Tiny Size Chart (in post #1) - What dolls are missing?

Feb 9, 2007

    1. Here my old Tiny BJD Sizes chart:

      Here is the more current list being kept by apple-pai (she started with the contents of my list)

      --- old text but still relevant (apple-pai has now been updated the chart)

      I have been working on this chart of Tiny BJD Sizes. I have 102 tiny types entered so far. I know I still have some to add, and a lot to fill in (some companies list few measurements for some of their dolls).

      You can help me by replying to this thread with info for tiny dolls I am missing, and any measurements that are missing or wrong. The info I need for new entries is:

      Company (who makes the dolls)
      Main English Sales Site (or the word resales if discontinued)
      Doll Model (group name, like Petite AI)
      Genders (list one of: M,F,MF,U) U=unisex, add a question mark if unclear
      Height (cm)
      Head size (circumference in inches)
      Eye size (mm - the Manufacturer recommeded/shipped size)
      Foot length (cm)
      Chest (cm)
      Waist (cm)
      Hips (cm)

      I also have added a column "DoA off-t" that I can X if a doll is decided to be off-topic on DoA. A few are X'd.

      If you don't know how to convert a measurement properly to what I need (all in cm except eyes in mm, and head size in inches), then just post what you find. Wherever possible I have used the measurements from the manufacturer or sales site. If the male and female dolls have different measurements, then please give me both and I will make two entries.

      If a tiny you know of is not listed, and you don't know where to find info about it, just post the model name and company if you know it, and I will try to find it.

      I hope this chart will be helpful for people who are searching for a particular size of doll, or trying to find a doll to share clothes with.

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    2. I don't have a fabric tape measure, so you probably should double-check these figures, as I was using a paper measure.
      Roxy Yam
      Foot: 1 1/2 cm
      Chest: 8 1/2 cm
      Waist: 8 cm
      Hips: 8 cm
      Roxy Lucy
      Foot: 2.1 cm
      Chest: 7.9 cm
      Waist:7.8 cm
      Hips: 9.2 cm
    3. EDIT: The chart linked by Carolyn in the first post of this thread is no longer kept up or modified. The new link is: Tinies Size Database

      A lengthier list courtesy of meanae posted on page 17: Tiny Measurement List [ver. 16.4.18]


      Domadolls have both boys and girls.

      Lillica's foot is 1.8cm, I'll try to get the rest of the measurements, have to find my tape measure. Ru/Moon is missing, I'll get measurements of her too...I got mine direct from Tensiya, but I think you can get them on Luts?

      Little Fairy Cumi is female. Also in that line are the AGA fairys, Candy and Milk (girls) and Cookie (boy). All are resale only now.
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    4. Thanks - I added those! I got just a few measurements for Ru and Moon. Moon's head size looks different, and her eye size is. And I found AGA measurements.

      BTW - re tape measures - I got tired of dealing with and worrying about the little hard piece at the end of many measuring tapes. I worried it would scratch my doll and it made it harder to measure tiny things. And I like the slim tapes for measuring tinies. So I found one of those little retractable plastic tapes that did not start 0cm/0inch right at the end. I pulled it out of its little round retractor case, cut it loose, and also cut off the hard thing so the tape started right to 0cm/0inch. It's a pain to roll it up by hand, but it works great for measuring.

    5. kondoll.com has angel fantasy ari and faro measurements
    6. I had Angel Fantasy but listed under Laidoll. I changed it to Angel Fantasy as the company. I already had the measurements from Laidoll except for the eye size - where exactly are the measurements on the Kondoll site?

    7. Ru and Moon are identicle :)
      Ssin is almost identicle to Lillica
      only takes 6mm eyes , LILLICA 8

      I noticed one missing last night before I went to bed ...now I have forgotten which one it is LOL ....AGE
    8. foot of PF is 1,8 cm*1 cm

      edit: what is "MF?" bluefairy makes both female and male dolls if this can be useful ^_^

      latidoll white has male, female and neutral if I'm not wrong.
    9. MF means the doll is available in male and female (with visible body gender differences).

      I am just having tea - I'll incorporate the comments.

      I already list DIM Honey which is the doll group that DIM puts Vanilla in, but since Vanilla is the only doll currently in the group maybe I'll call the group Vanilla. However - DIM only gave the eye size for that doll!!! Not even the height!

      Re Ru and Moon - on the Eluts site Ru and Moon definitely seem to to have different size head and eyes. That is why I listed them separately. Are the bodies identical?

      And everyone - please check back if you suggested something for the list - I sometimes have questions for you.

    10. Youre missing gomi jr and dollshe mai.
      Custom house petite are U. Little Jr are MF, yosd are MF, tenshi are U, wishel are MF or U (they have all three), bambi crony are U. all I can think of right now...

      forgot, cutie delf are U too...
    11. AGA fairies are boy and girls: Cookie and possibly another is a boy, Candy, Milk and Cherry are girls (Cherry is a sleeping one, Milk partially closed). I'll need to check but I'm pretty sure - I feel there was another boy.
    12. I could use a real head measurement for Dollshe Ru and Moon (I put the about 6 in for now but may be near 6.5). And I need a foot length.

    13. Ru: around the seam of the headcap is 6.25". Foot length 39mm

      Lilica: correction on foot, it's closer to 16mm. Chest, under armpit is 6cm, waist the same. Hips 6.9cm. Lilicas are ungendered.

      Lati White have all three sexes...m, f, angel. From what I've seen, Yellows only have angel bodies. Roxydoll Yam is also angel body.

      YoSD have boy and girl genders. YoTenshi are sexless. Measurement around the seam of the headcap is a smidge under 7".
    14. The Dollzone BB dolls have two different hip sizes: 14.5 is female, 15 is male. Kinda cute that the males have the bigger butts.
    15. I think you are missing Hypermaniac's tiny doll? Som-So? So-Som? Something like that.
    16. This is great, Carolyn! Really helpful!!

      I'll try and get those measurements of Dollndoll Romi (and Rumi, I'm assuming they're exactly the same) tonight!
    17. WOW! thanks so much for all the work you have put in so far. It is such a helpful thing. Will try to measure my Leeke (though I don't know what version she is) and give you the measurements tomorrow.
    18. Ladyfeather - I split DZ BBdolls into two lines (M and F).

      crimson_moon (or anyone) - If you know of measurements for Hypermaniac So-Som please let me know. If I can find any measurements at all, I will add her even if she is no longer available.

      I also added the Unidoll tinies.

    19. Here are the measurements I got from my Leeke Sweet girl (version 1 body)

      Height (25cm)
      Head size (6.75inch)
      Eye size (14mm - they use 16mm for Sweet & Honey)
      Foot length (4cm)
      Chest (12.8cm)
      Waist (12cm)
      Hips (15.8cm

      Foot is 1.7cm at its widest point if anybody wants to try shoes from other places/dolls.
    20. Thanks! I added that, and also the eye size for the new Dollzone BBdolls.

      Leekeworld likes 14cm for Sweet and Honey (could be wrong but that's what they list).