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Tiny fairy xiao will discontinue

Aug 8, 2006

    1. the current Xiao is discontunied :o and apparently a differnet version of Xiao will be up soon.., the last orders of basic and special xiao will happen August 14th.

      Dear Bluefairy customers
      Tiny fairy first Xiao is going to discontinue and new type of xiao is waiting to be released. Renewal will be avaliable from November.

      we will post further information on image of new type Xiao and starting date of sales. And plus, Last order of first xiao(special and basic)will happen on 14th of Augest at 17:00. Korean time(GMT+9:00)
      Only a limited quantity will be released so anyone who wants to buy, please in a hurry to place an order.
      If you can not have any chances to purchase first Xiao please wait for renewal Xiao.
      Thankyou very much for your interest