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Tiny Tiny Dollies?

Feb 16, 2008

    1. Hi everyone! it's that time of year again.. Almost my birthday. so i want to treat myself again.. for the last time.. i want a Tiny dollfie.. XD

      I want a doll of baby dollfie size.. like Wishels.. But unfortunately.. they went out of bussiness..

      So is there any other company with super adorable little ones? At the same time remains under $180.. or less? :)

      Please post if you know.. that will be VERY HELPFUL! :D

    2. Pukis have taken the Dollfie world by storm, and are adorably tiny. BIG thread here with lots of pics.

      DD-Annes dolls are 10cm and incredible--thread here about them too--

      Good luck, and have fun--
    3. yeah.. I've been looking around.. They're ADORABLE!!! I want variety to choose from too. I'm new to the Tiny world.. so i have no clue what is what.. ^_^;
    4. there aint much in that size ranger, but dollfactory have 3 11cm ones, and theres felix doll momo ^^ btw they are 'baby' size to an MSD doll, puki puki dont really look like babys to an SD size doll, too small
    5. heheh.. yeah.. Compare to SD size.. they're pretty "tiny"

      so far i got Puki Piki in mind..

      adding: Latidoll White.. pffthahah.. Laches is AdORABLE!
      Oo.. doll factory Jinee is cute too!
    6. If you do want that size ...my favorite
      Orientdoll ..they are a simialar Size

      Dollinian ..- very basic ..but not bad quality ..and only around $60.00

      DD-Anne ...fantastic

      the new Supia doll ...but more expensive but lovely

      similar price ..and a little larger Pocket Fairy
    7. tinybear Oooooooo... Do you have links to them?
    8. The Bobobie tinies are 15cm, reasonably priced, adorable, and they come in a bunch of different skin tones! Hope that helps. :)
    9. Thanks Tinybear. Yeah.. Dollinian doens't exist.. TT_TT orientdoll i like.. hahaha.. I love SUN.. do they have boy version?/
    10. What's the link to the site.. I click on one of the available link there, and it took me to a blog site.. is that it?
    11. thats it
      you can always Pm her too ..she is such a sweetie:whitetruffle:chocoberry
    12. hahha.. maybe not.. the site's quite confusing..

      i have a question though..
      for Orient doll.

      How well can those So pose?
    13. The So need a teeny bit of help to pose but not much. I took a little bit of pipe cleaner and "wired" my Ping's legs with it. She's awesome. And a real love.

      And seriously, all the others Tinybear mentioned are great. I'm utterly bowled over and in love with the Sunny and Moony from Bobobie, and my girls each have a DD-Anne Tiny Mero ... trust me it's well worth your time to figure out her site. She makes adorable kiddos.
    14. Ok ..no worse than others that size :)
      they stand well , sit Ok ...I prefer a jointed torso though ..but
      they are nice dolls and well made

      after owning a Puki and Momo though ...those spoil you

    15. I agree ...I do have trouble with DD-Annes site ...I can never get it to load right , I just Pm her LOL

      I love her tinys ..they are like :chocoberry:chocoheart:truffle:whitetruffle

      I have 5 ? I think Im up to ..and I want a sleeping Hexad in tan next :chocoberry
      Bobobie I think are just great dolls fantastic value for money

      I do have a Dollinian and Im selling her too
      she is Ok ...but I just perfere my Puki and Lati
      she just isnt the same as Bobobie or my other tinys ...I find her very ..dunno ...I just dont like the mould
    16. HAhhaha.. i'm seriously consider buying a Puki for the sake of posing.. but i LOVEE So-Sun's face.. argh.. which to get..
    17. Really?? How much is it? and is there a link to their pictures?
    18. I havent posted pictures yet ..Im still editing them ..but I want $60 .
      Im putting them on my web site later