Tiny Doll Faceups

Jan 18, 2017

    1. Curious on whats everyones opinion tiny dolls with colorful faceups and tiny dolls with natural faceups. :) If you have a tiny with either can you post them below with what kind of sculpt they are :)! THANKS !
    2. I love detailed faceups on tiny dolls! I have a bardo research peme coming soon who I plan to attempt giving a hyper realistic face to when she arrives. I think she might be off topic though. Its definitely hard but it's doable from whay I've seen. :)
    3. I have a few tiny dolls and they all have natural face ups. But natural style is my personal preference and default for all of my dolls. I think it gets tricky with dolls that small - and I'm talking about dolls that would take a 3 or 4 size wig. I have several Bardo girls, a Rosen Garden Fleur (Hana) and a Lumedoll Koit Elf. All have faces about the size of a thumb and no bigger than a US quarter. :kitty1
    4. I prefer more natural make up. Because they often look so small and graceful.

      But I've also seen good colorful faceup. It really depends on the characters. And whether the artist can paint / draw so fine.

      Dollzone Iris / 9cm head / 3-4wig
      [​IMG]Bella new dress by Estella Dream

      Here is a picture of her from Raquel Clemente Flickr. She did her faceup.
      [​IMG]Finished faceup, wings and bodyblush by Raquel Clemente
    5. OH! I'd love to see that :) when you get the doll with a faceup (or even get the doll) can you post it here :)?
    6. Currently gettting my Merrydollround Mousse and being that her face is also the size of a quarter aswell :( , If possible can you post one of your dolls below :)? or link me your flickr <3 I'd love to see your dolls. :D

    7. Oh my gosh she's so beautiful <3 i love her eyes and her eyebrows <3 such an elegant babe <3
    8. Mousse is a cutie!!! My Flickr is linked in my signature but once I get to a computer later- I'll add a link in this post.

      The Muse: She's a Little Naughty Here's a link to one of my smallest. Her face is about the size of a thumbnail.
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    9. I dont know if I can post her here because of the painted eyes thing, but I'll definitely try to remember to prod you and send you a link to her face in pm or so. :)
    10. I know right :)! She is so sweet, and thanks so much I'd appreciate it

    11. Awesome :)! And I totally understand, I'd be so interested to see how it all comes out :) :D

    12. I think both natural and colorful work well! Here is my pukipuki dreaming lily who has a pink and purple eyeshadow:
      [​IMG]Cute little grump by Tineke, on Flickr
      This one is technically an msd, but since their heads are closer in proportion to reality, their heads are quite small. I'll just link this one since it isn't quite a tiny, but it is only a little larger that pukipuki. It's a Fairyland Chicline Nanuri 2013. His is natural and more realistic.
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    13. Love your beautiful face ups redmaiko!
    14. Thank you, Jonlyn!:blush
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