New Doll Tiny fairies by SisterFox

Apr 19, 2016

    1. Hello! I'm a doll maker from Russia and I'm glad to introduce you my tiny dolls.
      Now I have already five face molds (there will be not more than 20 dolls with each face) .
      Peony (elf ears)
      Rose (elf ears)
      Orchid (elf ears)

      Iris (human ears)

      Berry (human ears)

      My dolls are cast in Russian company News - Nothing Sapiens They are made of Smooth cast urethane.
      Height: 23,5 cm (9,5")
      Head circumference: 8,5 cm (3,5")
      Eye size: 6 mm
      Foot length: 3 cm
      Waist: 5,5 cm
      Breast: 9.5 cm
      Hips: 12 cm

      Dolls are availiable for order in my etsy shop Handmade balljointed dolls. by SisterFoxPrincesses
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    2. Does the doll come with the wig and clothing?
    3. This is from one of the Etsy listings:

      The item include:
      - nude doll assembled with elastic cord
      - additional high-heel feet (fit to shoes of some dolls)
      - 6 mm acrilic eyes (colour optional, please contact with me)
      - face-up (body blushing is optonal)
      - removable mohair wig (colour is optional)
      - shoes
      - certificate of authenticity
      - box

      I'll do my best to make the faceup and the wig you want.

      Additional wigs, shoes and clothes could be ordered for agreed price.​
    4. Preorder is suspended for a few days. I will add the listings for ordering the dolls in my etsy shop a little later.
      Preorder for 9 dolls of any mold in any skintone will last untill June.

      Doll with a wig, faceup, eyes, additional high-heel feet and random simple shoes will cost 300$ for normal and white skintone and 340$ for tan skintone (not including shipping). Probably it will be possible to order blank doll for lower price.
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    5. Will you make male and child dolls too? They are amazing.
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