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Tinybear (MerMina, Moona, Bracken, etc!!) Discussion Part 3

Nov 5, 2010

    1. http://www.denofangels.com/forums/sh...d.php?t=156777
      See thread 1 for some good info..... but it was just getting too big. Post 1 in particular has some measurement pics that people may find helpful.

      PLEASE NOTE there is a STICKY for info on shoes, eyes, wigs, etc for Carrie's creations. See the STICKY please before posting! Lots of good info there! Thanks!

      Check out Carrie's links here:
      Mer-Mina http://www.denofangels.com/forums/sh...56777&page=126

      blogspot for updates, wigs and dolls




      BONBON's first pictures

      and Flikr group

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      Tinybear (MerMina, Moona, Bracken, etc!!) Discussion Part 2:

      Tinybear (MerMina, Moona, Bracken, etc!!) Discussion Part 3:
    2. Had a great dolly day today. ^_^ I worked on both of my Sleeping Elf girls--named both, and settled on a permanent look for my Mina!

      Please welcome Dru (Drucilla)! More pics here!

      My Coco/Fallow (seen a few posts up in the yellow robe) also got a name finally--and with it, a change of eyes. I was digging the gold, but when she settled on the name Lazuli, she demanded blue eyes to match! Pics to come later.
    3. Here's a little Bracken spam filled with Holiday cheer!


    4. Just popping in to spam the thread with a not-so-great piccie of my latest - Artemisia: [​IMG]
    5. Thinking of you, Tinybear, and Pete and sending you much love and gentle hugs.

      I have a question about Large Moona, not the Tiny version. I am having her restrung and painted, and am wondering what size elastic works best for her. Last time I restrung her, the elastic was far too small to give her enough strength to stand. Suggestions?

      For Ayas: Bracken in blue skin
      with dark tan Moona
    6. Ember received her new dress for the holidays and wanted to show it off.
      She loves playing in the tree.
      When I made her climb down she decided to hand out with 2 of her friends and their pet.
    7. TY, I made those earlier this week for Ember and Shadow, Sebastian has a kelly pajama set on.
      so they get in the holiday mood. i sprained my foot a week ago but keep walking on it as i have christmas shopping to do lil i will let it rest next week lol.
    8. I just wanted to say I'm expecting a tiny Mina.
      I also wanted to bump this up from page 2 so I could find it again....lol
      Is there a sticky for clothes and shoes?
    9. I still need to get my tiny moona some shoes poor girl, if she was not a fire elf i would think her feet would be cold.
      my shoes for my bobobie tiny are too big and the kelly shoes are too small.

      i would love to snag a dark tan coco this year.
      we will see how money goes she is more $$ then alot of the other dolls i want.
      with 4 kids i try to stay around $100-$140 or less just to not feel guilty when i get a new doll.
      but she is really cute and would make a great lil friend for my tiny red moona. currently i need to order a body for my large moona head i think she has dibs since she is already here ;) i plan to get her a resinsoul bei body. tried her on a march body it was a lil thicker then i would like so i decided to go with bei, it will be a couple months gotta recover from christmas shopping for the kids. ;)

      congrats on your incoming mermaid if i was not broke currently i would have snagged one of her instock ones that are for sale.
    10. Disir2K Thank you for the warm wishes! Although I am getting a human Mina...lol
      What clothes do they fit in?
    11. my little pony girl clothes (on ebay dolls from the 80's), and bratz kidz, are what i have tried on my tiny moona so far.

      apparently banji and elf doll fit too and puki dresses as tops but i have not tried those myself.
    12. Tiny Moona's can wear Bratz Kidz clothes, & Dawn vintage, for sure. The new Moxie kids will probably fit, as they are basically the same as Bratz.
      i have a question, does anyone have a Catsy and Moona or Bracken? I'm thinking of ordering a new Catsy and wondered how he would look with my crew of elves?
    13. Just wanted to share a piccie I took today of my Tinybear moona called Primrose.
    14. Finally got my large Mina's new body in! This is a ResinSoul Bao body. :3

    15. Here is my Fallow, Lazuli.

    16. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.

      I wanted to thank you for my beautiful Fallow. Pictures don't do her justice - she is a joy.

    17. Just popping in with a photo of my tiny Cosme McMoon and wondering if anyone has had any news of Carrie? I have been concerned about her and her family.

    18. My Moona, now that she has a face I like. She still hasn't decided on a name, but I'm sure she and I will agree on one soon.