TithorArgentus Feedback Thread

Jan 22, 2020

    1. Feedback for meeeee~
    2. I sold a Venitu head and it was a wonderful transaction. Prompt payment, very nice and friendly communication, and @tithorargentus was very kind and understanding when I accidentally lost the tracking number. I would not hesitate to do another transaction!
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    3. I sold to Tithorargentus a DD 2B on layaway. She was very kind and easy to communicate with. The transaction went perfectly well, I would greatly recommend selling to her :aheartbea
      thank you again for the great transaction :fangirl:
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    4. Sold my Luts KDF Limited Kale to Tithorargentus. She was straightforward and polite when laying out the layaway plan and pick-up arrangements. She was also very prompt for each layaway payment and finished at the agreed time. Because it was local we arranged pick-up. Kale was picked up at the agreed time, and she was an absolute pleasure to meet! She's a sweetheart and a proper professional about it; I'd be more than happy to deal with her again.
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    5. I sold a Volks Santa Saber and Volks red Saber outfit to TithorArgentus via layaway. We agreed on a payment plan and she was great at communication/responding. She also paid everything off sooner than expected and updated upon arrival of the goods. It was a pleasant transaction overall and would be happy to do business with her again. Thanks!
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    6. TithorArgentus bought my dragon from Spirit Imprint. We agreed on an installment plan and everything went perfectly. It was very pleasant to communicate and there were no problems. Thank you very much for your purchase! I am very glad that the doll has found a new loving owner!:D
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    7. i bought a pair of Dika jointed hands from tithorargentus and had a very smooth, pleasant transaction. Friendly communication, fast shipment, and well packaged. I'd do business again anytime. thanks again :thumbup
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    8. Had a wonderful transaction with tithorargentus through layaway. Payment was on time as promised and always very responsive to messages. Highly recommended!
    9. TithorArgentus purchased a Littlefee Hwayu doll + extras from me and it was a perfect transaction! Communication was prompt and so friendly. Payment was quick and in full, and I was notified when the doll arrived! I would highly recommend anyone to work with them!
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    10. ~Positive Feedback~
      I purchased a Maya wig from tithorargentus. Communication was excellent and package arrived safely! I would do business with them again, no problem!
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    11. I purchased a doll from tithorargentus and everything went perfectly! Fast and clear communication and the doll arrived just as described! Awesome transaction, thank you!!!
    12. I sold a Dollfie Dream via layaway to Tithorargentus. Great communication throughout and prompt and responsible payments (even finishing the layaway ahead of time). A dream buyer who’d I’d be happy to transact with again! Thank you for purchasing! ☺
    13. I recently bought Minifee accessories from Tithorargentus. Communication was good and shipping was very quick. No complaints with this transaction.
    14. Positive:

      TithorArgentus bought a ringdoll outfit from me on a short layaway. they were super friendly and very pleasant to deal with. I would definitely do business with them again so i certainly recommend them for others too!!
    15. I purchased an IOS Elafi head from Tithorargentus. Communication was great and the head arrived in perfect condition. I would happily do business again with them.
      Thank you for this perfect transaction!