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Tiny mold for a 12-year-old girl appearance?

Sep 18, 2009

    1. I want to get a tiny for this age of character and she needs to be at least 30 cm in height. Does anyone have any suggestions? I purchased Isabella but she might be too small.:sweat

      Minoru World's Leila jr. looks good though: http://www.minoruworld.net/eng/item.php?it_id=259

      What do you think? Any advice would be very much appreciated!!:aheartbea
    2. There's Narsha and Lati Green.
    3. Edit--never mind; I totally misunderstood what you were looking for! Sorry!
    4. XD

      It's fine.

      Ahhh I should have worded the topic differently....*goes to edit* lol
    5. Minoruworld Junior is pretty close to perfect, at 33cm or 13 inches she is exactly 1/4 the height of the average US 11 year old. I think, especially with the blossom body, she looks very much like a girl of 11-13. Any of the other Jr headmolds are also available for this body (in the no assembly version, so you have to arrange your own faceup), if you don't fancy Leila or Clare.
    6. Thanks, yes, I totally agree. X3 I've almost completely decided on Leila...she is absolutely:aheartbea!
    7. Actually she's not really a quarter of an 11 year old's height. I was about 58 inches at 11 (am 60 at 21) and was the third shortest girl in my class.

      I still blend in very easily with them...and am still one of the shortest :(

      She would look great next to an MSD that you're looking after to be an older teen or something...

      I do think Narsha would be better for this though. You can get her through Dollmore...I think she looks to be more of 11 whereas I see Leila as being 12-13
    8. Well the age I want IS 12-13. XD Narsha looks way too young...like....eight or something. I'm not that fond of her sculpt, to tell you the truth....^^;
    9. Have you looked at the Planetdoll minis? They're a more maturely proportioned (eg: not toddler) tiny sculpt, but they still look like children, not adults. You might want to sand the breast just a little bit, depending on how early you want your 12-year-old to be hitting puberty (or if you want them still pre-pubescent.
    10. I suppose it depends on whose statistics you're using and the look you're going for.:) There's lots of data available online if you're interested, just search "average heights for girls"
      I was thinking that as a 1/4 scale 12 year old, minoruworld junior is short, but close enough to an 11 year old's height to be a good choice. I think Narsha really looks like a 1/3 scale 5 year old, far too babyish for a tween, but that's just my opinion. On height alone, she could work for 1/4 scale, but I'd want to see comparison pics with slim minis before I really decided.
      I guess the relevant thing is, 12 years old in relation to what? Just by herself, I think minoruworld junior is perfect, or at 1/4 scale, technically on the short side but scales well with mature minis for about this age.
      If you want a tiny with a 12 year old look without regard for scale, secretdoll binu and planetdoll mini riz / rosanne / tara etc and the sleeping elf/ tinybear human mina or large mina could all pull off the tween look quite well.
    11. The scale is what's tricky...because if you'd go a bit shorter the Bobobie 27cms and PpoPpo work great (I have a PpoPpo who's 13)