Tiny Monsters!

Jun 27, 2017

    1. Hey all! I searched around but I couldn't find a thread devoted to tiny-sized monster sculpts specifically, and tiny/mini monster boys and girls are my absolute favorite types of BJDs! If you're a fan too, let's share them here! I'd also like to collect a linked list of on-topic sculpts like I've seen in some threads in this post for reference.

      I've just gotten into the hobby, so I don't have any dolls to show off yet, but I have to say I'm really excited for Nyxy's spider girl (I think her name will be Silk?) that's in progress, and one of my grail dolls is ApoDoll's adorable Hamanor! Not to mention DollZone's Dale and Wendy.

      Obviously I personally have a bias towards buglike and fairy sculpts, but I want demons, centaurs, anthros, and other cute weirdos in here too!
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    2. Here is one of my sweet Dollzone Scorpio Aggi. Managed to get her out into the flowers for a bit last month before the heat killed them all. :P
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    3. I love monster sculpts of all sizes, I just wish there was more of them honestly! Your Scorpio is very sweet too, I love her colouring, it makes her seem ethereal. The little flower on her head just takes it over the top too. :3nodding:
    4. Thanks! I loved the default Scorpio from promo shots, but as much as I love purple she just didn't seem like a purple girl to me so I ordered her blank and blushed her blue. The flower was my sister's idea and it looked great on her, too bad it couldn't look that way forever.
      I'm finding myself liking more and more unusual monster-like sculpts as time goes on, though unless I can get my hands on a DC Larry someday Aggi may be the only 'monster' type in my family. I love looking at other peoples but I just haven't found too many that screamed for me to bring them home.
    5. Considering the freedom you have in sculpting and creating any form, one wonders why there are not more monster or fantasy creatures. All sizes and shapes...animals and aliens!
    6. I was under the impression that most "monster" types of dolls are actually off-topic thus that's why there's no thread for them. I'm not 100% sure though ^^;
    7. They added a lot of animal/nonhuman dolls to the on topic list recently though! And then there are a good number of troll/oni dolls, 5stardoll has a mantis girl which I feel counts as a monster, Doll Chateau and to a lesser extent Dollzone have quite the menagerie of fantastical beasties, Aileendoll has cute cyclops dolls (as does another company that has slipped my mind, I've seen banner ads for it?) and also dragons, if you want to count that!

      As for myself I have a DC Xavieria chilling at Mint on Card (I'm trying to hold out for the fullset outfit to show up, but I might just ask them to send the doll without her clothes), and an Aileendolls Ashes. I also have a few far less monster-y anthro dolls... And I guess depending on your point of view animal people can count as monsters hahaha.
    8. A lot of monster dolls are totally on topic! I'd definitely count 5stardoll's Jadite (I think that's her name) as a monster girl, Doll Chateau has a lot of on-topic monsters (their Medusa, Xaviera... little demon children... heheh). Personally I'd include centaurs and anthros as "monsters" too, since they're not based on things that exist in nature, but I know my definition is unusually broad.

      @TwistedRiver She is SO cute! I've never seen this sculpt before, I love her. And the blue is perfect!

      @AutumnWyvern Ashes is absolutely adorable, I love his little half-closed eyes... he looks both sleepy and annoyed! Cyclops dolls are definitely on my list as counting as monsters, and I love seeing cyclops dolls dressed up in cute fashions too! The whole sweet lolita cyclops look... I'm here for it!
    9. Well, maybe there needs to be a distinction between "monster" or mythical creatures, and the "Monster High" dolls that are out there?
    10. Hmm, I'm not sure a distinction needs to be made in this thread. Monster High dolls are off-topic for the forum, and I'm okay with people posting both mythical creatures and humanoid monsters in this thread as long as they're tiny and on-topic!
    11. Ok well when I think of "tiny" and "monsters" my thought immediately go to TaffyDoll & BakuDoll (Baku - Dream Eater & Zombie Boy/Girl)
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