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Tiny Doll Carrier

Apr 4, 2008

    1. I hope this is the right place to post this, if not feel free to move it.
      I had been looking for a safe way to transport my little girls, and came across these cute carriers. They are from Cool Cats

      I personally would like more padding,but it is not necessary. It is listed as a Blythe carrier, but the size is perfect. The accessory pouch holds a lot of stuff and as you can see, there is room around the dolls for more...lol
      They say it can take up to 21 days to arrive, but I ordered mine on the 26th of March and got it this morning.
      Well worth the price for safety. They get my 2 thumbs up.:thumbup:thumbup

    2. That's excellent. They look very comfortable. Great for a doll meet and travelling on photo shoots.
    3. I was able to get 4 of my dolls in it ,just to for kicks, and they fit.

      It's cramped and not very comfy.

      But they are all in there safe and sound.

      And it zips up fine.(I added the sticker)
    4. Nice thanks for showing...I've been looking for a case for the tinies
    5. :)I think l'm going to be the nice person to get one:lol:also there s hooks and restring stuff is good as well.
    6. I would like to find some kind of case that I can fit maybe 6 or more tiny dolls in :lol:

      I don't have that many yet but I plan to , and I want to bring them all with me when I go places :)

      Has anyone tried those makeup cases , I think they are called train cases? I thought I might be able to somehow add elastics in there to hold the dolls still but I haven't bought one to try yet.
    7. I don't have 6 tinies to try, but that picture has one 43cm Bobobie MSD, 25-27cm tiny dolls and one 13cm tiny. Only one I didn't try was my 60cm Obitsu...lol
    8. Oops! :o I accedently hit the check out button! :doh

      This is a dangerous place! *_*

      *Hides under desk in shame.*

    9. That's a really cute carrier! I need something for my Elfdoll Hana - my Lyn just travels around in a hard eyeglass case, but Hana won't fit in there! I'd love to take her to NY with me this week, but I don't really have a good carrier for her. I think the hard-sided train/cosmetic cases would work, Missy - you should try it!

    10. That's pretty much how it went when I bought mine...lol What color did you get?

    11. someone said they just used a padded tupperware box as an emergency carrier, maybe you can use that for when you want to go to NY, until you find something better ;)
    12. I have a padded cooler for the big girls...It's padded and waterproof. Fits alot of stuff in it too. I bought a really cute one on ebay that is yellow with bright red/orange polka dots on it,so it's cute too.
    13. I really need this thread. I mean, I keep going back and forth with what would work for me as a carrier. I could put 2, maybe 3 of my tinies in eyeglass cases, which sounds great because I could just put them in my purse, and easy to take out... etc... but the other one, and the two 10" obitsus wouldn't fit, and with 3 eyeglass cases, am I going to need a bigger purse and.. wait a second... I never use a purse!

      so should i get a stand alone case with shoulder strap? If so, should it hold my wallet? LOL, brush, etc? Am I too old to get a coffin even though I think they're so cute? Hard shell or soft, does it matter? Is the soft padded bag just as protective???

      Ah, questions questions questions, LOL

      I wish there were a coffin case made to strap in a number of little tinies, LOL.

      Thanks for the thread!

    14. Blue. :)


      Edit course they e-mailed me to say they didn't have blue in stock so I got a purple instead.
    15. I'm trying to figure out what I want a holder FOR. I think it's to carry the dolls when I go somewhere to photograph them. So I'm trying to organize my ideas:

      1. Easy open ad see and access each doll.
      2. Holds 8 teeny tinies, 8" and under
      3. Would be great if it could fit in a purse and protect against crushing. Or at least a larger hand bag.

      I think I'm going to try to build something, gotta plan more though :P

      Thanks for getting me thinking of this!
    16. Thanks for the info! I went out and ordered one to cart around all my teeny tinies.
    17. I just got mine today! :dance

      I also bought another one for my MSDs. That's the black one in the background. And they send me a couple of nice gifts - like two facemasks, some magnetic buttons and some lace to sew on clothing. :)


    18. wonderful. I'm glad to have helped in any small way.
    19. DraconicMaiden also makes carriers for any size BJD...it's in her commission thread.