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Tiny problem / disease?

Feb 12, 2008

    1. Ok, so a few weeks ago, I put an Elfdoll Adel on layaway at DDE, and all was good. I was going to get my first resin doll, and my first Tiny and I was so happy. Adel, though very popular, and possibly even "trendy" still captured my rebellious heart. I don’t know, maybe I’m becoming too old and now long for beauty and grace above all else now :P

      But the moment I got her “pinned”, I started match making. I couldn’t help it. She can’t just live all alone! She must have a friend! And with that body, obviously, a boyfriend. So I started eyeing a Banji. But unfortunately, while pining for a Banji, I was on ebay and discovered so many lovely New elfdoll tinies available. Tinies with FACEPLATES!

      Now, understand, I am out of money here, and should NOT be spending at all…. But little Ryung was sooooooo pretty! I tossed and turned over many days as to whether or not to place a bid. Finally, responsibility and good sense was solidly kicked aside for I placed a bid at the last second, and I won her. Oh boy… I should be satisfied now. I have two beautiful dolls coming to me. One much sooner than I dreamed would come!

      But I haven’t even met Adel, yet somehow she is telling me I still better be getting a Banji for her. And Ryung no sooner was invited to my house, then I started feeling she wants a girlfriend to share secrets and pranks with! I know exactly who she is talking about, but I simply can’t oblige right now. I’m without any financial breathing room! She and Adel will simply have to make due amongst themselves until I’m financially able to afford to adopt two more!

      One last problem I have, though… Adel won’t be joining me for quite some time, but Ryung will possibly be here by the end of the week! So…. Which one is my first Resin?

      Grrrr LOL, Ingie
    2. Ingie, you are TOO funny!!! That is exactly how I got started with these resin cuties! I ordered ElfDoll DoDo and while waiting and waiting for her to arrive, I bid on a Pocket Fairy Yoko, and she came to live with me before DoDo did ... and now they both have lots of friends! :)

      If it's a disease, then you're in good company, since there are a lot of fabulous people just like us!!!

    3. Oh you do have it baaaaad! LOL! I've felt this way myself sometimes, and those are the times when I just have to stop looking at any doll website links, "evilbay", Yahoo Japan, the Marketplace section here...sigh...until my new dolls arrive and/or my piggybank has a chance to recover a little. Personally, I find this sort of doll fever really runs highest whenever I discover a new size, or type. My advice would be to wait until you have a chance to really play with your Ryung and Adel for a while and then figure out who you absolutely long for...a Banji boy, or someone else. Best of luck to you and congrats on your new incoming dolls! :)

      Best, Juli DC :)
    4. I was picking out my soon to arrive DZ Ani when I saw an AODand wanted her, instantly thinking up a story and a reason why I NEEDED her lol And there's a tiny on Ebay I've seen a few times, but don't know anything about the company so haven't bid. And I'm supposed to be saving up so I can start a layaway on a Floy >.>

      But then again, I really love ElfDoll's Yumi with her scowly face, so since she's LE, maybe I should try to hurry up and save for her >.>

      I don't think it's so much a tiny disease as a resin disease XD

      btw, and totally off topic, I'm relatively near you Sabrina, I'm in Santa Maria, and I'm going to be going to school in Santa Barbara in like a year or two
    5. Nope not a disease :) just an addiction..lol
      I would say the first doll you receive in hand would be the first Resin.
      Like all of use here we just can't help ourselves, the heart wants what the heart needs.
      kudo's on your collection to be!!
    6. Hee hee, thanks everyone :D Well, they say addictions are genetic, and don't we treat addictions like a desease? Therefore, maybe this is a genetic diseases? LOL

      It's ok, I don't want treatment :D It's part of who I am (dolls) since I can remember!

      Well, I guess Adel will be my first love, but Ryung will be my first resin :D You know I bid on a doll bed for the new tiny sized Ryung last night before I even bid on the doll itself? I guess I kinda knew I was going to do it, but something inside me was hoping I'd talk myself out of it. Of course, if I REALLY wanted to stop the maddness, I'd have talked to my husband... and you know that ain't gonna happen.

      I'm looking at clothing like mad now, which is stupid since I don't have the money!!! I just closed my ebay window, and will have to stay away for a while, like you said, julidc, I'm too wound up right now and don't want to regret buying so much stuff and getting deeper into that brown smelly and sticky stuff only to end up with clothes that don't even match her personality!

      Thanks for sharing in my ... er... um... malady (sounds pretty, don't it?) LOL
    7. Yup sorry ...there is no hope ...no hope at all
      just give up ...resistance is futile

      I had 4 large SD ..thought they were amazing blahblahblah

      then I saw a PocketFairy ...and back then they were almost impossible to get ...but I had to have her
      and Elf Doll released Sylph and Adel ...I sold my soul to tiny resin
      anad sold all of my large SD to fund my addiction

      there is no hope :)

      I wouldnt have it any other way
    8. I said I only wanted one.......I now have 6 and a half here and one waiting for, all tinies so far but I have my eye on more than a few minis *_*

      I did much the same as you, I put my first one on layaway (Ismenia my Happydoll Daisy) then found out I had a lot more money than I thought and snapped up my Leeke Sweet/Bambicrony hybrid girl Ophelia when Carrie sold some of her collection.
      Although I received Ophelia first, I still class Ismenia as my first BJD as she started it all off. The funny thing is that I found her the hardest one to bond with, I even tried to sell her at one stage but once I stopped trying to make her into something that wasn't her personality (girly and sweet) and gave her her 4th face up which is darker and moodier everything settled down.
    9. Tinies are like chips when you start you can't stop at one.
    10. I have all sizes. It's the sculpt that attracts me to a doll, not the size.

      I especially love my tinies because I have always liked miniatures. I want to make them a little house now. I have a Pukisha ordered and I am chewing the chair legs, wanting kitty to arrive NOW! I haven't been like this for my other guys.

      Tinies are easy to carry to meetups. My big guys get really heavy. I love the big guys but I have to watch it with my arthritis issues. Tinies don't mess with my body.
    11. So, y'all can just picture me laughing my hiney off here, can't you?

      All it takes is that one, special tiny to steal your heart. Then you're sunk. Tinys are like the Borg. Resistance is futile.
    12. I know exactly what you mean! For example, I'm big on having my dolls pair up. But when I bought my tiny pink Bobobie girl, I thought, awww, she's just a baby! She doesn't need a significant other! Besides, I only wanted one.

      Well, then, Emory posted pics of the new Bobobie colors for their tinies and I start thinking that the little green guy would be the perfect match for my wee one. So, yeah, the matchmaking continues.
    13. I also got the tiny bite!
      But now i don't know what to do! I have a msd that i almost don't play with, she just sits there beeing preaty. But then i got my tiny puki suger i carry here around the house, she goes in my pocket, i love looking up dresses for here....

      Now i'm not sure what to do! That msd was my first doll but i don't play with here but at the same time i love here! Sometimes i just feel she would be better of some place ells you know.

      The tiny bug got me! I want 2 more puki's, late white, yellow and i want want a dollzone bb because i love all the yo-sd clothing so much! *sobs* what to do what to do :(
    14. I have the disease too!! My first bjd was CH ShuShu but I just couldn't bond with her, so I've swapped her to someone who loves her. I also have Bobobie tiny, Bonbon and now Moona and I know for certain I want more, however, I'm limited by money as I don't work to due having fibromyalgia so I often sell to buy another, but I don't want to sell any of my bjd's lol!! I think my CH was too big if that's possible at only 8" but I love the tinies and want a Puki, Pocketfairy, Lati White etc etc etc :)

      I also have my eye on MNF Shushu and Narae and SD Dollmore Chami but I suspect she would be too big for me irl...
    15. Oh dear another perfectly normal sane person...bites the dust. I started the same way, I wasn't interested in bjds, I didn't even like them, but I'd just order a So Ji to see what all the fuss was about. Oh whilst I'm waiting I see and fall hook line and sinker for Narsha. Surely two wouldn't hurt? Of course then I had to have an MSD friend for Narsha to look up to, who then needed a friend or two her own age..some secrets just can't be shared with your little sister. Oh my, Narsha doesn't want to be the youngest anymore, needs a new little sister/brother, who in turn need friends....oh my goodness before I know it I have 13 and two more on their way.
      Addicted? Nah, not me!!!!!
    16. Hi I'm Jenny, and I have an addiction to tinies. I just wanted one special tiny to love and play with. ONE. Then I thought, oh, she must be lonely......so then two.

      That is when I started hearing the voices--tiny voices, telling me "we" needed another little one. Or two. Or three. I didn't even WANT a Puki, and now I have two and another one the way. I don't know how that happened. I do know they found my debit card, and they KNOW how to use the computer. I found my card on the floor one morning, and a month later another tiny showed up--funny, I don't remember buying her--gosh she is cute tho, isn't she? What should I name her??

      I don't need therapy or treatment--really----just give me my tiny dolly fix and I will ok. For a while............

      And that, my friend, is why my Little picture over there on the left says HELD HOSTAGE BY TINIES.

    17. You folks are too funny , hilarious even :lol: - but then on a serious note, so very true. I'm new to the board and I must agree, it only takes one. I currently have one and am trying to convince myself I only need Miep, but looking at all your photos is telling me otherwise. I was leaning towards a Lati Yellow, but now Naripons are on my mind. Help... anyone?
    18. -stands up- Hi, I'm Alli...and I have a tiny problem. You see, it all started when I found a yoSD on ebay for a great price. And I thought, "well, one can't hurt right? I have an overwhelming fondness for the big kids, so one tiny can't possibly hurt". I knew all the facts, the tinies are made of the same stuff as pringles, and once you pop you just can't stop. But I thought it couldn't possibly happen to me. So my little Chinatsu got here..and even before she did, I heard this little voice telling me that she needed friends. As many as she could get. At least 2. So while I'm still trying to get my original planned characters out of the way..I find myself going to the tiny things more often. So now I have a tiny, and she has more clothing than my SD girl, she even has shoes! And I already know her next 2 friends, picked out names, personalities, toys, clothing, etc. And I figured one or two extra yoSDs won't hurt..and maybe a puki...or 4...and let's not forget the bambicronys and gee, those leekes are kind of cute too. Thankfully no one has been crazy enough to put a credit card in my hand. Because there would be more tinies on the way now. But that little voice is getting demanding. And now she has me cleaning out a large portion of my room and building/furnishing/decorating an entire room for her and her friends that will be coming. There. I admit it. I have a problem. But this is just the cutest problem I've ever suffered from. I love spoiling the midgit. So don't cure me, just satisfy the tiny craving I have for tinies and tiny things..and we'll be good. -hangs head in shame- Let this be a warning kids, never say it won't happen to me..because it inevitably will.
    19. Oh gosh, you're all so funny! And it's frightening because we're all the same!! I'm even fix'n to put up some of my beloved other dollies on ebay to help pay for more! Er... and to make room...er... for more tinys, LOL

      Yah TB, and now you're makin 'em, LOL! And all 4 of yours are on my short list. I wonder how long it's gonna take me to get them??? You did say you don't plan on limiting the editions, right? I hope I have time, to recover financially!

      Hee hee hee
    20. Haha tiny bugs do bite hard!
      I started with a tiny for my first, and thought that she was to be my only.
      With only one set of clothes. Yes, a doll has only one body, so there was no need for a whole wardrobe.

      ...I was so wrong.
      I found myself at a Volks shop a week after her arrival and bought her another set of outfit - without realising that I'd just spent my train money to get home!!!

      In less than a year's time I now live with 5 dolls, 4 of which are tinies :)
      I got my first 12cm tiny just last week (all other three are Yo size) - can't wait to get my hands on a 15-18cm one...*glowing eyes*