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Titanic Rose (Franklin Mint) Clothes on Unoa/Narae/Sharmin?

Jan 22, 2005

    1. Does anyone know if these clothes fit the unoa size dolls? I really like several of the outfits and was going to get one for my Narae(Mia) who is being "born" as I type:)

      Just thought I would ask here...Also how about Tyler clothes? Is there a partiulcar set or fabric make that works better than others? My poor Narae will arrive with nothing to wear and I have yet to find her anything!!!

    2. Some of Tylers tops will fit Narae. Dresses won't as her waist is much smaller than Narae, but tops, almost all of em fit nicely.

      I don't know about the Titanic dress, but if it did it sure would be gorgeous on her!
    3. I've heard someone say that the Franklin Mint clothes fit Sharmin pretty well. The FM dolls' waists and hips seem to be wider than Tyler's, so they're closer to Sharmin's size. I don't know how they'd compare to Narae, but I imagine there wouldn't be a big difference.
    4. I have two outfits from the Jackie Doll that FM put out... one is a cute peachy-pink sleeveless A-line dress which fits perfectly. The other is a yellow suit set which also fits, but I have to remove her hands to fit her arms through the sleeves. I can send you some pictures if you'd like to see the fit. :grin: I think as long as the Titanic dresses are sleeveless, you won't have a problem for the most part. Good luck!
    5. Keep in mind though that all FM dolls have differnt bodies to reflect the bodies of the people they represent, so just because Jackie stuff fits, doesn't mean Rose stuff will. It will probably work, but I just wanted to throw that out there. I have the Titanic doll and all her dresses, there are some really lovely ones, good luck finding ones that fit right :grin:
    6. I don't think that the Titanic outfits will fit. Rose had a much smaller body than Jackie. In fact, some of Jackie's outfits can fit the 18" Kitty Collier doll. Rose's dresses won't even fit the Gene Marshall doll (one of the more slender 16" fashion dolls) very well--they are usually too tight across the bust and shoulders to close in the back.

    7. Rose clothes fit my Unoa quite well... there are places they're a bittight, but in general the outfits look really really great. At least the one's I've gotten (the blue velvet, the red beaded and another one I can't rememberoffhand).
      Scarlett FM dresses are more hit-and-miss. Some fit splendidly, others have far too teeny a waist.
      Good Luck!
    8. how about the princess diana dress? XD ::wants her sharmin to have some gowns XD::

      or the marilyn monroe pink dress? ::lusts!::
    9. Thanks for the info...There are several FM type ensembles between Rose and some of the "medieval" stuff that is exactly the look I picture Mia in. Figure I will try a few of the outfits - worst case - guess I will sell them:)

      But if she does fit in them - wow - opens up a whole new realm of opportunities!

    10. Of the FM dolls, Rose is definitely tiny-- I have her and the jump dress. The Princess Diana clothes are actually quite a bit bigger... they fit my DOD with a little room to spare. I have the Jackie peach day dress and it fits my DOD very well also. I know Sharmin is smaller than DOD... but Rose is very small, and her outfits are very well-tailored. If I were at home, I'd get her measurements so you'd know for sure. Ack. Good luck.
    11. thread revival!!

      anyone tried the rose dresses? I'm really itching to bid on a few things on ebay for a large bust lusis.

      1) Gone with the wind (Scarlett Ohara) Strolling dress
      2) Titanic (Rose) Boarding Dress
      3) Kitty Collier Brocade Dress wit Fur Trimmed Coat

      the kitty outfit ends in 5 hours *_* anyone know about kitty? the rest dont end for another day or so.
    12. Kitty Collier is bigger than the other two dolls. She is 18" tall, and proportionally bigger. It's probably too late for the outfit you are looking at, but here are some basic Kitty measurements:

      Bust - 21cm
      Waist - 13.4 cm
      Hip - 20cm
      Arm (shoulder to wrist - 13cm
      Inseam - 18cm
      Torso (top of back to waist) 9cm

      Hope this helps, if not for this outfit, then for future information.

    13. it would work but hte bust would be a little too big.. unoa measurements:

      bust: 17.78
      waist: 12.7
      hip: 20.32 cm
    14. any idea which ones would work? this ne is what i'm thinking of. I love it so much *_*
    15. Here's my Violetta (Alice) in a couple of things: The Scarlett BBQ which fits like a dream; The Titanic gown, which needed hooks set over & is snug; FM Liz Taylor gown, a tiny bit loose in the bust, but looks great and the Wicked Witch from Tonner--super fit except the sleeves, which are too short. Click for bigger pics. [​IMG]
      I also have the "jump dress" Titanic and it also required setting hooks over, but fits pretty well. The sleeves, I think are going to be problematic on most of them, especially on a fitted gown/suit. Sharmin's arms are longer than most and her fingers are spread apart, making passage down tight sleeves difficult.
      I have Kitty Collier 18" and her things are indeed far too large.
    16. thanks so much :)
    17. I have the Titanic striped dress (I believe it's either the "Boarding Dress" or "Jump Dress") and it does run pretty small, definitely far too small for DOD (the forearms wouldn't fit into the sleeves, much less the upper arms, etc.) . . . I have a MNF girl on the way, so I'll try it on her and post pictures :)

      Titanic Rose is a very small doll in comparison to some of the other Franklin Mint dolls (like Jackie Kennedy). I'm really torqued about that, actually -- dangit, Kate Winslet has a beautiful curvy figure, why make the *doll* so tiny??

      StephG has been able to get some of the medieval/LotR-themed outfits on her Narae, Naomi -- you might want to drop her a line to see whether she thinks they'd have enough room in the bust for a Unoa large-bust torso.


      -- Andi :)
    18. i can guarentee the FM twiggy clothes don't fit my AR mini. i'm glad to hear they might fit my unoa!
    19. hey ashbet- any news on the titanic dress on mini fee?

      how about lucille ball dresses? FM makes such gorgeous dresses- i want my unoa in them so bad... titanic and GwtW ;___;

      anyone know about FM Josephine? or better yet- is there an FM measurement database where i could compare the diff doll sizes to unoa?
    20. Laurel, Elven Princess riding outfit fits my Narae! Only the pants don't snap, but they fit otherwise and the rest of the outfit fits perfectly over it. I don't know that there's room for the larger busts, though. Perhaps the Liz Taylor dresses might fit Unoa better? Not sure, though. I do have some Jackie outfits, and will try one on Narae to see how it fits...and will report back. But...it may not be soon because I have to remove her hands to get her blouse off, and I don't feel like doing that yet - LOL! But....I could try a dress over the blouse, as it's very thin. Hmm....that's what I'll do... :>)

      Oh - and the green Twiggy dress goes on, but is very short and rather tight. It looks cute, but it's questionable if she'd want to leave the house when wearing it! It might fit Sharmin better, if she's slimmer than Narae....