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Tiny coffin and toombstone boxes!

Aug 2, 2009

    1. Michaels stores have unfinished wood coffin and toombstone boxes, my Orientdoll So and Puki Puki fit easily inside so other teeny tinies should too.

      Anyone interested should get there yesterday, I've never seen these before and they'll dissapear soon.
    2. Gah!
      That sounds pretty darn cool!
      I wish they have that here.... imma have to go search...
    3. Picture up, this is my Puki Cupid testing them out. It appears the tombstones come in 3 shapes with a cross, bat, or skull and crossbones on it and you can get a coffin with a matching symbol on it. Toombstones are about $2 and coffins about $1 so a whole set isn't out of the question.
    4. Oh no!!! I know where I'm going today, LOL. Wow, that's cute! Just thought of something, the tombstone can be for their outfits, LOL. Looks like my elfdoll tinies can fit too :D
    5. Thanks a million for that tip! Didn't realize Michael's had stocked h'ween things this early.
    6. We went to Michael's and got some of those! Also, they had very nice doll house size cabinets that my daughter and I bought (two sets, one for her and one for me) Only a dollar each and they're very nice!!! One is a curio cabinet, another looks like a desk/bookcase combo, another is a china cabinet and the final one is a cabinet/bookcase. Some of the doors work, some don't. None of the drawers work. But they look fantastic, really! A dollar each! There were 4 different items. All big wall units, so you'd only use one per room probably except the desk/cabinet/bookcase units (2) which would look good in a library :) Good haul, and I found some steampunk looking stuff that I'll use in my lab :D

      On a sad note, gosh, I haven't been to the mall in a while, and I've NEVER EVER EVER seen so few cars! Most of the malls and corner malls around here are about 1/3 empty, which I've noticed a while now, but the parking lot was so empty it was frightening. Then on my way home, I saw a neighbor's house had been boarded up. There are a lot of empty houses around here too now :( This economy is really looking bad....
    7. *runs over to the nearest Michaels*

      thanks for the tip!
    8. To update there are 3 different tombstones with "matching" coffins- cross, bat, and skull and cross bones as well as a blank coffin so having a coffin to sleep in and a tombstone for a wardrobe should work easily. 12cm tinies will fit easily, take bigger ones with you, the tombstones are different shapes and the cross one is the biggest.
    9. I wish I could take photos of what we did with ours, LOL. I hope michaels stocks up on more of these, I'd like to get more! My baby daughter only let me spend about an hour in there... then she got bored and we had to go. Hee hee hee, I really need to comb through Miachels very thoroughly as there are so many things I NEED in there!
    10. Oh I would love to have some coffins and a tombstone... Just in time for halloween! (I am a slow customizer)
      but I bet they are very heavy and shipping would cost a lot!
    11. Actually they don't weigh very much.
    12. I bought one of these and LOVED IT. It was so easy to customize!


      I did mine with sharpies (the black and silver sharpies cancel each other out, so you can erase and redo things without a lot of grief). This is the first top and something I did really quickly, so I want to go back and clean it up a bit, but if I can do this in fifteen minutes I can only imagine what a skilled person can achieve with their own :)


      For my Orient So there was still enough room inside to put in padding and then a faux fur lining to glitz it up a bit. (Well, as much as you can glitz for a vampire :P)

      Really though, these boxes are too cool. It's officially Alexander's new carrying case for travel and display. And it only took me half an hour or so to customize!
    13. I did mine similarly on two, and the third, I diid it Mardi Gras style with lots of color. I just want to finish them off somehow with super duper high gloss, mirror like gloss finish. Anyone know what would be best to use and how to apply? The wood is a bit rough, you know? I wonder if several coats of glossy polyurethane is my only choice? It would work fine with the black, but I'm afraid it'll yellow the colorful coffin :(

      Thanks for any help :D