not Pullip themselves ??
      are their going to be millions of them ? and be all over Ebay for a year
      or just a small number ?
      once I know more I will make up my mind I think:)
    9. You have 3 Pullips now, tinybear?

      This chihuahua is a real cutie! I don't know, there's so many dolls I want now.
    10. Okay upon reviewing the website, the info has been updated and the HIPS info has been deleted. So I am retracting my statement because what I said no longer is true. I'm sorry

      I thought they were rats at first....
    11. Rumi said they were made of resin when asked. ?
    12. They're nice itty bitty doggies. I think they could pass for French bulldogs too, if you painted on a couple wrinkles.
    13. Travesty-- I was thinking the same thing! With those ridiculous ears, they look just like my beloved Frenchie :) Now if they only had little piggy tails...
    14. No, as someone else has stated, the representative who posted their photos said these new dolls are made of resin. The Jun Planning dolls which are made of plastic are the Ai dolls, a completely different doll line.
    15. Even if they were plastic, they might still be considered on topic as being made of resin isn't a required condition so long as it meets all other conditions. I thought one of the major reasons the Ai dolls weren't allowed was because the mods were worried that they were recasting Pocket Fairy torsos or something along those lines?

      Anyway, nobody will know until the mods make a decision so speculation is probably a waste of time. I think they're cute though! : )
    16. Awww, I think they're cute, and I don't even like real chihuahuas.
    17. I know Im terrible
      I have my Custom girl ...1 Im working on ...and a Dal

      trouble is I LOVE how substantial resin is ...even tiny resin , it s heavy smooth and I love it
      when I hold Pullip or my Blythe ..I dont feel the same about them , Pullip is just ...plastic

      now if they did a Pullip style BJD , in resin ...with a ball joint body ....that I may be tempted in LOL

      it would be amazingly top heavy ...and would pose like a pig
      but Oh would she be lovely LOL
    18. They're so cute! Especially the ones below.
      I'm a bit skeptical about the resin though, it's so shiny!

    19. I knew I should have copied and pasted the part in the webpage that said they were made or High_impact plastic. Well the site is down right now. I can't retrieve the info anymore but I will do so if the put it back up or if they change it to say it's resin.