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Tiny with the best flexibility?

May 17, 2011

    1. Sorry, when I tried searching for it nothing came up. So hopefully this is in the right spot, but I'm curious what your opinion is on which tiny has the best flexibility. Perhaps some with triple torso joints (Chest, stomach, pelvis joints) or something?

      Would love to hear everybody's opinion :D
      Note: 1/6 dolls can count too, such as unoa, toyou, etc.
    2. It depends which size tiny you're looking for. But I'd say that in my limited experience, Fairyland has the most flexibility in all sizes of it's tinies, with the possible exception of their PukiPuki (11cm) line. Their Littlefee's (26 cm), Pukifees (16 cm) and Real Puki's (8cm?) all have triple torso joints and I believe all of them are double jointed.
      Their PukiPuki's are, however, single jointed, but still fairly good at posing. There are Brownies, a 11 cm doll by another company, that are double jointed and have more flexibility than Fairyland PukiPuki's
    3. Being testing many sorts of dolls, I´d go for Fairyland dolls. My ultimate favourite is Fairyland Littlefee, they bend in all kind of ways. Lots of different dolls pose well, but I think Littlefee is the one that poses easily without much effort.

      I´ve taken some posing pics and I´m sure there´s so much more these dolls can do with some time and patient. (Nudity warning in the link!)
    4. You will hear a lot of praise for the Fairyland tinies. I have owned all but a Littlefee at some point in time, and they are all very good posers.
    5. I'm so glad you started this thread. I've been buying tiny dolls by how much I love their faces. I have 2 NotDollLab Nari-pons, 2 Fairyland Pukipukis and 1 RealPuki home now with another RealPuki ordered. The Nari-pons are limited. The Fairyland dolls are very easy to pose and stand on their own. Their hands and feet are magnetic and come off and so easy to dress because of that. Anyway, I am looking to get another brand of doll and I hope to hear more about other dolls here.

      Thanks again!
    6. Yeah, by far the Littlefees are the best for posing.

      But I'm also happy with my Oceanmoon tiny. She has a rotating thigh joint, good extra stoppers at several joints, and although her arms aren't double-jointed, the elbows have a wider-than-usual range of motion. She has a torso joint too.
    7. Felix Brownies are also pretty darn poseable, if you're looking in the Puki-sized range.
    8. On the larger end of the tiny spectrum, Shinydolls have some pretty amazing posing abilities.
    9. I suppose DollLeaves 20 cm are not bad at all in posing and moving
    10. I have a DollLove 26cm Girl and she is a great poser and so are the tinies from DBDoll. i haven't a Fairyland Doll but i think they can't do it better.
    11. Yep, must say Fairyland does rule! I would say Puki's and Brownies are neck to neck for the most part.

      Fairyland rules in my doll kingdom!