Toddler Looking Tinies In A 1/3 SD Family?

Oct 26, 2017

    1. Would it look weird for a toddler looking tiny about 14cm to be a child of a 1/3 SD. I know YOSD are supposed to be more like toddlers, but can tinies look cute in the family too?
    2. 14 cm is like a fairy size to a SD. SD is 60-70ish cm depending on the company, but 14cm? It’s almost as big as the hand, barely reaching above ankle height. Yosd (25-30cm) is more of toddler-sized compared to SD and would be better size.
    3. 14cm is actually about below the knee for a 60cm doll. Can tinies look like babies?
    4. An average human baby is 20"/50cm at birth, so 1/3 would be 7.5"/17cm. Most tiny dolls seem to have toddler or young child proportions rather than those of a new born baby - toddlers are typically around half their adult height at the age of two, so realistically 1/3 would be in the range 30 - 35cms, with the head nearly 3/4 the size of an adult's. There is nothing to stop your SD's adopting a child from another world, of course!
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    5. I have shelled a 3 year old as using a 30cm doll. If you look up child growth charts, it's about right (okay, a bit small but not freakishly so!) To keep the scale, look up average height for the age you want and divide by 3. That's the size your doll should be to keep in scale. I recently looked for a six and a half year old to join my group, and the charts told me he should be about 120cm, so I've ordered a 39cm body for him.

      As an idea, here's Teo (68cm) and Iago (30cm). Iago is a ghost, that's why he's so white! Apologies for iPhone photography. Using the height chart, Iago would be small for a three year old (he's small as an adult, so that's okay) but not unreasonably so.
      You should bear in mind that 'adult' 1/3 scale dolls are very big! 68x3=204cm, which would be 6'7"! So, if you put a 42cm toddler beside them... Yeah, too small by far!

      As @fjm123 says, a two year old is almost (about 35inches) 3ft tall, half the height of a 6ft man.
      A 68cm adult male BJD would be 4.8 times bigger than a 14cm two year old! In perspective, that would be a 14inch toddler next to a 6ft man.

      Average knee height for a woman is about 20". A 14" baby is still tiny (normal range 18-22 inches), and a 14cm toddler doll wouldn't have the right proportions to be a newborn - head to body ratio, limb length and chubbiness are very different between birth and two years.

      This however, is to do with reality! If you really don't mind about proportions, do as you wish!:)

      [I was enjoying looking this up, so I got carried away. :sweat]
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    6. I use 1/12th size as babies. Keep in mind that the difference in height for most SDs comes from making their legs longer - I in fact have every intention of turning a 60cm Miro doll into a 65 cm one simply by getting longer legs from Miro. So the proportions when sitting are NOT off.
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    7. I think the thing with dolls as a creative hobby, is that it's really up to the individual! Someone might think something looks okay, while others don't. But ultimately it's a personal thing and whatever makes you happy is the answer! :)
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    8. Thanks so much for the help!