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Tiny Ssin-my views...teeny weeny nakie body shots

May 21, 2007

    1. Some years back , I bought a Ssin
      and sold her to get a Lillica
      ...I kicked myself forever and a day ...and vowed to get another ....
      last week I did
      when I had my last Ssin the face-up was not good at all :o
      untill I redid her


      Im not happy with the wig ...Im still working on him ...but a tiny body shot for you as promised ...with Magrat the Pon ...and Izzy my Mr Hamster Lillica

      this is the boy he arrived today
      more here

      I honestly have to say its one of the most perfect tiny bodys I have seen sculpted
      its beautiful ..he is tiny ...one of the smallest tinys ...a tiny bit smaller than the Lillica

      Im still not keen on his face-up ...although its much nicer in person than the Ssin pictures
      he came with that outfit
      the wig was terrible ...its a strip of hair glued to the hat ...not good
      but it will do untill I can make him his tinybear wig

      they need to get better pictures as this little boy as he is beautiful
      nowere on the site dose it say he is anatomically correct
      but Im thrilled to bits ...he is a proper little boy

      so for all of those who , like myself are on the quest for beautiful tiny boys
      Ssin comes close
      he can wear Tommy clothes ...I think the outfit he wears is Tommy
      but he is lovely ...:aheartbea

      he was $228.87 ... that was with shipping
      absolutly belting little tiny !!
    2. He's a cutie. I look forward to seeing him after you've worked your magic on him. :) Congrats on your new little guy.
    3. Congrats on your new guy. Aw, he has a beautiful face. I used to do my own eye makeup like his. lol
    4. Yay! I adore Ssin Umgi!
      I hope you'll post pics of him nakies... I think he's also one of the few tinies with a JOINTED WAIST (if I remember rightly from your ancient pics)!


      and all I have to say to YOU is: meccaleccahi meccaCHANNI ho!

      (loves PeeWee too)
    5. Is that how it really goes? I tried to track it down but couldn't find anything on it so I guessed. heehee Yeah, PeeWee- adult who plays with toys too.:apirate:

    6. as soon as I get him a wig on ..I will let him take his clothes off
      ....he is also one of the most realistic boy sculpts too ....its so bloody cute :aheartbea
    7. Oooh he has a jointed waist! These naked pictures are starting to sound quite interesting.
      Off-topic completely, I worked on the original Pee-Wee's playhouse. It was really fun.
    8. :)
      and another Pee-wee fan in the UK
      ....loved him in the MysteryMen

      Photos soon:aheartbea
    9. Hes so cute, cant wait to see the body pics, I've been curious about the Ssin quality, and sculpts, the site pictures are don't do the tinies justice.
    10. So cute, such an awesome tiny! and *gasp* omg, he has a torso joint? A torso joint?!!


      That is probably the most amazing doll news in quite a while! I've been looking for a tiny about his size, yet none of them had torso joints... I was planning on getting Lilica, but the torso joint definitely puts Umgi girl on my list! The girl has a torso joint, too?

      Psst... could you possibly take some body pics? :-D
    11. wow, so cute and so tiny. where can I find him to order? I mean, no, I dont need one, i mean,um, heck I dont know. Please enable me. Sigh.
    12. [​IMG]

      and this is the girl ...although I dont have her now ...kick me ..I know
      I sold her to get the Lillica ...and didnt like the lillica when I got her
      ...well at least the lillica grew on me LOL

      when I bought the girl VisaVis had to get her for me as they didnt take PayPal or have an English site ...WOW ...
      that was a few years back
      ......3 or 4 ...cant remember ...they have been around some time ...but so underated

      I orderd him on the Wednesday ...he was shipped on the Thursday ...I was well impressed


      he is gorgeous
    13. Tinybear, thank you, thank you for the body pics! :D

      I'm so in love with the Ssin tinies. They are so adorable and have the perfect body sculpt (and torso joint too!) There haven't been many dolls like them that I add to my must have list!
    14. Oh, now you've gone and done it! I really like him. Bother. I want a winged So Ye... decisions, decisions....... He's wonderfully cute! Love your wig on him, better than the original, ugh!
    15. Wow, your pictures do him sooooooo much more justice than the site does.
      I am having a very hard time resisting. I have to keep going back to see what I've got on order already and am waiting for. But its getting harder to resist.
    16. I'd love to see pictures of your boy, but it says they are moved or deleted :( I love the look of your girl in the comparison photos thread, she's just darling! I have been trying very hard to track down the Ssin doll website in english and I'm coming up empty. I found the korean site just fine but sadly there are only small bits of enlgish here and there. Does anyone know if there is a way to access the site in english? I tried clicking the word english in the top right corner but it just tells me it can't connect to the site. O.o