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tiny Hujoo BJDs

Oct 31, 2008

    1. Someone was asking about babies the other day on here weren't they? They are mega cute :aheartbea
    2. arnt they just ...I loved Cujoo the old one ..but it wasnt jointed

      these 2 bodys are awesome and if they are anythinig like the other hujoo resin ,. they are a real pleasure to joints are beautiful , and so easy to pose

      Im thinking I am going to have to seLl my ABS Hujoo to fund one of these ..they are just so me

      I love the little pouty one sucking her thumb
      hell I love all 3
    3. ....Goodness me, they're certainly special. I can see them growing on me tho.
    4. Wow I don"t know why but I see them as Chibi version of Death Note characters... L, Light and Misa
    5. I wish they had out the price on the site ..or details there
      I want to know how much they are gonna sting me and how much I have to scrat up

      I have really overspent this month , Dandilion , and 2 Fee
      and I have just been offered a Chocolate Wanda the Wonder frog ...
      and a ton of Stock I have to buy ..and Christmas raceing up on me

      I said I wasnt going to get another doll this side of a Lati Tan LOL

      I know I shouldnt buy another doll
    6. I really like the odd-looking one that resembles the original Cujoo. Such cute, pecuilar little darlings.
    7. Oh they are just awesome:D I can't wait to see how much they'll be!
    8. oh i love the chunky body! I wish there was a face that suited me more. I like the apple cheeked one the best, but i don't like the smile. cheeks like that and a rosebud mouth and I'd be all over her.
    9. The one with the dark hair and black pointy-ear hat looks like a baby version of Soom's Gena. *L* So cute.
    10. Oh no....I want one of these little ones...too many dolls! >_<
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