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Tokyo Boys Story - "story" so far; what about Yukinojo?

Dec 2, 2005

    1. Beacuse I am madly curious:

      As of today, Volks page about the Tokyo Boys has yet not been updated to include info on Yukinojo Sawaragi!


      Background so far: Shirou and Tsukasa are middleschool best friends. Tsukasa spent part of his childhood in America, but is back in Japan. Shirou wants to be a "cool guy" and Tsukasa teases him. They both admire quiet Isao, who is not really aware of this admiration. Isao likes Shirou's little sister Jun, but is having a bit of an awkward time letting her know.

      (There was a comic somewhere which explained a bit more.)

      ...So, who is the new one and how does he fit in this? Inquiring minds want to know! :D

      EDIT: Oops, maybe this belongs in "Larger Dolls" - perhaps a mod will kindly move it?
    2. "Thank you" for the move! ^^
    3. Sawaragi has a motorcycle jacket and he looks pretty tough and cool. Plus, he's the "big guy" of the quartet...he looks like he'd be happy ditching high school classes and smoking in the plaza!

      His last name means he's not Isao's older brother, otherwise that's what I might have guessed.
    4. where is the comic strip??? i so want to read
    5. I notice that Yukinojo has the same necklace as Shirou. So I wonder what that means. Wild guess would lead me to think that he's Shirou's tough guy sempai? We'll have to wait until they put up the details page for Yukinojo, I guess.
    6. Uploaded two lopsided images here, if you're interested. ^^;
    7. Thanks so much for sharing these pictures!
    8. thank you soo much for uploading this *w* raging my mood to start a fancomic for this ^w^
    9. The necklaces aren't exactly the same - but they are similar. (As though Shirou was trying to emulate Jou.)

      I remember seeing a Japanese fan comic a few years ago. I don't think I have it bookmarked anymore, but it was cute!

      The same artist had done a Lucas/Chris comic, which was adorable!