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Tis the season..Buying more than what you planned

Nov 30, 2017

    1. (If this kind of thread has already been written of, please feel free to move it ^^)

      :hollyberryHello to all the wonderful people of DoA :)
      I have a story to share and I would love to hear others that might have gone through same or similar
      situation as I have.

      In this time of year when its getting close to Christmas/Holiday season:apresent:, you all know that many doll companies do % sales or release a new season limited dolls around this time. I for one have been waiting for a limited doll release from Lina chouchou for quite some time (I'm a limited doll seeker to be more exact XD). I was actually waiting for a specific sculpt to be released and they were Miu & Cream. I missed out when they released Cream so I was really bummed to find out about that. I was expecting around this time of the month they would release a new doll (though I did not know which sculpt they would be releasing it in). I was surfing the internet stalking on some of my favorite doll sites and saw some of the companies started to have the sales going on and releasing new dolls too. I planned to save money until Lina chouchou released a new doll.. but about a week ago, I just fell COMPLETELY in love of with the new limited doll that came out from Miyadoll (Happyholiday Suki is the sculpt name). Of course, I was in thoughts between buying this girl or saving up more to buy from Lina chouchou but when I came to my sense, I have already clicked purchase :D

      I know sometimes an impulse purchase would lead to regrets, but I am 200% sure that I would regret it more if I did not order Suki.. I just had to have her in my doll collection (She is just too adorable, and I just could not resist her!). So I ended up buying some outfit set from Nine9style and the waiting game just began.

      Now.. that was exactly a week ago. Today I again went in to surfing my favorite doll companies site and guess what? I saw that Lina chouchou was releasing a Limited Cream today. Rewind back to the statement that I have said that I was waiting for Miu or Cream sculpt. Well, it happened and happened when I purchased a unplanned doll just a week ago. No second thoughts were needed in ordering Cream though, because she was in my wish list. I'm really happy that I got to order such beautiful dolls but my wallet is crying due to purchasing an unplanned doll at the same time.
      (My feelings that I can explain visually : :XD::sweat:...(:dance)
      At least Cream comes in fullset so I don't have to spend more money on outfits:whee:

      :daisyThank you for your time to read my story:daisy
      So do have any of you experienced same or similar situation? If you have, I would love to hear the story!

      P.S I found out that Nine9style was also launching some new (YoSD)outfits for winter season..(Totally the style that I like..!) Here we go again with the unplanned purchasing! XD​
    2. It happened to me on my earlier days of collecting dolls but now I have better self control. I make a list of the dolls I want and do pros/cons and elimate the dolls I have forgotten about or have way too many cons.
    3. Having just received Eternity (My dark blue cosmic Darkhorn, named after this guy-) and with a new Volks sculpt coming up that I'm interested in, I wasn't actually planning on buying Infinity (Yeah. Named after this Infinity-) until some time next year... But then Cuarto posted a few "ready made" dragons on the site. One of which is a gorgeous chameleon dark gold that, with some black blushing, would be pretty much perfect for her.

      So, I... uhm... Yeah.

      I bought Infinity. :lol:
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    4. Since I'm a little new to the hobby and when I first discovered it awhile back I couldn't buy anything online. It's hard now, as an adult with a job to stop and limit myself when looking at things. I just kinda get this "omg, I have a job, I can buy these things now! :D" feeling and have to refrain from anything I have enough for at the time. xD I foolishly did just that though. When I first learned of Resinsoul's site and browsed it, I happily came across Yi and Su. I told myself I was going to save for and get him first thing then get her after when I had enough. ....Then I found the guy usually in my icon, a Dollmore Nayuta second hand and happily impulse bought him. When he came I was really happy and loved him to bits, just a little sad because that originally was supposed to be saved to get Yi, but I figured it was alright, I'll just start saving again. Then I discover Resinsoul released a doll called Yang, and I fell in love. I didn't know what to do! Who to get first etc. so I planned to save to buy Yi, then Yang, then Su. However again I found a really lovely second hand head, a Angel street Zazean and loved the elf ears! So I nabbed him, and went to finding him a body, thinking I'll just work on a sort of project doll while I save up. So yea, Ive experienced that a couple times now xD Ive gained a little more control now, and have sorted myself to only working on the project doll, then getting those 3 one at a time. No more looking at other dolls until getting those 3 first xD
      #4 RoxiaRose, Nov 30, 2017
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    5. I feel this hahah, I was only planning on buying a body for my floating head for Christmas but then I found another head for sale secondhand which I fell in love with so now I'm getting both xD woops
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    6. Lol it happens à lot to me!! But I don't mean waiting more for something that I was saving for in the first place... If I buy something else instead, it's not a big deal :)
      The problem is with the marketplace: If I find something I like in a good price, I just can't let it go T.T I get the feeling like if I don't get it now there will never be a good deal like this so I have to buy it! So I got 2 heads that I don't have a body for and I wasn't supposed to get, and like a ton of clothes and I'm severely retaining myself from purchasing a doll (deal of the year) and a body.... And the doll I wanted to buy in the first place with this money...well, she'll have to wait
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    7. All the time. I recently was browsing Mandarake and found a Volks Licht - just barely a week after I'd been browsing Angelden and thought to myself "wouldn't it be pretty cool to own a Licht?" ... Well, needless to say I got him. Luckily he came at such a good price that my wallet wasn't affected too much ... But I keep seeing this other Volks girl popping up on Y!Auctions, a gorgeous FCS girl no one seems to want (been re-listed multiple times) and I think I'm really falling in love with her ...
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    8. I don't have a credit card or much disposable income, so I am limited to only buying what I can afford at the moment and it usually means some saving up and deep consideration first, but I have sometimes spent more than I planned. I usually try to only stick to my long term wishlist, but now that I own most of the dolls I've wanted, I am getting tempted by other things and recently bought a fashion doll because I fell in love and he was on sale. XD
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    9. I went way overboard this year! The first half of the year I went through my doll collection and sold off all the ones that didn’t work for me anymore. I then made a new Wish List of secondhand sculpts I’ve always wanted, planning on getting them slowly as they came up in the mp. Well, they all started appearing in the mp at affordable prices, so I snapped them up. Now my list is empty and my desire to buy any new bjds is gone. Next year will be devoted solely to working on my crew.
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    10. Thank you all for sharing :D I guess its really common situation in this hobby XD
    11. I can at least report that the impulsely bought zazean head fits the body I got XD if anyone's got a zazean head, and are unsure what body will fit it, Doll leave's body works nicely :3
    12. Ehh wanting and knowing I had the funds for outfits.
    13. My self imposed rules, such as not shopping on unsecured sites, helps keep me in check. As does the limited space in my home.
    14. I just went totally out of control this past month. Bought a doll that I'd liked for a long time but suddenly was obsessed with. Then I bought a ton of clothes & am now saving for another doll. I'm having to move some kids out to get the $$ but that's ok. I hadn't bought any BJDs or stuff for them in about two years so I guess it was time to go a little crazy.
    15. Hey, you gotta treat yourself every now and then ^^ and them xD
    16. That's for sure. It's been a long time since I went this crazy. I was ready for a treat.
    17. @Gwydion agreed on what what @RoxiaRose said too >_< Whenever its close to being Christmas or birthday is coming up, I feel like I gotta treat myself haha (though I just make up more reasons as an excuse to bring another doll). At the moment though, I'm heavily considering selling one of my dolls that I don't feel so much attached of too due to the hole that I made in my wallet lol.. I gotta stitch it back up with some $$.
    18. Honestly one of the reasons I impulse bought is I worried either would get sold, and made the excuse that my birthday the 5th xD
    19. I bought my first doll back in January. Then I ordered a limited head ( the body was out of my price range and it wasn't what I wanted) I was kind of an impulse, but I love her so it's fine! So while I'm saving up for a body, I spot another doll that I loved! I bought him! Now it's December and I couldn't be happier with them all and my head still doesn't have a body!
      So all of that to say, that yes I impulse buy, but it has turned out alright!
    20. @RoxiaRose Ohhh I know that feeling well too. Especially if you are looking for a doll and its a limited doll, the ticking time makes me my brain say "Lets just click purchase", and well.. I end up buying it XD. Also since its the holiday season, I get too excited to see all the new dolls and sales that companies release!

      @the_sleepwalkers_ I'm a type of person where if I lay eyes on something that I really like, I have to have it in my possession lol(so most of the times its a impulse purchase). Sometimes that doesn't work out well but most of the time its all good<3 I guess alot of people are like that too in this hobby! I don't feel so lonely now hehe >w<