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To girls that owns boys... do you feel... shy? O.o'

Jul 2, 2011

    1. lol Like, though I dress my two boys all the time and as the days go by, making more and more clothing for them, I can't help but to feel a bit bad when their undies accidentally get pulled down when pulling their pants off. Like, I get this feeling that I'm invading my doll's privacy xD
      Not that I'm embarrassed over it or that it makes me nervous, it just feels like the doll would rather dress himself (if they could, they would) and that he would make me walk out the room as he did undress himself. So to respect my male dolls, I leave their undies on, but when it comes to restringing and cleaning, regardless of how I think the dolls would feel if they were alive, those undies have to come off. Can't clean a doll with clothing still on
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    2. Well, none of my guys are very detailed, so I don't really even think about it anymore. I have noticed that I'm shy about taking pictures of them completely nude, and try to either stick underwear on them or just put a random object over their penis for box openings. I think if I ever got a more realistic looking guy, I would probably feel embarrassed for a few minutes and then get over it.
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    3. Yeah I'm shy. I never let my dolls sit around naked. They have always arrived with clothes so I could dress them immediately, male or female.
      I'm way more uncomfortable with changing my boys clothing than my girls though.
      In fact I've been scrambling around to find clothes to buy for a male Ringdoll Kyo I'm ordering. :sweat I don't know how I'm gonna handle having a boy sitting around naked for a couple weeks! He'll be so alienated. Maybe he'll sit around with a blanket OR a wig covering his manbits. LOL
    4. Well I don't know if I'm shy but I don't let them be naked when they are sitting on my table. And I never take nude shots. It is just cause if someone my family see that they are gonna ask that: ''Are you pervert?''.
    5. No, he is so ball-joined, that it is nothing near real human anatomy :)
    6. I don't have a doll yet, and there aren't many 'grownup' boy dolls that I want yet (I like tinies), but I don't think it would bother me all that much. Of course my opinion could change. I'm taking art classes in college and we have life drawing so seeing the naked human figure in front of me isn't all that shocking anymore, it was at first and I think my opinion would be different if I haven't had that experience yet. When I'm looking at companies bodies, and if they show images of body blushing I'm okay with it, but if someone walks into the room, I feel like I'm doing something perverted and I close the window.. :blush
      I guess it's just how you perceive the human body, In school, I know a lot of people who see it as an art form, where its not about the nakedness but rather the elegance of the curves and the attractiveness of the shape.
    7. The only thing that bothers me about the two nude boys on my desk is that I feel guilty for not getting around to making them clothes.
      Of course I'm too old to be bothered by nudity, flesh or resin.
    8. I though I'd posted here already but I looked and looked and I don't think I have, haha.

      Anyways, I have no problem changing boy dolls. 1) it's just a doll and 2)honestly I feel more comfortable around guys anyway haha. I honestly feel more awkward around girls but I'm not nervous or anything with changing either gender's clothes/seeing either gender's "naughty bits" heehee. I mean, the human body shouldn't be something that one feels awkward about anyway imo, of course that doesn't mean it's something to like idk enjoy looking at either(a naked doll...that's just a little creeptastic...). xD But yea I don't feel nervous/awkward around doll's in the nude(boys OR girls).
    9. Ah when I first god Marki, I was quite shy of changing his trousers and as well as Cecil. Now, I'm just like "lol Imma take your pants off" what worries me [ it actually doesn't, it's quite funny :L ] is that Marki seems to always unbutton the back of his jeans to moon people, including me xD
    10. Heam not really XD my boys wear underwear so I do not see their... little thing when I change their pants. But sometimes, their underwear pull off with their pants and I am very surprised ._.
    11. I actually didn't even think about it when I got my boy and it really doesn't bother me. Then again I have lots of little brothers and for the longest time it was my job to change diapers, I think that prepared me for it a bit XD
    12. My boy has very realistic parts (soom MD mega gem) and even has "hair" down there sculpted in. It doesn't bother me to change his clothes. I see him like my little resin child, so it's like changing your kids diaper sort of speak lol. Nothing embarresing. I deft am not embarrassed changing my girls, but maybe that's because I'm a girl that I dont mind having them naked if needed, to me it's natural as were all girls ^^
    13. Haha, nope.
      I'm also in art school, so I see naked people of all shapes and sizes every day for hours on end. Nothing nude shocks me anymore, especially not some little drip of resin in my male dolls that are supposed to pass for genitalia.
      Heck, I even pull down their pants in public to show people overly insistent on them being female XD
    14. Honestly that doesn't bother me at all :lol: I feel completely comfortable to change their clothes and they don't have undies. It's probably because I used to change clothes and shower my two year old cousin :sweat
    15. I think there was a thread on this already...

      I come from the 'went to college for art' crowd. I became desensitized to nudity years and years ago so, no, seeing my dolls' nether regions doesn't bother me one bit.

      Actually...I'm always a bit baffled why it seems to bother so many people. Especially since, in most cases, (Soom Idelians, Spiritdoll etc aside lol) BJD boy genitalia is just a little innocuous lump and is much less detailed than the actual article. Is it the idea of it being there that bothers you all...?

      In any case...I'm glad my boys have their boy bits! :)
    16. Not at all, they're just dolls after all and that goes for both male and female dolls. I'm actually quite surprised that some people censor their dolls parts, I actually think that's kind of sexualizing (I'm not really sure if that is the right word :sweat) them. I do understand that some people at work or children may appreciate it but still...
    17. Nope, it doesn't bother me at all. But it does feel embarrassing when someone else, such as my parents, see them naked. XD;;
    18. I thought I answered this too... I don't feel shy but my boys are either minis or tinies. I work with toddlers so in changing or potty training the little boys I've seen enough tiny penises that the dolls' rice grains don't bother me. XD Give me an Iple guy, though, and I might blush a little who knows.
    19. It doesn't really make me shy, though like others have said when other people walk in and my boys pants are dropped and his naughty-bits showing it makes it fairly awkward. I do, occasionally, giggle though when I'm distracted then look over and see him naked suddenly, it's an odd surprise when you forget!
    20. Yes XD. Just yes. I would die if my family found out my dolls have "parts" and they always joke that I have "boyfriend dolls". But I love my boys so it doesn't matter.