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Tiny Elfdoll Clothing question??? Please?

Feb 26, 2008

    1. I don't have my Adel yet (She is still on layaway), but I did buy some lovely dresses for her. They just arrived, and I'm shocked at how small they are. I'm wondering if I made a mistake?? They are 'Lil Bratz dresses and they are so tiny, my dawn doll couldn't dream of wearing them! Could they still fit Adel? Has anyone ever tried 'Lil Bratz clothing on their Tiny Elfdolls? Thanks for any info??!!!

    2. I think Lil' Bratz will probably be too small for her - my Lyn wears some Bratz Kidz things, though - it's the "size in the middle" of Bratz dolls. Unfortunately, it's also the size I think that's going to the "snap-on" clothing right now - boo!
    3. Oh shoot, these outfits are SO beautiful! It's too bad if they don't fit. Pardon me while I cry (Bwaaaahhhhh haaaa h haaah) Shoot, well I guess I'll hold on to them until I actually get my doll, just in case, but you know how it is, you WANT to know NOW, right? LOL

      Oh, yah, I looked at the measurements, it won't work :...(
      Thanks so much!
    4. The little Bratz clothing fits my bong sun hwa. Mentioning since she's an elfdoll
    5. Really? Lil bratz or baby bratz??? It would be so awesome if these clothes could fit, they're so beautiful!

      Thanks for the hope :D
    6. Lil Bratz not baby bratz
    7. OMG, that would be so awesome (and SO TINY!) Do you have stretchy clothing? The cute dance dresses are not stretchy :(

      Thank you for all the info!!
    8. Yup it was stretchy clothing.
    9. Well at least I have hope now, LOL. I still can't believe how tiny the clothes are! I'm going to be giddy when I finally see my Adel in person! I'm trying to pay her off quickly, LOL
    10. Definitely wait and see - you never know! :) Please post pictures when she arrives; I love my Elfdoll tiny!
    11. ah i did the exact same thing when i was waiting for my MinDelRe last year, i bought some lil bratz clothing that was so cute and when it came i was unsure if it would really fit.

      now it's like that that only one piece fits, a black long sleeved shirt. the pants and a skirt (not on picture) that i bought do not fit her.
      here is a picture of her with the black long sleeved shirt of lil bratz, it becomes a 3/4 sleeved shirt for her and is quite tight.


      as Adel has slightly bigger breasts i don't know if this particular shirt would fit her even. plus i can't say what set or doll of lil bratz it is from because i bought it second hand.
      the 3/4 pants she is wearing is bratz kidz and is also 3/4 on bratz kidz dolls, and the skirt is bratz kidz too.
      i think bratz kidz will mostly be a better fit for the elfdoll tinies (14cm).
      hope that helped :)
    12. Ah, thanks for clarification, even if it does kill my dream, LOL I'll have to find something else for her, or start sewing. It's starting to look like I'll have to sew, as I can't find anything I like, or want for Adel otherwise! I want her to be a fairy, and "Mod" clothes don't do it. These dresses were frilly in just the right way. Boo hoo, LOL

      Thanks again!
    13. is one of them maybe this dress?


      it was one of the lil bratz things i had intended for my Lin and was sad that it didn't fit, but it fit's petite blythe (on picture). (sorry i don't have any picture with Lin on next to petite blythe..)

      i have yet to kick my lazy butt to make something like it for my Lin, cause i would like her to have some cool frilly things too ;)
    14. Well, I'm kind of taken with those lil bratz, LOL and may pick one up out of curiosity. If I do, I'll post pictures of them next to eachother. But that may be many months from now as I'm paying off Adel still :(

      That's yet a different dress. The ones I got were the dancing or some such, dress in peach and a multi dusky blue both with a netting material. Very cute and well done for such a tiny thing!

      Would be great to see petite Blythe or Lil Bratz next to Elfdoll? I thought Elfdoll tinies fit Petitie Blythe? Looks like that doll is a bit smaller too, no? I guess I better wait untill I have the doll. I'm now shrinking patterns that "should" fit her, but boy howdy, they are small! The thought of sewing so small scares me, hee hee hee. Now I want a body suit, but I can't seem to find a pattern. ('course I'm looking for a free pattern, LOL, so that all I'm wasting is some material and my time when it doesn't work out :P)

    15. i agree with you it is not easy with all these different sizes of dolls to find clothing that fits :sweat

      yes petit blythes body is smaller than elfdoll tinies, but her head is bigger :lol:

      i'll take a picture of petite blythe and my Lin next to each other later today and will post it here for reference.
      i don't have a lil bratz, but i have been thinking to get one, their clothing is quite cute ;)

      good luck with the patterns, i'm sorry i don't have any to offer!
      will be back with a pic later :)
    16. i took two pics now, in the first one they are standing and in the second one lying down.

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      petite blythe is wearing the lil' bratz dress and you can see how it is quite much smaller and wouldn't fit Lin (i.e. elfdoll tinies) but as said the black top she is wearing is also lil' bratz and it fits, but it is quite tight. (maybe it is a lil'boyz top? i don't really know)
    17. Oh wow, she is MUCH smaller! Well, I'll have to get a lil bratz doll to wear these cute dresses, LOL. Yes, I'm trying to size some patterns for elfdoll tiny size, but boy howdy, LOL, it's going to be tough sewing these. I need to get a lot of stabilizer material. I've never sewn like that before, wonder how well it will work, LOL. I think I have something that might work, but might not... gotta see if I can find it in my sewing boxes... then I can try some sewing tonight :D

      BTW thank you so much for doing that for me, that was really nice of you!!
      Love Ingie
    18. ANNINA: Wow ... your MinDelRe stands so well. Mine only wants to do the sitting position. LOL!!

    19. She looks cute! There are a bunch of threads about Elfdoll clothing. Try searching Tiny Discusssion only, Titles Only, for Elfdoll* (use Advanced Search)

      If I remember correctly Bratz Kidz and Bratz Babyz fit Elfdoll 14cm's.