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Tiny Doll Enthusiasts, Whats your favorite type of tiny doll?

May 26, 2018

    1. Hey all, I've been searching several different places online recently looking at very tiny dolls (I'm talking under 16cm) and I'm still very new to the bjd community so I was wondering, for the more experienced collectors, which tiny dolls do you like the most? Why? Please also post a picture if you can, and where you got the doll from :)
      Personally, I think realpuki soso is my favorite :D I love realpukis, but I'd like to know about other dolls similar to those, or bigger of course....
    2. I'm obsessed with mature minis lately like Feline by maskcat doll so I bought her. I'd like to get a doll that could be her little sister. But I'm having trouble finding a doll that has the right look. Most of the ones I like are taller than her! I love merry doll round pygmy line, but I'm not sure they really work for that character. I hope people will be receiving their Nanaimo dolls soon!! I can't wait to see owner pics of that doll. I like the more realistic features and the detailed sculpting of these dolls.
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    3. I'd never heard of those so I looked them up, they're a little big for me but they are very pretty. I was looking at Kaye Wiggs' dolls but I discovered those are considered off topic now :/ As far as a little sister for the maskcat doll, fairyland has some that look similar to me! I hope you can find a little sister for her :)
    4. Oh yes fairyland has some super cute dolls that are very tempting, but a little bit too little for that character. Of course one thought is to find maskcat doll 21cm doll in the secondhand market.

      Have you seen the dear mine bean line? They are similar to pipos Jr. Pi.
    5. I love DreamHighStudio's micro fairies! Like Fira or Chibi Feilene. But he hasn't made any of that type for a long time... he's been doing these "house elves" for a while (still tiny, but not micro) instead.
    6. I only have one tiny doll (a DC Ada), but I'm a huge sucker for Doll Chateau/Dollzone minis. I'm not sure if they're exactly under 16cm, but they feel tiny. Twiggy, delicate little fantasy creatures aren't everyone's niche, but they're definitely mine!
      Wendy was nearly my first doll way back when. :')
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    7. I love the Imda 1.7 dolls - a tad over 16cm, but I like the proportions (less bobble headed than most), and the body feels solid and is a nice size to dress. I have two Imda Timps on order (11cm), and am hoping I will like them as much as their big sister!
    8. Charles' Creatures Cabinet is the best in my opinion if you like fantasy tinies.
    9. @shadow_takatori I love the dear mine beans, I would like to have a Lupy!
      @Kittzel I checked out DreamHigh Studio and those are interesting sculpts, very cute. I love little elves.
      @fjm123 Those look so precious, please post a pic here when you get the dolls!
      @AnnaDolly I'll check them out...I do like fantasy dolls the most
    10. Fairyland, hands down. Especially the Pukipukis.
      I find that the other dolls with larger heads tend to be topheavy and tougher to pose. Realpukis are especially fiddly. If you want to play easily with them, make scenery with tin floors under scrapbook paper, so their feet can magnetically hold to it and they won't just fall over.

      Dolls made by CCC after a certain point are banned from Den of Angels. He did some very bad things, business wise, and has been banned from this forum.
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    11. Angel Region Genie Lilica is my very favorite tiny doll, but she's not made any more. Lilica was sculpted by Rainman, and has so much personality packed into such a tiny doll. AR is now part of Soom, and while they still have the Genie body, they discontinued the face sculpts that were in the Genie line. The body was then used for the Timp dolls, and now for the Imda Timps.
      Fee Grace Vegas
      by clochette62, on Flickr

      Of the currently available dolls in that range, my favorite would be Fairyland's PukiFee. They're a great size, and have wonderful posing.
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    12. my two favorite tinies are the 19cm Bluefairy pocketfairy on the sugar and/or pepper body and the 17cm Soom iMda 1.7's
      here is a pic of them together, Pocketfairy Yoko sugar (normal skin) on the left and iMda sleepy Anne (cream white skin) on the right:

      [​IMG]Yoko & Anne by Melissa, on Flickr
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    13. My favorite tiny this far has been Cocoriang Peppi. Cocoriang's classic line of animal dolls are cats and bunnies between 11cm and 13cm. They are such nice quality, good poseablility, lovely face-ups. Just a solid doll! I intend to get another Peppi in the future.

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    14. Woops, I missed that. Sorry. Thank you for reminder.
    15. #16 Leo Pheonix, May 29, 2018
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    16. So far that i have found, my pukifee nanuri, and saintbloom.
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    17. Thats why I like the tinies, I put my Amelia in an hard eye case and she comes with me safe and sound. She wneaks out for a bit of mischeif
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    18. @Susanri oh that's a great idea! I have so many glasses cases laying around
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    19. I carry my Puki around on trips in an old iPhone box (that I decoupaged so it doesn't look like a new phone to steal, and lined with soft fleece). Fairyland tinies are the best posers IMHO but a lot of other tinies are just as cute.
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