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To Future or Potential DOD owners: A Review

Jun 1, 2005

    1. Due to the increased popularity of Dream of Doll products, I decided to post my experience with the company for the help of future or potential buyers.

      I ordered DOD Hoo[F] on March 29th, 2005. He came into my possession May 31st, 2005.

      I had no problems paying by credit card and only emailed them once the entire time because I noticed my state and zip code were not on my invoice. I was replied to within a week that they saved my address. They were curteous and very understanding.

      First impressions-
      He was packed very tightly and very securily, wrapped in so much bubble wrap that it took ten minutes just to get him unwrapped.
      He squeaked very badly the first hour that I played with him.
      There were several places in his joints that had sanded resin particles.
      A few of his fingers could benefit from a bit of seperating, but nothing noticible without incredibly close inspection.
      There was a mark on him. On his right leg there was a blue mark, as if someone had accidently bumped him with a blue ink pen.
      His face-up is absolutely flawless and the life-like nature of his expression is astounding.
      He has lovely eyelashes that you can touch and look very good on him.
      His skull cap is easy to remove and replace even for someone who has never dealt with ball jointed dolls before.
      He stands on his own and can hold almost any pose he is placed in.
      The putty that was used to keep his eyes in was a pain to work with. It it sticky and unpleasant. I ended up getting some grey smudged on his face just trying to change his eyes.

      Now then...Brushing off the excess resin was very easy. The mark on his leg, I was amazed that I simply whiped off with a Magic Eraser Sponge. GET ONE OF THOSE! I highly, highly, highly recommend them. It easily whiped away the mark, and all of the putty I got everywhere from changing his eyes.
      The squeaking is almost completely gone now...and I've only had him one day.
      His default wig pops off...alot. I'm going to have to get some velcro to stick to his head, the wig is a pain, but it's so lovely that it makes up for it.

      We bonded almost immediately. I got out the camera and immediately started taking pictures. I've never had a doll or anything else like this that is so very 'alive.' I sware his facial expressions seem to change with different outfits and different poses. I've collected porceline dolls all my life, but I've never owned something as beautiful as my Keno.


      Get some velcro to secure wigs.
      Get some kind of putty or clay in a neutral color, like white, and get rid of the nasty sticky clay putty that's in the head of your doll when it arrives.
      Play with your doll almost immediately, move them around, stretch them a little bit and don't be afraid of turning them this way or that. I was sooo scared when I first started to move him, but he's surprisingly durable.

      Clothing Reviews-
      Friends2BeMade things are tight, but very cute. Keno has a pair of F2B capri pants in white, they make EXCELLENT shorts.
      American Dolls clothing articles are very big, but with a few pins they make fantastic pajamas and over-sized clothing for cute shoots that show off skin here and there.
      Things that are made to be small on SD sized, look very cute and over-sized on DOD boys.
      American Girl sized sunglasses are too big for his face, but look very cute atop his head.
      Finger warmers for people make great wrist and armbands.
      His default outfit is very nice to look at...but a pain in the butt to put on.

      Wigs and Eyes-
      Size 6/7 DOD wigs tend to pop off, a lot...
      Size 7/8 Luts wigs will fall off as well, but they look very cute and natural.
      I have all 16mm eyes from Artistique, they look identical in size and shape from his default eyes. They fit very well and *given you can stand fussing with that nasty putty* can make a variety of expressions by turning the eyes left or right...I even made Keno crosseyed at one point for the fun of it.

      I hope this posts help answer questions you might have, or to give suggestions you might not have thought of. If anyone has any specific questions I'd be more than happy to answer them to the best of my ability.

      He was worth the wait. He was worth the cost, and I would definately do business with DOD again, and again...and again...

    2. I'll just contribute with my experience, then ^^

      I ordered Lewis (DoD Yen, without makeup) on 9 March and he was sent on 28 April... (that's exactly 7 weeks) ..I got him on May 3.

      I paid also by credit card, which went smoothly, and emailed them once in the middle of the waiting period to request that the two pairs of eyes I was going to receive should not be the same colour (I ordered Green Grey which Lewis is now using.. I didn't want the default random to be Green Grey as well) - They replied on the third day to say that they would take care of it.

      The package: the carrier bag in the box held everything (as well as the extras). My boy was packed very safely in layers of bubble wrap > the cushions tied with gold ribbon > bubble wrap. I had to attack the bubble wrap with a cutter (albeit carefully) because I was impatient! XD My boy was well string and stood and posed well from the very start. I didn't mind the squeaking.. in fact I didn't notice it very much. (It's all gone by now.)

      I took him apart after playing with him for an hour or so ^^;; Like what TheSaint says, there's resin dust inside the joints.. and I'll also add that there was also a bit of lint from the elastic string (must be from when they strung him).

      I haven't been exploring clothes much (the money is going to shoes and eyes atm @w@) so not much to say here yet.. will edit with more comments sometime.. Luts shoes are just a little on the tight side (I hear people say DoDs have feet a little bit wider than most?)

      Oh, and I'm using Chux Magic Eraser which I found in the supermarket. (am in Australia) Sometimes dark-coloured lint gets inside the joints and makes a smudge, and the Magic Eraser does a pretty good job of getting it off... a tiny bit sticks to the coating I sprayed on the resin still, but as long as it isn't actually staining the resin I'm not worrying one bit. ;)
    3. Another review. :D

      I got my Ichiiro for Christmas last year. I ordered him on 10. October, he arrived on 2. December, and I finally got to see him on 25. December.
      The ordering went very smoothly; I was even lucky enough to be able to purchase an outfit, shoes, and necklace for him from Dream of Doll.

      Like TheSaint and Hooli said, he was very well packed; lots and lots of bubblewrap. He has (& still has) nice, deep brown eyes. His face-up was wonderful, albiet a little hard to photograph, as it's rather light.
      Ichii has some trouble posing, but nothing a little messing with the stringing wouldn't fix. (He used to pose better; I think his string might be loosening up a bit.)
      There was no resin dust in his joints, just a funny rough patch by his knee.
      I have tried pulling back his headcap, and it was much easier than I expected. (I didn't pull it all of the way off, just enough to see what was in there.
      My biggest complaing would be that his eyelashes came off within a week of his arrival; the bubblewrap had kinda smushed them down.
      The other big thing, of course, was that his finger broke off, but I'm 95% sure that was my fault.

      The sneakers I got are fairly well made, especially for $5. I ripped off one of the "tongues" by accident, and inspection of the other shoe showed that they aren't very securely attatched. However, the detailing is quite nice.

      Very, very well made. It was definatly worth the money. I'd buy clothes for them again, if they were ever in stock.

      Cute, easy to put on. It was money well spent.
    4. Yes...if only they were ever in stock....
    5. I wonder if they might be trying to get rid of the 'eyelash smoosh' problem. Instead of bubble wrap being around his face there was a plastic face plate over his eyes and nose. If that's the standard procedure now...should be no more smooshed eyelashes. :grin:
    6. OOk, here is miine.
      I ordered from DOD twice.

      First time:

      I ordered a doll, shoes, acessories and make-up and paid with credit card. Everything went well.

      I emailed them 4 or 5 times. Most of them about make-up. They aways answered on 3 days or less.

      She arrived very well packed, the shoes were very well made and so were the acessories.

      She was stunning, the face-up was perfect! Great lips!! Lovely eyebrows! She was GORGEOUS!
      Poses very well, never made noises.
      Her wig falled a lot, velcro helped.
      I hate DOD eye puty but I never changed it XD

      My second order was pretty good too...
      DOD was very kind specially by the fact that we were comunicating a bit more 'cause of the union! I felt very confortable dealing with them! ^^

      He was also very well packed and well made! The face-up is even more pretty and he also poses well
      His boots and outfits are gorgeous and very well made!!

      I've nothing to complain about DOD.
    7. As an intended future DoD customer, it's nice to hear all these reviews. Thanks very much guys. :grin:
    8. I want to share my first experience with DOD also :grin:
      I ordered my DOD ZEN with peach make up and W-20 on 25th march, he was shipped by May 19 and came home on 21st May, one Saturday at 8:30am <333 my 2 lil' brothers were with me at that special moment to help me open the box and such.

      I didn't have any problems paying by credit card either, i received the 1st confirmation by payworld and 2 hours later by DOD^^.

      As everybody has said, he came very well packed, the first part i unwrapped was his face, I was so excited when i saw his cute lil' face ^_^ it was a magic moment for me!!
      oh...well he also squeaked a bit the first days but playing with him it disappeared little by little... another thing that i love and maybe because i have never seen a BJD in person before...
      its his resin!! so smooth and nice to touch n_n and his body shape is beautiful too^^ his face up is so well made, they gave him big eyeslashes<3 and green eyes (by the way, i want change them for some brown ones) i love his peach make up so much :D

      ummm what else[​IMG]......
      I bought a pair of DOD black boots not from the company but from someone in the market place section(i want the white ones u.u ) and also 1 more pair and the DOD boots are still my favorites , they're easy to put on and look very nice! my Kyoshi loves them^-^, and the bag he came with its kind of comfortable and you can put various things inside of it.

      I'd recomemd the magic eraser sponge too since it's really effective( i stained my boy's leg with some boots and that sponge cleaned it just well^^) also, I don't hate DOD's eye puty as everyone else (it is plastiline by the way *-* ) since i don't know what else to change it with...

      Needless to say, I had a good experience buying with DOD, i e-mailed them like 3 times, first about the confirmation, then about the make up and lastly about the address (to confirm the zipcode too) and they always responded me back so nicely and within 3 days (ecept last time that they answer me until a week after :oops: ) I want to buy fom DOD again!!!! (if i had money=_=)

      i since im not very good with english today i'll stop here[​IMG]

    9. Oh,it's great to hear everyones experiences with DoD! Mine is pretty much the same as everyone elses. I LOVE my dolls. But, DoD isn't very good with replying to email since they are so busy. It's kind of annoying, especially when it is an important question. I was afraid they would go to the wrong state since DoD only had "blackstone USA" on their site, instead of "blackstone massachusetts usa" so I emailed them...they never replied, but I assume they got it and just didn't tell me since they came to my house today, 3 days after shipping, the standard for EMS delivery.

      Anyways, they do squeak a lot. I guess that's normal, and will go away.

      Bee-A has those "crazy legs" but since I've been playing with her all day, they've been going away.

      The eye putty is gross. It got stuck all under my nails since Too's eyes were slanted weird so I had to fix them :P

      I love my DoDs...<3<3<3 So much! My friends who have seen them like them too. Most of them just want to see Too's naughty bits XD They didn't beleive me he had 'em...
    10. The eye putty is -very- gross, and obviously more oil clay than putty. I replaced Kelyn's with one of those kneaded rubber erasers, but what I really need to do is go buy some white sticky tac.
    11. Maybe everyone who ordered through DOD with a credit card can help me..... :opps:
      I was going to order DOD Zen and Leya, but after I put in the shipping address and confirmed it, I pressed okay and a message loaded on the next page saying not to close the window and something else about having a secure payment, but nothing else showed up. I waited for about 5 mins. and still nothing showed up, soo I closed the window. :oops:
      Was a pop-up window supposed to show up? I've heard about there being one and using Safari, I didn't think that it would block pop-ups, but I guess it does.
      I'm so confused. ;_;

      It's good to hear positive things about them though. ^-^
    12. I had this problem also. I tried both Internet Explorer and Netscape. Even with the pop-up blockers off it blocked the payment window. Eventually I got it too work in Netscape by A. turning off the popup blocker B. specifically allowing pop-ups from both ecinter.net and worldpay.co.uk C. allowing all cookies D. specifically allowing cookies from both afformentioned addresses. As strange as it seems, just turning cookies/pop-up block off didn't work alone.
    13. Ahhh! Thank you so much!! :D
      I checked the pop up blocker, turns out I did have pop-ups blocked :oops: and I changed my settings to allow all cookies and the window showed up!
      However, under the description it just says Leya, but it has the total price of everything I bought ($770.97... but worth every penny!) underneath it, so is that someting I shouldn't worry about?
      ;_; I gotta wait until tomorrow to order because my mom just went to bed and she would kill me if I used her credit card without knowing. *can't wait*
    14. You mean it just says Leya in the description in the Worldpay window?

      >.o I don't think it would be a problem, but I don't know for sure. When I ordered my Yen, even though I added makeup, it simply said Yen. It's a very generalized description, I'm guessing. You might want to double check that with someone though.

      After your order is confirmed, you can check your order information on the site and make sure everything is there. If it isn't, you can contact DOD and work everything out. :3
    15. I think it may depend on what the first (or last?) thing you put down on your order... Ariel's order included her, makeup and a spare wig, and my Worldpay confirmation only says "Make-up system" :oops: It does have the correct price, though.

      I hope you bought your doll as a member - the tracking thing would be the best place to confirm your order. If you were charged what you were expecting, though, I'm pretty sure it should be okay.
    16. I also thank you all for the info. ^_^ I plan to buy my DoD(s? :3) later this month, if all goes well. :) Great to see people's experience with DoD.
    17. My experience with DoD:

      I bought my DoD before christmas last year, so he came in exactly 6 weeks ^_^ I paid through bank wire. DoD was always prompt with their emails and emailed me back immediately regarding my face-up specifications and the like. I LOVE his headmold <3 My DoD never squeaked, but he was very tightly strung compared to my Volks MSD Mika Sweet Dream. I loved his face-up, they did a great job. And I love the bag that they come with, it makes carrying around my boy so much easier X3

      I hated his eye color, and the putty was gross. I immediately replaced it with artist's putty eraser..It's great and doesn't stain.

      My experience with my Volks MSD ( i know this is uncalled for, but msds seem to recieve so little attention on this board >_<)
      I bought her through Domuya and she cost at least twice as much as a DoD :| due to the fact she's limited.

      She is truly beautiful.. with the most pretty hands I have ever seen. My DoD's hands aren't as finely sculpted as hers, but my DoD has the old body, the new body's hands are much prettier ^_^;; She's loose, but in a very nice way, and poses very very well. Volks pureskin resin has a very lovely feel, and I noticed she isn't as 'shiny' as my DoD.. and very photogenic.

      Bottom line: I don't regret buying my DoD, and I don't regret buying my MSD either. I think they are well worth the extra price! And truthfully, if Volks ever came up with a headmold which was very similar to my Eiri, I'd definitely be getting him a new body V_v;;
    18. I'll share my experience too.

      I ordered Too & Bee-A and Wi[F] on 15th Feb 2005 and got them on 28th May 2005.

      DOD was prompt in replying emails before they got really popular recently, so please give them the benefit of the doubt about bad customer service!

      When they came, I only got to play with Too cuz he was my share of the order, he smelled plastiky and squeaked a little but it was soon gone. His faceup was beautiful and his eyes were very nice too. He has Cobalt eyes, which I requested, or maybe it was just a coincidence.

      He can stand well on his own but has a tendency of bending forward, but that's probably because he's too tightly strung. He can hold most poses wonderfully.

      I ordered a default Too wig and it was easy to put on but definitely needs velcro and it was extremely thick.

      I tried to remove his headcap but it was very tight, or maybe I just didn't have the courage to yank it off ^^;;, but I got it off later in the day, painfully. I think the new boys' headcap is easier to take off, connected by magnet or something cuz my friend took her Wi[F]'s headcap off easily and there was some metal thing on the headcap, which I didn't take a close look at.

      Haven't touched the eye putty cuz I'm pretty satisfied with his eyes.

      Hmm... That's about it and I'm definitely getting another doll from DOD.
    19. Ahh, that makes sense. I put my Yen in the cart last!
      I don't think it's necessary to buy as a member, I purchased as a guest and can still use my order number to see everything.
    20. Wow, all this stuff makes me really excited. o>.<o I'm saving for Si next month, and though I already have a U[f], I bought him from someone on the board, so I've never dealt directly with DoD. I have ordered him a new pair of eyes and I've been eyeing the eye putty and wondering just how hard changing his eyes will be. I suppose I should stop by the store soon and pick up something less icky, huh? ^^

      Oh, and I have a question! If I order eyes when I order my boy (not likely since they're never in stock), would they replace his default eyes with the ones I ordered, or would I be getting two pairs of eyes?